C101 – If You Give Me a Kiss

It was evident that this young one had deliberately orchestrated this.

Elina felt an intense surge of anger, but this was not the appropriate time to direct her frustration towards Shang Xiaojie.

“I suddenly recalled an appointment with a patient. I should get back to work.”

Fabricating a hasty excuse, Shang Xiaojie hastily departed from the office. He had likely rushed to clear his throat and expel the hot cocoa.

“Alright, take care. Come back and hang out with me again sometime!”

Shang Xiaojie continued to wear a cheerful smile.

Jia Tianxia abruptly averted his face and burst into laughter. He was worried that he might lose control if he laughed any harder. He quickly closed the door behind him.

Mu Sifa erupted into laughter, gently lifting Shang Xiaojie’s chin and remarking, “I never expected my wife to be so mischievous! I was worried for nothing.”

Shang Xiaojie blinked in bewilderment, “What are you talking about?” He even exchanged a glance with Wu Steeler, wearing an expression that seemed to say, “I genuinely have no idea what he’s talking about.”

“You’re still putting on an act in front of me?”

Despite Mu Sifa’s comment, he maintained a smile and believed that Shang Xiaojie was simply trying to keep him in suspense.

However, even after this remark, Shang Xiaojie continued to gaze at him with those captivating large eyes, asking, “What are you referring to?” He even waved his hand before Mu Sifa, as if checking if something was amiss.

This rascal didn’t appear to be feigning ignorance with me, could it be unintentional?

Nevertheless, if it was unintentional, the implications were quite perilous!

“Why did you keep coaxing Elina to drink that cup of hot cocoa earlier?” Mu Sifa inquired curiously.

“Why?” Shang Xiaojie blinked with an innocent look and replied, “I found it amusing when she kept making excuses not to drink it, so I encouraged her to.”

Hearing this, the corner of Mu Sifa’s mouth twitched. He merely found it amusing? So he didn’t detect anything amiss with the cup?

In that moment, Mu Sifa sensed an instinctual urge to protect Shang Xiaojie, fearing the danger that might lie ahead. Later, as he awakened from his thoughts, he couldn’t help but shiver at the potential peril.

“Did I make a mistake? Did my joke go too far?”

Shang Xiaojie inquired anxiously, worried that he might have crossed a line.

“No, you did the right thing. In the future, be cautious when accepting food from strangers. It’s quite surprising that Mu Xiaoxiao taught you such an important lesson.”

“No!” Shang Xiaojie’s smile was rather mischievous. “I was just teasing her with what I said. Xiaoxiao never told me to change the water someone gave her.”

Mu Sifa suddenly felt the need to be cautious when conversing with Shang Xiaojie in the future.

This kid had an innate knack for mischief! Mu Sifa resolved to keep certain facts hidden from him.

“So, I really messed up?”

Shang Xiaojie’s anxiety grew since Mu Sifa had never disclosed the truth.

“What’s the big secret?” Ye Zichen couldn’t contain his irritation and directed it at Mu Sifa. He furrowed his brow.

Mu Sifa found Shang Xiaojie’s frustration rather endearing and wished to tease him further.

“If you give me a kiss, I’ll spill the beans.” He playfully decided to keep pace with Shang Xiaojie’s every move.

Shang Xiaojie wasn’t naive and raised an eyebrow, saying, “Are you trying to trick me again?”

“Why would I do that? I just want you to kiss me.” Mu Sifa pointed at his own cheek.

Shang Xiaojie blushed a bit but didn’t reject Mu Sifa’s request. He spoke softly, “Just a kiss on the cheek, right? No sudden surprises, or I’ll get mad.”

Shang Xiaojie remained wary, recalling a time when Mu Sifa had kissed him while he was crying.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Mu Sifa replied with a sly grin.

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