C102 – If I Get Tired of It

“You, you clearly have the look of someone who knows how to play. Scoundrel, I’m not kissing you.”

Ye Zichen pushed Mu Sifa away with his palm, preventing him from moving towards him, and was able to see through his scheme.

“Really?” Grab Shang Xiaojie’s hand and don’t let him move around.

“Absolutely not. You have a face full of evil intentions. Don’t think that I don’t know about it.”

He struggled to leave Mu Sifa’s side, but due to his excessive resistance, he suddenly fell down and took advantage of the situation to pull Mu Sifa, forming a scene where he took the initiative to pull Mu Sifa and pressure him.

“Wife, so you were this proactive?”

Shang Xiaojie’s face instantly turned red, “Genius, that’s not it. I just tripped and fell.”

“What a coincidence!” You want me to press you down?”

Actually, Mu Sifa knew that Shang Xiaojie didn’t do it on purpose, he was just teasing him to see how Shang Xiaojie would react.

“I-I already said no, hurry up and get up.” He looked like he was about to cry. He was probably really afraid that Mu Sifa would misunderstand him.

Aiya, this is too funny.

Pull Shang Xiaojie up so he can sit on his lap and stop teasing him.

Shang Xiaojie sniffed his tears and said, “You only know how to bully me. I’m not nice to you, bad boy.”

“Alright, alright, alright. It’s my fault. Stop crying, alright?” He kissed Shang Xiaojie’s eyes and comforted him not to cry. Everyone looked a lot more gentle.

“Every time you say that, aren’t you just being mean and bullying me? Too much.”

He didn’t want to forgive Mu Sifa so easily, so he cried with a bit of grievance.

Maybe it was because Mu Sifa said that he invited him on purpose, and it reminded him of his first meeting with Mu Sifa. Maybe it was because Mu Sifa said that he invited him on purpose, and it reminded him of his first meeting with Mu Sifa.

“Fine, what do I need to do so that you won’t be angry?” He kissed Shang Xiaojie again.

Shang Xiaojie blushed again after being kissed. He looked away embarrassedly, then he glanced at Mu Sifa and whispered, “I’ll forgive you if you accompany me to the movies tonight.”

He was a little nervous, probably because he was afraid that Mu Sifa would reject him.

“It’s that simple?”

“Mhmm, just accompany me to watch a movie.” Her little face was flushed.

“Alright, after work, I will accompany you to the movies. In a while, I will have the world buy the tickets first, and there will be a movie theater and a game city on the other side. If you are bored, you can go there and spend your time.”

Shang Xiaojie shook his head, “I’ll just wait here for you.”

“Isn’t it boring? It’s only around ten.”

“It can’t be!” I can use my cell phone to watch other movies and wait for you. Just come up and find me after you finish your work.” Very obedient and sensible.

Mu Sifa couldn’t help but laugh. This kid was really considerate! It was the feeling of being married. It was obvious that he was a man.

“Go and busy yourself first! I’ll look for Brother Under Heaven if I need anything.”

Knowing that Mu Sifa didn’t have much time to accompany him, he got down from his lap and urged him to get busy.

Mu Sifa didn’t want to leave. After all, the atmosphere was so good between the two of them, but work is work, so he couldn’t just leave it at that.

“Then you can find the world and find him to spend your time with you. That kid is pretty skilled, and you can let him train you. It’s also good for you to learn defensive skills.”

Shang Xiaojie was afraid of pain, so he didn’t go to Wu Junyi, “We’ll talk about it later, hurry up and get busy.”

“Alright, alright, alright. If you’re tired of me, then send me away.” Mu Sifa joked.

Shang Xiaojie’s face turned red, “Of course not?” He angrily pushed Mu Sifa out of the room and closed the door.

Teasing me again, naughty.

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