C102 – Don’t Even Think about It!

“What’s the matter with the one outside? It’s like you killed his whole family. His face was dark all along.” Tang Yue pointed at the kid who was the door god and asked Zhao Sanlang.

Zhao Sanlang took a peek and quickly retracted his neck. He said carefully, “It’s all your fault. I was showing off my skills in the Prefecture. I didn’t know you were going to get married, so I accidentally burned the house down.”

Tang Yue looked at him speechlessly. “What talents do you have to show?” Why didn’t he know? He could even burn down the house. Could it be that he was performing a fire spitting doll?

Zhao Sanlang coughed dryly. “Didn’t I learn cooking for a few days? I thought about it for a few more days after I went back and learned something. That’s why I wanted to cook two dishes for the princess.”

“A few days? Wasn’t it less than half a day?” Tang Yue remembered clearly that this man had been asked by Crown Prince to take care of the food before he could even learn how to cut vegetables.

Moreover, how could he rely on himself to figure out the culinary skills? No one would believe it.

“What dishes are you planning to cook for the princess? Why did you cook the house?” He was sure that it was not Zhao Sanlang’s turn to cook the house. How did he burn the house?

Zhao Sanlang told him everything. He even complained about his burnt hair. “I have kept my black hair for many years. I burned it just like that.”

Tang Yue could not comfort him after he heard that. It was really strange that fried chicken willows could spill the oil and cause a fire.

He found a pair of scissors to cut off the ends of his hair. Zhao Sanlang’s heart ached.

“That’s enough. It’s getting late. You should go to the Prefecture and apologize.”

“I’m not going!” Zhao Sanlang held his arms and shook his head. How could he have the nerve to talk to County Princess Huizhu about such a shameful thing?

Just now, he had the intention of running away without a care in the world. He had borrowed the name of Tang Yue, so it was only logical that he would not go back even if he was beaten to death.

Tang Yue sighed. “Sanlang, as a man, you have to take responsibility first. You are too embarrassed to apologize for such a small matter. How can you support a family or even a family in the future?”

“This…” Zhao Sanlang frowned. He glanced at Tang Yue a few times and muttered to himself. Then he stood up and patted his butt. “Okay, then I will leave.”

When he saw County Prince’s gloomy face, Zhao Sanlang had no intention of paying attention to him. He raised his head and walked away with his chest puffed out.

County Prince stared at his back until he disappeared from his sight. He was sure that this man had rebelled and dared to ignore his existence.

“Tang Xiaolang, since you are getting married, stay away from Zhao Xian!” County Prince turned back and warned Tang Yue.

Tang Yue was confused. “What does the duke mean? Sanlang and I are like brothers. We are sworn brothers. Why should we stay away from him?”

“Because…” County Prince suddenly raised his voice, but swallowed it before he could finish his sentence. “In short, you are not allowed to get too close to him!”

Tang Yue saw that he was only a twelve-year-old child, so he deliberately teased him and asked, “Is it because you want him to marry your mother? You can’t compare to misunderstanding my relationship with him. We have a pure friendship that cannot be any purer!”

County Prince raised his eyebrows, as if he was about to get angry, but he still managed to control himself well. “Don’t worry about that. As long as you remember not to get too close to him!”

Tang Yue did not nod or shake his head. He thought to himself, “How can no one care about this child when he is so crooked? County Princess Huizhu did not seem to care about him. Was he not her biological son?”

After staying in Ye City for a long time, he had learned more things than before, including County Princess Huizhu’s romantic stories and County Prince’s domineering deeds.

It was said that County Princess Huizhu had always wanted to nurture her son in her husband’s direction and let him become a well-educated and elegant scholar. Who would have thought that this kid was like throwing the wrong child and did not inherit his father’s excellent genes. He had been very violent, domineering, and ruthless since he was young, so he did not like his mother very much.

Actually, Tang Yue could also understand. According to the stories he heard, County Princess Huizhu was full of love for her dead husband. Now that her husband was gone, it was normal for her to find a trace of her husband in her son.

As for the matter of raising her face, Tang Yue chose to ignore it.

However, her son was like a wild horse that had escaped its reins, let alone being polite and polite. Even a normal peace of mind could not do it, and one could not help being disappointed.

“I heard that Crown Prince went to the border to protect his country at the age of ten. The duke has the strength to vent his anger on Zhao Sanlang, so he might as well follow His Highness and go out to train.”

“Have you always been such a busybody?” County Prince asked with a cold smile.

Tang Yue was so choked that he could not answer. He wanted to take back what he just said. “Haha, since the duke doesn’t like to listen, then take care. I won’t see you off!”

County Prince sized him up a few times and shook his head. “Cousin Crown Prince has probably stayed at the border for a long time and has never seen a beauty before. When he stays in Ye City for two more years, he will naturally abandon you.”

“What the fuck!” This was the first time Tang Yue had the urge to hit a child. Why did this brat hate him so much?

“Men… housekeeper… send the guests away!” Forgive me for not entertaining this rude brat!

County Prince snorted coldly and walked away with his head held high and chest puffed out without waiting for others to chase him away.

Tang Yue took two deep breaths to calm himself down. If this kid was his son, he would beat his father until he didn’t even know him.

After a while, the housekeeper came over. Tang Yue said, “County Prince will come to our house later and give us plain food. I think he just eats too well. He’s used to having a bad habit.”

The butler smiled and did not answer. “Young dandy, quickly change your clothes and get ready. Master Hou will take you to the Crown Prince’s Palace.”

“Why are you going to the Crown Prince’s Palace?” Tang Yue was a little repulsed. He felt very awkward to suddenly become a married man.

“You have forgotten that today is the day for the Prince Zhao’s Mansion to change its appearance. Everyone will go and congratulate it.”

“Oh…” So it’s not because of their marriage. That’s good!

“Can I not go?” If he walked out at this time, would he be seen as a Great orangutan by others?

“With your current relationship with His Highness, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to do it. Outsiders will say it.”

“Even if you go, you will still say it. If you don’t go, at least I won’t be able to hear you.” Tang Yue looked like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. However, he also knew that since he had entered this circle, it was impossible for him not to do some things.

He turned around and entered the house. Tang Yue found a set of sky-blue clothes from a pile of new clothes and put them on. Among the betrothal gifts this time, there were ten boxes of his new clothes. He did not know how the other party managed to complete it in such a short time.

After changing his clothes and going out, the butler frowned when he saw him. Tang Yue asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

The housekeeper shook his head and said hesitantly, “Today is a good day for both of us. young dandy, do you want to change into a new set of clothes to match the scenery?”

“So, you want me to go out in big red clothes?” Tang Yue opened his eyes wide and refused firmly. “Don’t even think about it!”

The butler could not change his mind, but others did. When Tang Yue walked into the hall, the old madam’s first sentence was the same. Even Yueyang Marquis nodded.

Tang Yue had no choice but to change into a dark red suit. The black grid looked much more stable than usual.

“Are the whole family going?” Tang Yue looked at the eleven family members and asked his father.

“I was just going with you, but His Highness just sent someone to tell us to go together.”

Tang Yue had a bad feeling about this. He had a feeling that something would happen to that kid, and it must have something to do with him.

“My sisters are still young. Is it really okay to bring them along?”

“It’s okay. It’s only because they are young that they can go out more often. When they reach Ya’s age, they have to be careful.” The old mistress touched Tang Yun’s head. The other party raised her head in confusion and blinked twice. She lowered her head and continued to play with the piece of wood that Tang Yue had given her.

Tang Yue usually carved some pieces of wood, so he took the time to make a small piece of wood. He used a brush to draw a few simple pictures and let her play with them.

Tang Yue went to carry her down, “Ah Yun, be good. Brother will bring you to eat something delicious. Let’s play with this when we get back, okay?”

Tang Yun obediently put down the toy in her hands and put her arms around Tang Yue’s neck, “Brother, does His Highness’s food taste as good as yours?”

“Yes, His Highness’s cook can make delicious pine candy. It’s even better than Brother’s!”

“Liar, no one can make candy that is more delicious than Brother’s.” Tang Yun said firmly.

Tang Yue was happy to hear that. He kissed her on the cheek a few times. The smooth and tender texture was really good.

“I like hearing that. As a reward, Brother will make a better hairpin for you next time!”

Tang Yun’s black eyes instantly lit up. She shyly kissed Tang Yue’s face and whispered, “Thank you, Brother.”

“Haha… our family’s Ah Yun is the cutest!”

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