C41 – I Regret It

If President Chen truly held the position of Tianhua Bank’s president, then his recent statement held undeniable validity.

This parcel of land, valued at an astounding ten billion yuan in the heart of the city, undoubtedly belonged to Su Ming.

Once the realization dawned on the bystanders, a collective gasp escaped their lips involuntarily.

Su Ming, the same person who used to accompany Wang Xue daily and treat them to milk tea, had a remarkably influential background!

“What have we overlooked?”

“While everyone else is paying compliments to President Chen, why do I get the feeling that President Chen is actually praising Mr. Su?”

“Who is this Mr. Su, anyway?”

Their group of coworkers was in utter shock.

Upon hearing President Chen’s words, Wang Xue was left dumbfounded.

“This can’t be true.”

Wang Xue shook her head vehemently.

She couldn’t believe it; she refused to believe it!

If President Chen’s claim held any truth, what had she missed?

She had overlooked the fact that Su Ming owned ten billion yuan worth of land!

She had missed the fact that Su Ming had substantial funds in his bank account!

It made sense now why President Chen had asked her if she would regret her actions.

“I don’t believe you! You’re lying to me. You can’t be the president of Tianhua Bank. It’s impossible!”

“Very well.”

President Chen remained composed upon hearing this and proceeded to dial a number.

“Hello, President Chen.”

President Chen spoke sternly, “You’ve been my subordinate for many years. As long as you don’t cross certain lines, I don’t interfere. But do you realize the trouble you’ve caused this time?”

The voice on the other end of the line sounded somewhat panicked, “President Chen, what have I done wrong?”

“Among the new bank employees, there’s someone named Wang Xue, correct?”


The voice on the phone quivered with fear.

They could clearly hear the voice on the other end of the call. When Wang Xue recognized the familiar voice, her complexion instantly turned ashen.

“Terminate her employment immediately!”


The voice on the phone attempted to provide an explanation.

“Because she offended Mr. Su!”

President Chen sneered.


The voice on the other end exclaimed, “Don’t worry, President Chen. I’ll dismiss her right away and make a public announcement throughout the industry, warning everyone not to employ her!”

“Very well.”

President Chen nodded and hung up.

In a matter of seconds, Wang Xue’s phone began to ring.

Wang Xue hastily answered the call.

“Wang Xue, you dared to cross Mr. Su; you’re terminated!”

A man’s enraged voice echoed from the other end before abruptly hanging up.

Wang Xue clutched her phone, her demeanor resembling that of a lost soul.

Even if she had harbored suspicions about President Chen’s true identity earlier, she no longer dared to question it now.

The voice on the other end of the call was hauntingly familiar.

He was the senior bank employee with whom she had a liaison in the hotel.

President Chen’s identity was verified, which meant his statements held truth.

Consequently, Su Ming’s identity was equally genuine.

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