C598 – Another Emperor Fell Again

He saw that Dong Chrysanthemum still dared to resist, especially after he displayed his Monarch Stage strength.

He was furious!

He changed his grip to a slap. He wanted to slap this young maid to death.

Anyone who dared to look down on him must die!

Dong Ju was furious. This person was too evil, actually willing to hit a cute little girl like her.

Her cuteness had been praised by her son-in-law.

The wooden hairpin added a bit of force.

Muzi’s hand that was slapped over was instantly chopped off by the wooden hairpin.

He still did not notice it at all. He slapped it down until blood splattered and intense pain came from his wrist. Only then did he feel it.


Muzi let out a shrill cry. Not only was his hand broken, a violent destructive force flowed into his body through his arm, destroying his body without any restraint.

His arm was turning into a dead wood at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Muzi’s face was filled with shock. What kind of supreme grade Dao Weapon was this?

One must know that this young maid in front of him was only a Great Sovereign!

Even if she had a supreme grade Dao Weapon, it shouldn’t be able to harm him.

Just like a one-month-old child, even if you placed a sword by his side, would he be able to kill an adult?

Furthermore, he also had the Dao weapon given to him by Lord Qihuang.

A Dao Weapon versus a supreme-grade Dao Weapon. Even if he was no match for it, it was impossible for him to be pierced through so easily.

Furthermore, it was just a simple slash from the opponent. It was not as if it was nothing.

He looked at the wooden hairpin in Dong Ju’s hand and was extremely shocked in his heart.

Dong Ju was also stunned.

“Alright, Sister Dong Ju, kill him!”

“He killed Old Wang. Sister Dong Ju, avenge Old Wang!”

The City Guard regained their senses very quickly. Although they were shocked, some of them had been in B City for a long time.

Some of them were even people who had entered the small courtyard in the past. Naturally, they knew that anything related to the small courtyard was reasonable.

In the small courtyard, there were no miracles, because everything was natural!

Muzi’s face was filled with endless anger as he was clamored by so many people to kill him.

Who was he? That was the Monarch Master of Limitless Sect.

Now, he was killed by a group of puny Immortal Sovereign, Immortal Kings, and even Great Emperor Stage Martial Cultivator.

“You are courting death!”

Muzi was infuriated. However, he was injured by a strange treasure. Did they really think that they were going to kill him?

He was the Imperial Emperor of the Boundless Sect!

Imperial Monarchs can’t be humiliated!

Furthermore, he was Lord Qihuang’s man!

In other words, he was Tianji Zi’s disciple, the strongest disciple in the world. Who would dare to hurt him?

Muzi was infuriated. His blazing fury rose, and a terrifying force erupted from his body.


Boundless spiritual energy rushed back towards him. It condensed into a huge hand in the sky above him, and instantly slapped down on the Winter Chrysanthemum.


An explosive sound was heard from the Void. The space was trembling, and the entire City Lord’s Mansion was shaking.

This indicated how terrifying Muzi’s palm strike was. If this palm strike landed, the entire City Lord’s Mansion would be destroyed.

Muzi sneered. He could even see the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces.

However, he was stunned because when his palm struck down, everyone looked at him quietly without showing any signs of fear.

In the next moment, a long river of time appeared. Muzi was shocked to see that the condensed palm was slowly drifting towards the sky before slowly dispersing.


Muzi was extremely shocked. His time had actually been reversed. What shocked him even more was that his opponent had not completely reversed the flow of time. At least, his thoughts had not been reversed along with the flow of time.

His opponent was clearly telling him that he was just a piece of trash in his opponent’s eyes.

Furthermore, he discovered that none of the people around him had reversed the flow of time. Only his palm had reversed the flow of time.

“You want to kill me! Beat you to death!”

Dong Ju was angry. She did not notice that Muzi had turned back time. She raised the wooden hairpin and stabbed it.

At this moment, if she didn’t know that the wooden hairpin in her hand was a treasure, she would really be a fool.

In an instant, a wild and domineering force of the Great Dao erupted and poured onto Muzi’s body.

Muzi’s ferocious face froze on his face.

In the next moment, his entire body suddenly split into two halves, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

The surrounding City Guard were so shocked that they didn’t know what to say.

They stared blankly at the wooden hairpin in Dong Ju’s hand. They recognized it. It was a wooden hairpin that Mr. Zhang had casually carved during the day. It was used to tease little Dong Ju, because this little girl’s words were lovable.

What kind of treasure was this?

Dong Ju was only at the Great Emperor Stage. In the past, she was definitely a big shot, but now?

She was no different from an ordinary person. However, an ordinary person had used a wooden hairpin to kill an Imperial Emperor.

That was an Imperial Emperor!

They almost moaned.

Right at this moment, a soul body suddenly floated out from within Muzi’s body. It tore apart the Void and was about to escape.

“You want to leave?!”

Bai Weiwei’s cold voice rang out. The long spear in her hand stabbed out, shattering the Void.

“You dare to kill me? I am Qihuang’s man!”

Muzi’s eyes almost split open as he roared.

“I don’t care who you are. If you dare to cause trouble in my City Lord’s Mansion, you will die!”

Bai Weiwei knitted her brows tightly. In an instant, she lunged forward and thrust her spear into her soul body.

A Great Dao broke with a loud bang. Numerous blood clouds floated out from within the Void, and a shadow condensed within the Void.

It stared blankly at the City Lord’s Mansion and let out an exclamation.

If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have come. However, it was too late to say anything now.

The B City was boiling once again!

Monarch Master had fallen!

He was an Imperial Emperor, a supreme expert standing on the clouds, a supreme existence that no one could touch.

“So annoying!” Winter Chrysanthemum held her heart with both hands, and her eyes were about to take the shape of a heart.

Bai Weiwei fondly rubbed Dong Chrysanthemum’s little head, “You lass, even if I don’t make a move, you can still kill him, right?”

Dong Ju’s little head instantly shook like a rattle drum, “Oh right, Miss, this hairpin is too valuable. You should return it to Young Master.”

Originally, she was the son-in-law, but now that the news of young miss marrying Zhang Xuan had spread throughout the entire City Lord’s Mansion, everyone called Zhang Xuan ‘son-in-law’.

Bai Weiwei’s pretty face blushed slightly, but it only lasted for a brief moment. She had this kind of carefree personality, otherwise she would not have kissed Zhang Xuan in front of everyone.

“This is for you. He can make this thing at will. I will ask him to make one for each of you two in two days. This way, you guys will be safer.”

“Thank you miss, thank you, son-in-law! Haha…”

The surrounding City Guard didn’t know how to be polite. Bai Weiwei was the commander of the City Guard, and everyone was very familiar with her. They immediately shouted.

Zhang Xuan still didn’t know that he had been sold by Bai Weiwei. For the next month, he didn’t have to do anything, and could only make small accessories.

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