C100 – Hot Cocoa

Elina’s lips twitched in that moment. She replied, “Oh, you’re welcome.” Despite Ye Zichen’s smile, his inner turmoil made him feel as though he could shred Shang Xiaojie to pieces.

This brat, why is he suddenly swapping cups of cocoa? The cups are clearly identical! He’s definitely messing with me.

She feigned ignorance and said, “Madam sure has a sense of humor. Aren’t these cups exactly the same? Why are they so adorable?” She chuckled outwardly, but inside, she was grinding her teeth. Nevertheless, she needed to maintain a facade of composure.

Shang Xiaojie laughed with such charm and brightness that it made her want to scream in frustration. He responded with words that made her blood boil, “They’re the same!”

Damn it, he’s definitely playing mind games with me.

Elina seethed with anger, but just as she was about to erupt, Shang Xiaojie added, “Xiaoxiao mentioned that when someone offers you a drink, it’s a common human instinct to swap cups. I just had a sudden idea to give it a try. Surely, you wouldn’t have put anything in there, right?” His smile was utterly innocent and endearing.

But Shang Xiaojie’s true intentions at that moment were unknown to him. At least, his words weren’t what one would expect from a simple boy.

“Of course not! Why would I put anything in it? If it’s too sweet, I’d have mentioned it.”

Elina forced a somewhat awkward smile. Shang Xiaojie’s words had caught her off guard, and she didn’t appear too pleased because she had underestimated him.

This seemingly harmless brat had a devious side. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take down Mu Sifa. Plus, he was Shang Minjie’s younger brother. From any angle, he wasn’t someone to be underestimated.

Elina seethed with anger. She wished Shang Xiaojie would simply vanish at that moment. The thought of him lingering by Mu Sifa’s side was unbearable.

But with Mu Sifa present, she dared not utter a word.

Meanwhile, Mu Sifa and Jia Tianxia decided to sit back and enjoy the spectacle. Unbeknownst to them, Shang Xiaojie was a cunning character. He genuinely desired to confront Elina, and he was certain there would be quite a show.

“If there’s nothing in the hot cocoa, might as well drink it now. Otherwise, it’ll go cold.”

After taking a sip of hot cocoa, Shang Xiaojie licked his lips and offered Elina an innocent smile.

Shang Xiaojie’s words felt like a verbal blow to Elina, causing an inappropriate twitch at the corner of her mouth.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like it? Or did my previous words upset you?” Raising his innocent eyes high in the air, he gazed at Elina.

Elina found herself in a predicament, unable to back down without appearing petty and making a spectacle in front of the people she liked. However, if she drank it, she would face an uncomfortable situation later.

“I-I’ll have it later. Right now, I need to discuss work with Sifa,” she excused herself, trying to push the issue aside.

But in the next moment, Shang Xiaojie looked at Mu Sifa with a pitiable expression. “Can’t I let Sister Elina finish her drink before we talk?”

No one could resist his pleading look, especially when he was alongside Mu Sifa.

“Why not? Since I’m in no hurry, I can spare some time for Assistant Ai to finish her cocoa,” he gestured to Elina, encouraging her to proceed, almost driving her to frustration.

“See, Mu Sifa agrees. Just drink it; it’ll get cold,” Jia Tianxia chimed in.

With the situation reaching this point, if Elina refused to drink, it would raise suspicions about what might be in her cocoa. To avoid any further scrutiny, she raised her cup and downed it in one gulp.

“That should suffice!” She wore a murderous expression, though part of her did indeed want to exact revenge.

“Impressive, Sister Elina!” Shang Xiaojie’s remark was like a slap in the face, further infuriating Elina to the brink of bursting blood vessels.

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