C88 – Xu Yangyi’s Friend

“Let’s not stifle others with our constant bragging,” remarked the soldiers, who didn’t mind the playful ribbing directed at Ann Yan. Many knew of his orientation, but they all remained taciturn. Besides, Ann Yan was well-liked within the army, taking good care of his comrades, so there was no animosity towards him. Yan Chengyu, however, needed a reminder.

Ann Yan’s warning to be more obedient didn’t bother Yan Chengyu. Instead, he extended his hand towards the iron door behind Ann Yan, closing the distance between them. His eyes held a composed smile, but there was also an undeniable sense of pressure.

It wasn’t the first time other soldiers had played such pranks, so Ann Yan, having experienced it many times, met Yan Chengyu’s gaze calmly and issued another warning, “Do you want to run 50 laps or 100 laps?” He maintained a cold gaze, unfazed by Yan Chengyu’s imposing presence.

Yan Chengyu was taken aback. Ann Yan had seemingly retreated slightly when he was in his embrace earlier, but now he appeared completely unflustered as he admonished Yan Chengyu.

Was this what they called the composure of someone older? Yan Chengyu chuckled inwardly.

Yan Chengyu decided not to tease him further. He took a step back, feigning fear of Ann Yan. “My apologies, Captain Ann Yan. I was just joking, please don’t take it seriously.” Finally, he wore a casual smile, seemingly admitting his wrongdoing. However, when he cast a glance at Ann Yan, there was a subtle undertone in his expression.

Ann Yan noticed the change in Yan Chengyu’s demeanor but chose to furrow his brow and ignore him, not willing to engage.

Witnessing this, Yan Chengyu suddenly burst into laughter. Then, a hint of fascination graced his smile. He mumbled to himself, “This is more interesting than I expected,” before leaving the warehouse.

Troop phone reception room.

Yan Chengyu answered the phone without bothering to inquire about the caller’s identity. His response was swift, but he should have a pretty good idea of who it was now.

The person on the other end seemed aware that Yan Chengyu had guessed his identity. He let out a resigned sigh before speaking, “Second Brother, can I visit you at the military base?”

“Why do you want to find me at the army?” Yan Chengyu asked with an air of indifference upon hearing that Yan Xingwei wished to pay him a visit.

Yan Xingwei appeared reluctant to elaborate, as he found the situation quite bothersome. Nevertheless, he had no choice but to explain, “Isn’t it all because of Big Sis? A few days ago, I was coerced into meeting with a stranger. She claimed she had no intentions of sketching men and wanted me to be her canvas. I nearly lost my mind dealing with her. But plenty of people get backed into a corner by their elder sisters!”

Yan Chengyu, upon hearing this, wore an expression that suggested he saw it coming. Initially, he had contemplated embracing his elder sister’s “affection” and not evading it. However, a sudden realization crossed his mind, and he quipped, “It’s great that you’re coming to find me. Your friend is here as well, so you’ll have a companion to keep you company.” He grinned as he said this.

“My friend?” Yan Xingwei started, his voice showing surprise. “Yangyi?” As he had only one friend, Xu Yangyi.

“Indeed, even if it’s Yangyi. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening either. Anyway, he’s now my commanding officer’s spouse. I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll hang up now.” With that, Yan Chengyu abruptly ended the call, leaving Yan Xingwei with no opportunity to respond.

Yet, Yan Xingwei appeared accustomed to his younger brother’s domineering ways. He stared at his phone without taking any further action. His handsome features were just as imposing as Yan Chengyu’s, despite the hint of trouble in his expression. His 180-centimeter height accentuated his imposing physique, but there was also a unique handsomeness to him.

Colonel’s spouse? Wasn’t it originally Elder Sister Warming? How did it become Yangyi?

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