C103 – An Eye for an Eye

When Tang Yue and his family arrived, there were already carriages parked outside the door. The entire street was blocked by soldiers. It looked solemn and heavy.

The original Prince Zhao’s Mansion had been replaced with the plaque of the Crown Prince’s Palace. There were two Copper Qirin Residences at the entrance. Two huge red lanterns hung under the eaves of the houses.

“Yueyang Marquis has arrived…” The door shouted loudly. Immediately, the eyes of the surrounding people shot over.

“Is that the young master that His Highness asked for?” Someone pointed at Tang Yue and asked secretly.

“That’s him. I heard it was the miracle doctor who cured His Highness’s legs.”

“Not only that, he also managed to make Noble Heir of State Duke Heng lose fifty kilograms. Didn’t you guys see that? That Noble Heir of State Duke Heng looks so handsome now.”

The doorman shouted as soon as he said Cao Cao. “State Duke Heng is here…”

Tang Yue came after him. Many people in Ye City didn’t know him, but Ping Shun was born and raised in Ye City. Naturally, these people had seen him before.

Therefore, when they saw Noble Heir, who had become thinner, all of them widened their eyes and sighed, “Is this really Noble Heir of State Duke Heng? It doesn’t look like him. Looking at those eyes, he is indeed much more handsome.”

“Is it really the credit of the Tang family’s young man? How did he do it? There are so many things that not even Imperial Physicians can do…”

“What is it? He is a godly doctor. What’s so strange about him being able to cure His Highness’s leg?”

Suddenly, someone started to cry. “My poor mother, if she could live for another two years, she would be able to wait for the godly doctor.”

Tang Yue was shocked. He quickly hid behind Yueyang Marquis. He wished he could pretend to be a flower girl. These people’s eyes were almost as sharp as laser beams. They could see a hole in the ground.

Someone quickly covered his mouth and dragged him to the side, scolding him softly. “Are you crazy? Why don’t you take a look at this place? What day is it today?”

Ping Shun immediately rushed over when he saw Tang Yue. This kid sneaked back home without telling Tang Yue. He thought he was missing. Fortunately, some guards saw him crawl out and followed him. If they had not seen him enter State Duke Heng’s Mansion, Tang Yue would have gone all over the world to find him.

“You actually left without telling me?” Tang Yue glared at him, then changed into a smile and greeted State Duke Heng, who was behind Ping Shun. “State Duke is well.”

“Haha… Nephew, uncle did not misjudge you. Young man has a future!” State Duke Heng praised Tang Yue. Tang Yue felt that this kind of father was good, but it was easy to get used to people.

He would know when he saw Ping Shun.

As soon as he entered, Tang Yue was invited to the backyard alone. Therefore, he bid farewell to his family and left with the servant named Ke with his gaze that was like a spotlight.

Tang Yue had once suspected the relationship between the servant and Lee Zhao. Now that he thought about it, he still felt quite puzzled.

“How long have you been with His Highness?” Tang Yue pretended to ask casually.

“I have been with His Highness for more than ten years.”

“What can I do at such a young age?”

“The Queen saw that His Highness did not have any playmates, so she chose a few servants of the same age to grow up with him. It’s just that only Ke can live until now.”

“Why? How did they die?” Tang Yue was shocked. Why did a prince choose a servant instead of a minister’s child?

Isn’t it popular to choose a companion?

Ke smiled helplessly. “The situation in the palace is complicated. There are dangers everywhere. Some people are stupid and got harmed. Some are defending their master.”

Tang Yue could not imagine what kind of dragon pond and tiger den that was. He did not even let go of such a young child. He could not imagine what kind of life Lee Zhao had been living since he was young.

Perhaps he was tired of the court’s deception, so he chose to go to the border at such a young age.

Thinking about how this young man was able to survive in such an environment step by step, it was not easy.

“We’re here. Young Master, please come in. Mistress is waiting for you in the house.” Ke brought the person outside the door of a courtyard and did not go in.

Tang Yue had lived in this manor for a month and more or less understood a little. He remembered that the courtyard in front of him was empty. At that time, he only felt that the courtyard was quiet and beautiful, but he had never gone in.

He walked in and planted some evergreen trees along the way, as well as neatly arranged flower beds. Now, there were only some chrysanthemums in the courtyard.

The style of this courtyard was completely different from this residence. It was unknown what it was used for.

The door was not related. Tang Yue stood at the door for a few seconds. He coughed and asked, “Is His Highness here?”

“Come in.”

After not seeing him for a few days, Tang Yue suddenly heard his voice and felt a little excited and nervous.

He walked in with his hands and feet. He turned around and saw Lee Zhao sitting behind the table. He was looking at something.

Tang Yue walked over with heavy steps. He did not get a response for a long time. He asked, “What orders do you have for me to come in?”

“Come here.” Lee Zhao waved at him and handed him the things in his hand.

Tang Yue took the sheepskin and found that it was a building blueprint. It was a lot more complicated than modern blueprints, or more accurately, more intuitive.

Modern architectural drawings mostly consisted of lines and numbers, and the architectural drawings of this era were more like models. The details were very clear.

“What is this?” Tang Yue did not understand what he meant.

“Don’t you think it looks familiar?”

Tang Yue nodded first, then shook his head. It was true that it looked familiar. However, the buildings in this era all looked similar. It was hard to differentiate them.

“This is your medicine shop. I have ordered people to prepare it. You can open it anytime.”

“Eh?” Tang Yue heard him and quickly looked at the drawings a few times. He felt something was wrong.

“It seems… it is much bigger than the land deed I saw before.” Although the area of the building was not marked on it, from the structure of the yard, it was definitely not as simple as a small shop.

“The lone person has surrounded the neighbors and the backyard. This way, there will be a shop in front of the door, and people can also stay behind. If you are tired, there will be a place for you to rest.”

So considerate? Tang Yue looked at him in surprise. “This is different from what we agreed on before.”

Lee Zhao shot him a sideways glance. “It was before, but now. Do you think that with your current relationship with me, you still need to pay attention to a fair deal?”

Tang Yue suddenly felt like he was being kept as a mistress. This… is naturally the best.

He thought of the box of gold that the other party gave to Zhao Shi and asked tentatively, Does the box of gold that you gave Marquis’s Wife have any special meaning?

“I thought she was short of money.” Lee Zhao replied nonchalantly, “Seeing her neglect of you, I thought she was short on money and couldn’t find out what she liked, so I gave her the gold and let her spend it.”

Tang Yue wanted to give him a thumbs up and sighed, “Your gift is really right.”

“What? Is she really not good to you?” Lee Zhao frowned. It seemed like Tang Yue was going to seek justice for him.

“It is not bad, but it is inevitable that she does not like me. I am an illegitimate child.”

Tang Yue thought that if Lee Zhao had a child with another woman in the future, he probably wouldn’t like that child either.

“The Shu eldest son’s identity is awkward, and the Zhao family is from a scholarly family. She did quite well in this aspect. If she really did something that hurt you, I will not let her off lightly.”

Tang Yue reached out and touched his cheek. “Your Highness actually cares about me so much? Should Yue feel honored?”

Lee Zhao grabbed his hand and pulled Tang Yue to his side. He kissed Tang Yue’s lips, which were still curved.

Tang Yue was stunned for a moment before he started to respond. This was the second time they had kissed. Compared to the first time, Lee Zhao was more skilled. He didn’t know if he had trained with anyone.

Tang Yue could not help but immerse himself in this deep kiss. One of his hands gradually climbed up the back of the other’s head and changed all kinds of postures.

The two people’s lips and tongues intertwined for a long time. The drum music outside had come in at some point, but it did not interrupt their passion.

After a long time, the two of them parted their lips. Tang Yue realized that he was in love. He had unknowingly approached Lee Zhao’s arms.

The two of them were similar in height, and Tang Yue was thinner. He actually did not feel awkward leaning against them like this.

“Your Highness hasn’t brushed his teeth yet, has he?” Tang Yue asked mockingly.

“I have never brushed my teeth.” Lee Zhao replied, almost choking Tang Yue to death.

How could he forget? People in this era did not brush their teeth. They only cleaned their teeth regularly. They usually rinsed their mouths with saline water, but they did not smell anything. It was amazing.

“Cough… Do you want me to make a unique toothbrush for Your Highness?”

“Just like you, cut the pig hair and stuff it into your mouth?” Lee Zhao frowned. Obviously, he could not accept such a thing.

“They are all sterilized by boiling water. They are not dirty.” Although Tang Yue found it hard to accept the smell of the pig’s fur, what could he do?

“Then I can make you a wooden brush. Do you want to try it?” Tang Yue thought to himself. For the sake of the quality of their kiss in the future, he needed to cultivate Lee Zhao’s habit of brushing his teeth sooner or later.

“Thank you.” He lifted Tang Yue’s chin and was about to continue the kiss when he was interrupted by the sound outside the door.

“Master, all the guests are here. The auspicious time has arrived.”

Tang Yue’s face was inexplicably red. He quickly separated from him. He adjusted his clothes and looked up at the sky. “Then hurry up and leave. Don’t make people anxious.”

“If they want to wait, just wait. Could it be that someone else dares to say something?”

Tang Yue chuckled. He knew that this was nonsense. Today’s banquet was not organized by the Crown Prince’s Palace, but by the families of the major families. Those who could be invited by Crown Prince were invited by Crown Prince. I’m afraid there’s only one family in Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion.

Lee Zhao passed the blueprint to Tang Yue, “Go back and take a closer look. If you are dissatisfied, bring it out. Have you chosen the day of your opening?”

“I am currently arranging for people to purchase medicinal herbs. I will have to wait for some medicinal herbs to be stored before I can open for business. It will probably take about half a month.”

“Half a month…” Lee Zhao muttered. “Then it will definitely be the beginning of next month.”

“Why?” Tang Yue counted the time. It was only twenty days.

“Because you won’t have time to care about these things soon.”

“…” Tang Yue looked at him speechlessly. The other party continued to say indifferently, “The wedding date is near. How can you have time to do this? You have to get married at home.”

“Get married?” Tang Yue raised his eyebrows and asked in disbelief, “Why do men get married? You can’t let me do it myself, can you?” Sorry, although his sewing skills were good, he did not have the ability to do it.

Lee Zhao smiled. “Even if you want to, I can’t let you do it yourself. I don’t want a wife in an ugly wedding dress.”

“Wait, let’s talk about it. This wedding dress… what kind of style is it?”

“What kind of wedding dress do you want to wear?” Lee Zhao deliberately teased him, “Phoenix embroidery or Peony embroidery?”

My mother! Can I not have them?

“Haha, we don’t need to waste any effort. Simple and simple is enough. The red clothes are already enough for women. Wouldn’t it be neither male nor female if we continue to weave patterns?”

Lee Zhao pointed at his lips. “That makes sense. However, if Madam is willing to bribe me, I will have someone change the style of the wedding dress.”

Tang Yue stared at him. What was this feeling of being teased? Did he dare to be more obscene?

“You said that.” Tang Yue leaned over and bit his lips hard. He only let go when he tasted the blood.

He was laughing happily when the man took the opportunity to bite him. The angle he chose was quite tricky. It was exactly the same as the chance he had just taken a bite.

He had truly displayed the idiom “An eye for an eye.”

Tang Yue then thought to himself, “How do we get out of here like this? Should I let everyone know that he and Crown Prince were hiding in the house and kissing each other?”

If he had a dirty mind, he might have thought that they had just had a big fight. Although sex before marriage was shameless, it was enough for people to gossip about it for a few days.

Tang Yue licked his lips and thought weakly, Is there still time to pretend to faint or pee?

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