C597 – Entered the City Lord’s Mansion

Almost simultaneously, Ji Wuming turned his gaze towards Ji Pingsheng.

He detected the same bloodline resonance emanating from the person before him.

Despite his return to the Ji Family, it was a regrettable truth that the Ji Family had already vanished without a trace.

Having come back to this place, he had grown attached to the small courtyard. During this period, he had even taken a wife and fathered sons, a way of preserving the Ji Family’s lineage. Nonetheless, a trace of bitterness lingered, for they were the sole remnants of the Ji Family.

Over the years, he had diligently searched the Chaotic Battlefield in hopes of finding other Ji Family members, but each attempt ended in disappointment. Eventually, he had relinquished all hope.

Never did he imagine that, after more than a century, he would once again sense the presence of his family’s bloodline within the Heavens Battlefield.

Ji Wuming’s bloodline – tears welled up in his eyes. He took a determined step forward, positioning himself before Ji Pingsheng.

Ji Pingsheng was equally filled with excitement. He stared at the elderly man before him with incredulity. This man’s appearance…

“Elder… Elder Ancestor, Elder Ancestor Wu Ming?”

Though uttering the name of the Elder Ancestor was considered a major taboo, Ji Pingsheng’s fear of making a mistake outweighed his caution.

Ji Wuming, upon hearing someone call out to him, finally confirmed his identity. He was so overwhelmed with emotion that his entire body trembled. He regarded Ji Pingsheng in disbelief.

“It’s me, it’s me, I’m Ji Wuming!”


Ji Pingsheng could no longer contain his emotions. All the grievances he had borne over the years erupted in that moment.

When he left with a family of women and children, he was still a teenager.

All these years, in order to support the entire Ji Family, no one knew how much he had sacrificed.

“Get up, child, get up!”

Ji Wuming hastily helped Ji Pingsheng up and asked excitedly, “Child, the Ji Family… Is there anyone else in the Ji Family?”

When he asked this question, he was both afraid and hopeful, afraid that he would get an answer he didn’t want.

“Besides me, there are only a few dozen of them!”

When Ji Pingsheng said this, he lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at Ji Wuming, afraid that the old ancestor would blame him for not taking good care of the Ji Family.

“Good, good, very good. Let’s go. Take me there. I want to see them. Child, it has been hard on you all these years!”

“Old ancestor, I’m here…” Ji Pingsheng told him the reason for his visit.

Upon hearing this, the little monkey looked at Ji Pingsheng with an even more disdainful look. However, he didn’t sense the aura of the Demonic Beast on Ji Pingsheng’s body.

Ji Wuming laughed and said, “It’s fine. If Sir is really angry with you, do you think you can still talk to me alive?”

“Sir has already forgiven me for what the old ancestor did back then! You don’t have to worry too much. Everything in this world… Everything is under Sir’s control. Let’s go and bring those people back. From now on, live around the village.”


Outside City Lord’s Mansion.

Muzi took a step forward and entered the prefecture.

When he saw the loose guards in the City Lord’s Mansion, he muttered disdainfully, “Is it because of the people of Ci Hang Jing Mosque that they became so careless?”

“The people of Ci Hang Jing Mosque are nothing in front of me!”

Muzi walked inside proudly and swaggeringly without any scruples.

A disciple of Ci Hang Jing Mosque had made the City Lord’s Mansion so careless. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration for him to make the City Lord’s Mansion suffer a great loss, right?

At this moment, a young maid jumped out.

Dong Ju was very happy. When her son-in-law saw that she was obedient, he gave her a wooden hairpin.

Although it wasn’t worth much, it depended on who gave it to her.

Seeing the envious gazes of the surrounding little sisters, Dong Chrysanthemum was so excited that she even felt like she was floating. Her body was as light as a swallow, and her gaze was much better than before.

“Eh? Who are you?”

Dong Ju looked at the black-clothed man swaggering over and asked in puzzlement.

Generally, good people wouldn’t wear night clothes, right?

Muzi ignored Dong Ju and continued walking forward. He went to the room of the legendary female disciple of Ci Hang Jing Mosque to take a look. If her looks were good, it would be a perfect break.

As for this young maid, she was asking someone else, right?

The next moment, Muzi’s eyes narrowed.

“You, I’m asking you another question. If you leave again, I’ll call for someone else!”

Dong Ju stood in front of Muzi angrily. This person was too arrogant. He actually ignored her.

She was very sure that this person was definitely not from City Lord’s Mansion.

Muzi looked at Dong Ju doubtfully, “You, can you see me?”

This was strange. The person in front of him was only a puny Great Sovereign, how could he see him?

“Are you sure you can see me?”

As he asked this question, Muzi suddenly took a fancy to the wooden hairpin on Dong Chrysanthemum’s head, and his heart burned with passion.

A gift from the heavens!

He didn’t expect that he would encounter such a treasure the moment he entered. The reason why this girl could see him was most likely because she had this wooden hairpin with her.

Muzi’s eyes were filled with greed when he sensed the dense Taoist Charm and the wandering Divine Rune on it.

Dong Ju looked at the fool in front of her.

She was not blind, so she could naturally see him.

This idiot was actually able to ask such a stupid question.

When she noticed Muzi’s gaze, she immediately became nervous.

She did not expect that the person in front of her was not only a fool, but also a pervert!

“What do you want to do? This is the City Lord’s Mansion, you better behave yourself, or else I will call for help!”

Facing a man, the little girl was naturally at a disadvantage. She crossed her arms over her chest and roared in a low voice with fear.

Muzi looked coldly at Dong Chrysanthemum. He suddenly stretched out his big hand. The Qi belonging to an Imperial Emperor fell down and enveloped Dong Chrysanthemum.

“A mortal who isn’t even an Immortal dares to speak to me like this!”

Dong Ju’s words attracted the attention of the City Guard. Upon seeing this scene, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Imperial Emperor!?”

They saw the Imperial Emperor again!

What was happening in B City?

Could it be that this person was one of the people from the day? He was unwilling to fail, so he came back at night?

Could it be that this person didn’t know that his son-in-law was here?

Doubts swirled among the onlookers.

In that very moment, Muzi’s large hand had nearly reached Winter Chrysanthemum’s head, poised to seize the wooden hairpin.

His eyes gleamed with avarice and an insatiable desire.

Undoubtedly, this wooden hairpin was of the highest-grade Dao Weapon.

The essence of Taoism it exuded was so potent that his grasp was hindered by an opposing force.

“Attack! Subdue him!”

“Inform our son-in-law, ensure he doesn’t escape!”

Upon witnessing Muzi’s assault, the City Guard swiftly closed in one by one.

Muzi cast a scornful glance at these City Guards and remarked, “A bunch of inept fools, daring to confront me? You truly underestimate the gap between us.”

With those words, Muzi waved his other hand, releasing an aura befitting an Imperial Emperor.


The City Guard members were sent hurtling through the air, and a few even spat blood and succumbed to their injuries. The remaining individuals displayed pale countenances, clearly gravely wounded.

The City Guard in B City were undoubtedly remarkable experts, but the chasm between them and Imperial Emperors was insurmountable. Attacking an Imperial Emperor was a formidable challenge for them.

“You wretch!”

Witnessing Muzi’s lethal actions and his attempt to seize the wooden hairpin, Dong Ju was incensed. She swiftly withdrew the hairpin and thrust it towards him.

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