C92 – Lou Yu Was Jealous!

Lou Yu made his way toward the backstage area. Unlike the preliminary round, far fewer participants were advancing to the semifinals, so the school hadn’t assigned anyone to share the backstage with Mo Fei.

Mo Fei was taken aback to find Lou Yu in the lounge. “How did you get in here?”

“The door wasn’t locked,” Lou Yu replied casually.

“Oh, I need to change my clothes now. Please leave and remember to lock the door behind you. Thank you,” Mo Fei requested, as if it were a simple matter.

“I’m not leaving,” Lou Yu retorted with irritation.

Mo Fei furrowed his brow and spoke sincerely, “Alright, you’re not a child anymore. Don’t be upset; just step out. Be cautious about what you see when you encounter things you shouldn’t.”

Lou Yu’s expression darkened as he glanced disapprovingly at Liu Tie and said, “Why didn’t Mo Yi leave? I want to leave; it’s not fair.”

“You can’t be compared to Yiyi,” Mo Fei said helplessly.

Lou Yu said with a hint of jealousy, “I am your husband; why can’t I stay? Do you really have a relationship with Mo Yi?”

Mo Fei lifted his head to look at Lou Yu and said slowly, “It’s not that we’re intimate, but we are close friends. In the past, during cold weather, we used to share a bed every day to keep warm. Her body is like a heater, and it’s cozy to sleep with her in my arms.”

Lou Yu glared fiercely at Mo Fei, his face growing even darker.

“That feeling! You wouldn’t understand,” Mo Fei said with a dreamy expression.

Lou Yu glared at Mo Fei in anger. “You… You shameless person!”

Mo Fei blinked innocently as Lou Yu angrily slammed the door and left.

Mo Yi turned to Mo Fei and asked, “Young Master, when did I ever sleep in the same bed with you?”

Mo Fei shrugged. “Never!”

“Why did you lie to the Third Prince then?” Mo Yi asked helplessly.

Mo Fei shrugged again. “I didn’t lie to him; he just won’t leave! Honestly, he’s so mature yet so childish.”

“The Third Prince seems to be jealous,” Mo Yi observed, secretly sympathizing with the Third Prince.

“Jealous? Envious of what? You took Medicine S, and I took Medicine S too. That guy must have some issues from consuming too much of your ‘jealousy-inducing’ medicine,” Mo Fei said with disdain.

Mo Yi shrugged and remarked, “Young Master, those in the throes of love tend to exhibit questionable judgment.”

Mo Fei absentmindedly stroked his chin, musing aloud, “I can analyze matters with my intellect, but affairs of the heart, you see, love, they’re far from straightforward.”

People entangled in love often find themselves compelled to shower their affectionate interests with gifts, indulge their whims, and divulge their financial and family details.

Mo Yi gazed at Mo Fei and suggested, “Young Master, perhaps you should ease your standards a bit. Going by your criteria, few would qualify for love in this world.”

Mo Fei chuckled skeptically, retorting, “When I encounter someone I genuinely care for and wish to love, I’ll reconsider my demands.”

Mo Yi sighed in resignation, muttering, “The Young Master’s self-imposed standards are rigorous, making it challenging for others. You’re a tough nut to crack.”

Mo Fei cast an incredulous glance at Mo Yi, saying, “Impossible! You must be mistaken. Who am I? Your young master! Errors don’t fit into the equation.”

Mo Yi: “…”

Observing Lou Yu’s pallid countenance, Su Rong couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

“Third Prince, you don’t seem to be in good spirits. Did His Highness Mo Fei upset you again?” Su Rong inquired cautiously.

Su Rong thought to himself: Since the Third Prince’s Consort’s arrival, the Third Prince has been visibly agitated more frequently. It led him to believe that the Third Prince, initially carefree, had become increasingly irritable.

Lou Yu clenched his teeth and fixed a piercing gaze on Su Rong.

Su Rong let out a dry laugh and attempted to console him, saying, “Third Prince, you know, the Third Prince’s Consort possesses a childlike disposition. She means no harm. Try to be more forgiving.”

Lou Yu continued to scrutinize Su Rong, deep in thought.

Lou Yu’s intense gaze sent shivers down Su Rong’s spine. “Third Prince, what’s bothering you?”

Lou Yu narrowed his eyes and questioned, “Su Rong, you seem rather protective of Mo Fei. How long have you known me, and how long have you known Mo Fei? How quickly have you thrown your support behind him? Soon, you’ll be helping him oppose me.”

Su Rong forced a hesitant smile and replied, “Third Prince, you’ve misunderstood me. I’ll always stand by your side; you can trust me.”

Lou Yu emitted a cold snort, expressing his disapproval with his demeanor.

Baffled by Lou Yu’s reaction, Su Rong was at a loss for words until he noticed a familiar figure.

“Third Prince, First Prince is heading in that direction,” Su Rong informed him.

Lou Yu raised his gaze, and his eyes narrowed in apprehension. It was evident that Lou Feng was heading straight for Mo Fei’s resting chamber!

Lou Feng, that audacious fellow, had a knack for such audacious moves.

Lou Yu clenched his fists, gnashing his teeth in anger, and resolved to trail behind him.

Mo Fei swung open the door, only to be taken aback by the sight of Lou Feng standing at the threshold. Mo Yi, on the other hand, scrutinized Lou Feng with a thoughtful expression.

“First Prince, what brings you here?” Mo Fei asked with caution, fixing a wary gaze on Lou Feng.

Lou Feng chuckled, unfazed by Mo Fei’s guarded demeanor, and calmly said, “Mo Fei, the latest shipment of ancient musical instruments from the Heavenly Winter Trading Company has been unearthed from the ruins. Among them is a guqin that dates back thousands of years, purportedly once wielded by the two renowned beauties, Yue Linglong, in a Level 9 battle five millennia ago. I was wondering if you’d like to join me in inspecting it.”

“He’s not interested in the slightest!” Lou Yu interjected, striding over with a sullen expression, not bothering to wait for Mo Fei’s response.

Mo Fei blinked to himself, thinking, “He’s actually quite interested.”

Lou Yu approached and firmly grasped Mo Fei’s shoulder, saying with determination, “Big brother, Mo Fei is exceptionally occupied. His schedule is far more demanding than yours, so please refrain from seeking his company. He’s a bit too bashful to decline your invitations, but he really doesn’t wish to accompany you.”

Lou Feng paid no heed to Lou Yu’s words and instead turned his attention to Mo Fei, inquiring, “Mo Fei, are you busy? What’s occupying your time?”

Lou Yu replied promptly, “Of course he’s occupied. We’re busier than ever, working diligently day and night to fulfill my grandfather’s wish of having grandchildren. We’re striving to assemble a football team as swiftly as possible. You can’t possibly fathom the extent of our exertions.”

Mo Fei’s cheeks flushed crimson. Lou Yu had absolutely no shame!

A wry smile tugged at the corners of Lou Feng’s mouth as he wore an expression of bemusement.

Su Rong cast his gaze downward and mused, “The closer to red, the darker the black. Spending considerable time in the company of His Highness Mo Fei has even transformed a man of noble character like the Third Prince.”

Lou Yu proudly draped his arm around Mo Fei’s shoulders, exhibiting a triumphant expression toward Lou Feng.

Mo Fei remained silent, merely glaring at Lou Yu.

Lou Yu hugged Mo Fei, sporting a smile, and remarked, “Look, you’re blushing. Are you embarrassed? Don’t worry, big brother is no outsider.”

Mo Fei: “…”

Lou Feng surveyed Mo Fei, then glanced at Lou Yu before addressing Liu Tie, “Since you’re occupied, we can discuss this another time.”

Mo Fei nodded and replied, “Certainly.”

Lou Yu cast an unsatisfied gaze at Lou Feng’s departing figure.

Mo Fei, with an icy tone, glanced at Lou Yu’s hand on his shoulder and demanded, “Release me; he’s gone.”

With a hint of dejection, Lou Yu complied, “Let me tell you! My elder brother has a wandering eye and easily discards the old for the new. Don’t mistake his kindness for affection; he’s just taken a liking to you.”

Mo Fei glanced at Lou Yu, a mocking smile forming on his lips, “You can’t even compete with someone who readily changes their preferences. You’re quite a disappointment.”

Lou Yu retorted, annoyed, “That’s because he knows how to put on a facade.”

Mo Fei regarded Lou Yu with disdain, “Even if you’re uncomfortable with my interactions with him, you should find a more convincing excuse. What’s all this talk about having children?”

Lou Yu brushed off Mo Fei’s discontent, a smug expression on his face, “My elder brother has exceptionally thick skin. If I don’t get what I want, he’ll surely pester me. See, just by saying that, he’s already left.”

Mo Fei, irritated, quipped, “I didn’t notice your brother’s thick skin, but I definitely see yours.”

Lou Yu grinned, revealing his white teeth to Mo Fei, “I learned it from you.”

Mo Fei clenched his teeth, his face filled with frustration.

Mo Yi turned his gaze from Mo Fei to Lou Yu and suggested, “Young master, perhaps it’s best if we leave this place.”

Mo Fei nodded, saying, “Agreed.”

Lin Feiyu emerged from the nearby resting room adjacent to Mo Fei. As a cool breeze rustled by, he shivered slightly, feeling a sense of injustice.

However, when Lou Feng pursued him, Lin Feiyu understood that Lou Feng’s pursuit was largely due to Lou Yu’s interest in him. Despite this, he still found solace in Lou Feng’s warmth.

Lin Feiyu bit his lip, his expression marked by lingering reluctance.

In Lou Yu’s bedroom at the Third Prince Mansion.

Mo Fei sat on the bed, his eyes widened in shock as Lou Yu calmly lifted the quilt and climbed into the bed.

Mo Fei’s face flushed with anger as he demanded, “Why did you come to my bed to sleep? I clearly told you that this bed is for me.”

Lou Yu responded matter-of-factly, “Relax, I didn’t intend to kick you out of your bed. Given the recent cold weather, I thought I’d help warm up your bed. Are you moved? Well, no need for gratitude; it’s my duty as your husband, after all.”

“There’s really no need for that. I’m not feeling cold,” Mo Fei replied with a furrowed brow.

Lou Yu cast a generous look at Mo Fei and said, “No need to be so formal or overly appreciative. I was just lending a hand to warm up your bed along the way.”

“I prefer sleeping alone,” Mo Fei admitted, sounding surprised.

Lou Yu fixed his gaze on Mo Fei, disapproval evident in his tone. “Really? I heard you enjoy sleeping with someone warm beside you. Well, my body is quite warm—warmer than Mo Yi’s, I dare say. I can certainly fulfill your desires. Want to feel it? It’s quite hot.”

Lou Yu took Mo Fei’s hand and pressed it against his chest. Mo Fei’s face turned crimson, and his temples throbbed. He stammered, “…”

Mo Fei’s face darkened. Lou Yu was undeniably audacious.

Lou Yu released Mo Fei’s hand and proudly asked, “Feeling the heat now? Satisfied?”

“Let go,” Mo Fei said, his expression somber.

Lou Yu released his hand, and Mo Fei hastily withdrew it, but the heat on his face remained.

“Let’s just go to sleep. I’m tired,” Lou Yu said, hiding beneath the blanket.

Mo Fei glanced at Lou Yu’s smug sleeping posture and felt a headache coming on. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized earlier just how shameless and audacious Lou Yu could be.

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