C45 – Father Jiang’s Birthday

Upon hearing this, Soong Wan, who was trailing close behind, displayed a clear expression of disdain.

Other students in the vicinity, who had grasped the situation, exchanged strange glances as they passed by Qin Shou.

“Well, I didn’t anticipate Qin Shou to be like this.”

“Indeed, he’s acting out of jealousy. Look at how gracious Jiang Hao is.”

“Exactly, let’s move on.”


Those who typically admired him were now all willing to disregard Qin Shou, leaving him visibly disconcerted.

A hint of bitterness flickered in his eyes, and he called out to Jiang Hao, who was already a distance away.

“I concede, Jiang Hao. This week, I’ll treat you to the Central Heavenly-Mansion Tavern. No need to wait until later!”

With those words, he hurriedly turned and departed, his frustration evident.

Upon hearing Qin Shou’s declaration, Jiang Hao turned around and exchanged a smile with Soong Wan.


In the afternoon, Jiang Hao received his teacher’s report card for the day’s classes and headed to the gift shop. He purchased gift boxes and then visited a bakery to buy a birthday cake.

It happened to be his father’s birthday, a date he would never forget.

Coincidentally, this report card held a surprise for his father.

His father had tirelessly provided for his education, and achieving good grades was the best way to express his gratitude.

When he arrived home, his parents hadn’t returned yet. Only his younger sister, Jiang Zixuan, had returned from school earlier.

Together, Jiang Hao and Jiang Zixuan began preparing their home to surprise their parents upon their return.

Simultaneously, Jiang Hao once again utilized his culinary skills to prepare a table filled with dishes.

Afterward, the siblings dimmed the lights and patiently waited for their parents, Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother, to return home.


In response to the door creaking open, Jiang Hao and Jiang Zixuan swiftly readied themselves.

When the door swung open, the illumination flooded in, courtesy of Jiang’s parents.

Instantly, Jiang Hao activated the birthday tune, while he and Jiang Zixuan began to sing in harmony.

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you…”

With the conclusion of the birthday song, the siblings beamed and exclaimed.

“Dad, Happy Birthday!”

At that moment, Jiang’s father and mother observed this heartwarming scene and found their eyes welling up with tears.

“Thank you, Hao, Zixuan!”

Jiang’s father’s voice quivered slightly as he expressed his gratitude.

It was now that Jiang Hao and Jiang Zixuan both held gift boxes in their hands.

Jiang Hao spoke up first.

“Dad, this is my birthday gift for you. Please open it and have a look!”

Jiang’s father regarded his son, who now stood head and shoulders above him, and silently nodded.


Thus, he began to unwrap the gift.

Curiosity also consumed Jiang Zixuan, wondering what her transformed older brother would present to their father, and so her gaze fixed on the gift box held by their father.

The same went for Jiang’s mother!

As the gift box was unsealed, the initial item to be revealed was a report card!

Their eyes were immediately drawn to the line at the top of the report card, encircled by red ink!

Jiang’s father, mother, and Jiang Zixuan were all taken aback!

“Jiang Hao, a total score of 747 points, ranked first in Tianhe Second High School, and leading in the third and fourth-year joint examinations of Tianhe City?”

In an instant, other than Jiang Hao, the remaining three members of the family were left in shock!

They were well-acquainted with Jiang Hao’s prior academic performance!

Even though it was close to the college entrance exams, and the family aimed to minimize pressure on Jiang Hao, their hopes for his academic success had been rather limited.

However, this report card…

The family examined the report card closely. Simultaneously, they noted the signature of Jiang Hao’s homeroom teacher and the school seal at the document’s bottom.

They knew it was genuine, yet they struggled to believe it.

Jiang’s father was the first to break the silence.

“Hao, is this for real?”

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