C98 – Can You Let Me Touch the Tail?

Guo Fan discreetly placed another Body Substitution Talisman on the bed, and to his surprise, Song Ru had uncovered his secret.

Typically, the Body-Substituting Talisman was virtually undetectable under normal circumstances. So, the only plausible explanation was that Song Ru had ventured to his room in the dead of night. Realizing there was no response, she grew suspicious and proceeded to the Lady Boss’s room.

Guo Fan couldn’t help but grumble. Why did these two individuals have a penchant for nocturnal conversations?

“Phew… I nearly contemplated making a hasty exit when I heard the knocking at the door. The psychological strain was immense,” Guo Fan sighed, feeling relieved by his current situation.

The maximum favorability rating felt like a restraining order, causing him to tremble with apprehension in the presence of this group of women. He feared it might reach its breaking point. Changing his identity had alleviated his concerns.

Tan Ling astutely observed his tense demeanor and playfully teased, “Don’t tell me you’ve been caught numerous times and have grown accustomed to it?”

Guo Fan chuckled dryly, “What can I say…” Even without making a move, a throng of women still seemed to gravitate towards his door.

Tan Ling was left momentarily speechless. “True enough!”

In comparison, getting along with people like Huo Bai and Tan Ling seemed much more manageable. The former hadn’t pushed his favorability level to an overwhelming degree, although Guo Fan had noticed a subtle shift in direction.

The orchid mark on the latter’s forehead at least brought Guo Fan some solace. Additionally, Tan Ling wasn’t the type to succumb to jealousy. If their relationship did evolve into something more than friendship, it might just become a genuine bond… perhaps.

Song Ru knocked on the door once more and spoke casually, “I have something to inquire about…”

Tan Ling shielded Tan Xinyue behind her and approached the door to let her in. It seemed the child was wary of strangers, and Guo Fan couldn’t help but smile, as he was already quite familiar with Tan Ling.

Guo Fan gently touched Tan Xinyue’s head. The child puffed up their cheeks and turned away. Their large, black-and-white eyes held a hint of skepticism. Pouting, they raised their hand to remove Guo Fan’s touch.

Oh no, it was a little cute…

This motionless yet diligent expression appeared rather endearing. Guo Fan couldn’t help but smile, deciding not to tease Tan Xinyue any further. He withdrew his hand just as Song Ru entered the room.

Song Ru’s eyes settled on Guo Fan, then shifted to the little girl beside him. She turned her attention to Tan Ling and was slightly taken aback. “Are you… a married couple?”

Meeting in a room late at night seemed inappropriate for friends, and with a child present, Song Ru’s mind instantly conjured the image of a couple deeply in love but separated by various obstacles.

Guo Fan was momentarily surprised and then realized that the scene did indeed resemble that of a family of three…

He wanted to offer an explanation, but before he could, Tan Ling spoke up, saying, “May I inquire as to why Miss Song Ru is seeking me?”

Guo Fan couldn’t help but turn to look at her, but Tan Ling’s demeanor remained composed and resolute. Her words were clear and decisive. Attempting to explain now would only make it seem like a cover-up, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss.

He raised his head to check the progress bar once more, the orchid symbol prominently displayed.

Could this progress bar fail? It was already beyond his control.

Guo Fan felt a sense of impending danger.

At that moment, Song Ru felt somewhat uneasy. She believed it was inappropriate for her to be involved in this family matter, yet she felt guilty for intruding on their reunion.

The young woman took a couple of steps forward and appeared to take a deep breath. She looked at Tan Ling and asked, “May I… touch your tail?”



This is indeed a plush control!

Your fascination with this stuffed cat of yours is rather peculiar. Instead of seeking a small cat or dog, you’ve ventured here in pursuit of a Nascent Infant Stage demon lord, all for the purpose of touching its tail? Is there truly no issue with this?

Guo Fan’s expression turned horrified as he gazed at Song Ru. After her unusual request, it seemed as though he had cast aside his embarrassment and openly directed his attention towards Tan Ling. “I initially intended to ask Xia Shui for assistance with the Fellow Daoist, but when I laid eyes on his cat… I couldn’t resist the temptation…”

Song Ru’s face flushed, and her breath quickened.

Guo Fan gave a wry smile. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Some Taoist priests may appear refined, but in reality, they may not even possess a cat. As an aficionado of plush creatures, he needed to find someone else to indulge in the pleasure of stroking their fur.

Suddenly, a realization struck him. Hold on, he’d always seen Eyun, that old man, aboard the Jade Void. “Sigh, Song Ru, that girl…” Guo Fan glanced at his horsetail whisk, which was now partially bald, and sighed. Could it be that… Song Ru had even rubbed the fur off his whisk?

Tan Ling’s expression shifted from a smile to bewilderment. “Huh?”

Song Ru earnestly repeated, “I hope to touch the fox demon’s tail.”

Tan Ling snapped out of her daze and observed Song Ru’s expression, finding it to be genuine. She hesitated, uncertain of how to respond. As a Nascent Soul demon with centuries of cultivation, she had never encountered such a request from a human before.

Guo Fan noticed the awkwardness on Tan Ling’s face and commented, “I’ve heard that Daoist Song Ru has been on a constant journey and must have encountered many fox demons, right? Have you ever considered forming a soul contract with one, like how many people and demons are bound by divine soul contracts? Why go to such lengths…”

Song Ru shook her head, her previously radiant expression fading. Blushing faintly, she lowered her gaze to the floor and confessed, “The sect’s rules are stringent and forbid disciples from forming soul contracts with demons. I had no other option but to travel outside. Along the way, I encountered numerous demons, each providing a distinct sensation that brought me immense joy… I simply wish to experience something different. In truth… even my Master’s horsetail whisk offers a unique sensation; it was crafted from Yuan Zhou’s Profound Scale ponytail.”

Her expression darkened as she continued, “However, ever since Master’s horsetail whisk began shedding its fur, he forbade me from touching it.”

Fifth Junior Sister certainly possesses unique interests… One couldn’t help but wonder how Song Na’s ankle-length hair had fared.

Guo Fan quipped, “Now you want to get a taste of what it’s like to touch the tail of a White Fox in the Nascent Infant Stage?”

Song Ru nodded firmly and declared, “I’m willing to pay any price as long as it doesn’t violate the rules of the Soaring Wisdom Sect.”

Guo Fan couldn’t help but think, “Why does she seem so resolute on this path of cultivation?”

He grumbled inwardly.

Tan Ling, being a fox with a fondness for curiosity, found it intriguing that humans were so fascinated with fur. She also noted, “Touching it isn’t a big deal. It’s just that…”

She glanced subtly at Guo Fan. “A fox demon’s tail is a rather sensitive spot…”

Guo Fan inwardly cursed, “Sensitive, and she reached for my waist earlier?”

Song Ru maintained a serious expression as she affirmed, “I’ll be extremely cautious.”

She approached and gently reached out to stroke Tan Ling’s tail. It was incredibly soft and fluffy, with a silky, almost ethereal texture. It was so beautiful that it captivated the senses.

“Wu,” Tan Ling suddenly looked up and bit her lip. She reached out and grabbed Guo Fan, who was close by.

Guo Fan gave Song Ru a sly look. Song Ru narrowed her eyes, displaying pure enjoyment as she continued to tenderly stroke Tan Ling’s tail.

The latter tightly held onto Guo Fan’s arm, her face flushed as she bit her lip. Her pair of white ears atop her head quivered from time to time. Her body trembled slightly as she drew nearer to Guo Fan, gazing at him with watery eyes.

Why was this scene so strange?

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