C38 – His Waist Was Even More Vigorous

When Zhang Xiaoloong heard this voice, his hand, which was about to push the door, immediately retracted.

The person inside was naturally the village chief’s wife, Lee Xiulian. Judging from her tone, she must have gotten angry with Wang Tiezhu again.

The village chief was afraid that his wife was famous in the village and would always rely on this living grandmother for almost everything. But just like that, this living grandmother would come out every now and then.

According to seniority, Zhang Xiaoloong had to call Lee Xiulian ‘grandma’. But this grandmother was indeed too young. She had just come out in her thirties. She was also handsome and had taken good care of herself until now. At first glance, she looked no different from a little wife in her twenties.

Wang Tiezhu was an old man in his forties or fifties, and he had married such a precious woman. Naturally, he doted on her a thousand times. He kept his mouth shut, afraid that his mouth would melt. He was afraid that his wife would disappear if he opened his mouth, so there was nothing strange about being afraid of his wife.

From what she had just said, Lee Xiulian clearly thought that Zhang Xiaoloong was Wang Tiezhu. No matter what, it was not suitable for him to go in at this time.

“Grandma Zhu, I have something to talk to Grandpa of Zhuzi about. Grandpa of Zhuzi is not home. Please inform him later. I will come back tomorrow morning. If there’s nothing urgent, ask Grandpa of Zhuzi to wait for me at home.” Zhang Xiaoloong only opened his mouth to speak after he retreated to the outside of the cotton curtain.

After all, she was a young woman. If he said something to the crack of the door, even if he didn’t have any bad intentions, others would feel embarrassed.

After saying that, he was about to walk back when the door of the room was opened with a creak. The cotton was lifted up and Lee Xiulian showed her head with her half-dried shoulder-length curly hair.

“Huh?” She was surprised to see Zhang Xiaoloong at the same time. When she came back to her senses, she quickly said, “Isn’t this Xiaoloong? Why is there a house at home today? Come in quickly. It’s cold outside. Come in and warm up.”

He looked outside again and chuckled at the big wolfdog. “I say, why is this stupid dog not barking today? The top scholar of Qinghe Village is carrying the immortal aura of Literari Star.”

As he spoke, his eyes kept looking at Zhang Xiaoloong up and down, feeling very strange in his heart.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t seen Zhang Xiaoloong before, but this time when she saw him again… She felt different from the silly boy who used to be a bookworm. His body looked even more robust. People also looked more pleasing to the eye, especially when there seemed to be a special fragrance on his body. It made people want to get closer and smell him a few more times when they touched him.

Lee Xiulian also knew that it was actually not a real scent, but a man’s scent. She compared it to the old bones at home and then looked at this strong young man who made people’s eyes light up. It was as if she had smelled a deadly fragrance. It made people’s bones feel a little soft.

“No, Grandpa of Zhuzi is not at home, so I will go back first.” Zhang Xiaoloong saw that the other party had invited him and felt that it was not convenient. Besides, he was not in a hurry to come the whole night. “I will come back tomorrow morning.”

“Tsk, look at you, kid. If Grandpa of Zhuzi is not home, it will not be good for me to speak, right?” Lee Xiulian’s face pretended to be dark and she pretended to be angry. She said, “Come in quickly and help me.”

When Zhang Xiaoloong heard that she wanted him to work, he could only follow her into the house.

Even though they used their own furnace to heat up the radiator, the village chief’s house was tightly sealed inside and outside. It was really warm inside.

There were some miscellaneous items placed on the floor of the house. Fortunately, the room was big, so it did not seem crowded.

The furniture was quite new, especially the large dressing table. It looked like it had just been bought. There were a lot of small items on it. It seemed that Grandma Zhu had spent most of her time on it.

The air in the room was still a little damp and had a slight fragrance. It was probably because someone had just taken a shower here that the smell of the shower gel had not dispersed.

“Grandma Zhu, what do you want me to help you with?” Zhang Xiaoloong asked.

“Don’t call me grandma,” Lee Xiulian said unhappily. “Your surname is Zhang, my surname is Li, and that old man’s surname is Wang. Why do you call me your grandma? I’m not old yet, but you call me old.”

“Of course not. You are getting younger and younger. We won’t get old no matter how we call you. Many of the young ladies in the village envied you. Some even said that they wanted to learn how to maintain health from you.” Zhang Xiaoloong complimented him. His brain was indeed different from before. If it was in the past, he would never be able to say such words.

“The top scholar is indeed the top scholar. His words make people feel comfortable listening to them.” Sure enough, Lee Xiulian became happy. There was also a strange look in her eyes. “If this old man can take half of you, I will be like living in a honey jar all day long.”

“What do you mean the top scholar is not the top scholar? But Grandpa of Zhuzi is nice to you. Everyone in the village knows that. You are living in a honey pot, aren’t you?” Zhang Xiaoloong smiled.

When she talked about Wang Tiezhu, Lee Xiulian immediately lost interest. “Don’t mention that old man. Help me carry this bucket out.”

Zhang Xiaoloong looked in the direction the old man was pointing at and saw a big wooden bucket in the house. The water in the bucket was still steaming. Obviously, this was the bathtub used for bathing.

The village was not like the city. Bathing and toilets could be solved in the house. There was no water pipe here. All the water had to be poured outside.

Lee Xiulian was a woman. Naturally, she could not move such a big bucket of water. If she kept letting the air in the room, it would become humid. Therefore, Zhang Xiaoloong did not feel anything wrong and walked straight over.

“It is not easy to do it alone. I will carry it out with you.” Seeing Zhang Xiaoloong reach out to carry the bucket, a trace of a smile flashed across Lee Xiulian’s eyes and she also went over to help.

She reached out her hand and placed it precisely on the back of Zhang Xiaoloong’s hand.

Although she was a village woman, Lee Xiulian’s hands had not done any heavy work. Not only was she fair and tender, but she also had a trace of a soft and greasy feeling.

She used her hands to grab Zhang Xiaoloong’s hand and pretended to be careless. “Oh, it didn’t hurt you, did it?”

Zhang Xiaoloong’s face twitched and he smiled. “It’s nothing.”

It was fine, but he already felt that something was wrong with Grandma Zhu.

His hands just now had not only grabbed one of his hands, but also seemed to have deliberately rubbed it a few times. Logically speaking, this should not be the case, so he was a little surprised.

“I’ll be fine by myself. Grandma Zhu, just lift the curtain for me.” Zhang Xiaoloong said as he exerted his strength. His two hands grabbed the edge and lifted up the large bathtub with half a drop of water.

When Lee Xiulian saw this posture, she hurriedly went to open the curtain in the outer room. Seeing the other party carry such a large bucket of water and pour it easily into the ditch outside the courtyard, her eyes became a little dazed.

“If there is nothing else, I will leave first.” Zhang Xiaoloong saw the other party’s eyes and felt uncomfortable all over.

“Hey, hey, don’t leave.” Lee Xiulian grabbed Zhang Xiaoloong and rubbed his strong arm with her palm. “This arm is strong, and so is his leg. Yes. His waist is even stronger. Xiaoloong, let me tell you something about a wife.”

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