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“Dugu Lengyue is ranked first in the Sky Ranking. Apart from that, she is the only direct disciple of Invincible Dragon God, a legendary figure who has both beauty and talent.”

“Dugu Lengyue has a cold and eccentric personality. She would never interfere with the recruitment of disciples. I never thought that she would represent the Dragon God Temple to the Jinling City to recruit you.”

When Xiao Yan said this, his face was filled with surprise.

“Maybe it’s because she was near the Jinling City.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s introduction of Dugu Lengyue, Loong Chen was a little curious why she came to recruit him.

Could it be because of his talent?

But according to what Dugu Lengyue said, in her opinion, there were many people with greater talent than him in the Dragon God Temple.

Since Loong Chen couldn’t figure it out, he might as well not think about it anymore. After all, cultivation was the right path. He had to enter the Earth List or Sky Ranking as soon as possible.

When they were talking, they had already arrived at the registration office. Loong Chen entered a room, and there was an old man sitting there.

Although this old man looked very old, Loong Chen could faintly feel the pressure coming from him. This old man must be a powerful Evolver.

“Hello, I am here to report.”

Loong Chen handed the badge to the old man. The old man took a few glances at the badge and returned it to Loong Chen.

“Loong Chen from Jinling City?”

The old man raised his head and looked at Loong Chen. His voice was as calm as water, and no emotion could be heard from it.

“Yes.” Loong Chen nodded.

“This is the map of the Forbidden City. There are some rules about the Dragon God Temple on it. You can take a look. The second room in the Fifth East Building where you live.”

The old man handed a map and a key to Loong Chen. Then, he lowered his head and looked at the books on the table, ignoring him.

Loong Chen bowed to the old man and left the room.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Xiaoxun were still waiting for him outside.

“Loong Chen, your residence should have been arranged, right? I’ll take you there.”

Xiao Yan said.

Loong Chen had a good impression of Xiao Yan and Xiao Xiaoxun. They should get along harmoniously.


Loong Chen nodded.

The Forbidden City maintained the layout of the buildings before the apocalypse. This was the style of the courtyard house.

A courtyard house for each person. Not to mention the expensive land of the apocalypse, even before the apocalypse happened, it was an extremely extravagant enjoyment.

Although the appearance of this place was more ancient, the layout inside was more modern. There were electronic equipment and computers.

“Loong Chen, there is the official website of the Dragon God Temple on the computer. You can find out about the Dragon God Temple on the official website.”

“Alright, we won’t disturb you for now. My residence is also in the fourth room of Fifth East Building. You can come and find me if you need anything.”

After Xiao Yan sent Loong Chen to his residence, he left with Xiao Xiaoxun.

They had just reunited, so there must be a lot of things to do.

Loong Chen entered the room, turned on the computer, and entered the official website of Dragon God Temple. It was full of introductions about Dragon God Temple, as well as some news.

For example, a certain member of the Earth List had challenged a member of the Sky Ranking. He had succeeded in his challenge, and he had become a member of the Sky Ranking.

A certain person had completed a 5-star mission, and he had obtained an excessive reward.

A certain person discovered an ancient ruin.

“Ancient ruin?”

Loong Chen was stunned.

The so-called ancient ruins were some of the ruins left behind by the ancient civilization. In this world, humans were not the only rulers.

Before humans, there were other civilizations in this world. Some civilizations were even more powerful than humans.

In fact, before the apocalypse, humans had already begun the search for ancient ruins. Moreover, they had already opened up many ruins.

Humans obtained cultivation methods from ancient ruins, and that was how the Evolver was born.

Furthermore, there were rumors that the end of the world happened because of the opening of the ancient ruins.

Of course, Loong Chen didn’t know the specific reason. Perhaps he would understand this after he improved his strength and came into contact with the deeper level of knowledge.

After watching the news for a while, Loong Chen shifted his gaze to the online shopping center.

This place was connected to the treasure vault of Dragon God Temple.

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