C47 – Ranking

“Do you represent the Dragon God Temple?”

“Indeed, that’s correct. Any concerns?”

Loong Chen replied with an air of indifference.

In the hearts of the ancient city’s residents in Yandu, the Dragon God Temple held a revered status, serving as their guardian deity.

Consequently, they held profound respect for the Dragon God Temple’s members.

Upon learning that the man and woman in the car were, in fact, affiliated with the Dragon God Temple, the young man in the luxury car, who had initially harbored lustful intentions toward Xiao Xiaoxun and had been dismissive of Loong Chen, underwent a transformation.

“Certainly, there are no issues. Masters, I will promptly escort you to the Dragon God Temple.”

The young man in the luxury car displayed a respectful demeanor, yet traces of anxiety were discernible on his face. He had entertained the thought of provoking a Dragon God Temple master but quickly reconsidered.

Despite being a wealthy second-generation individual within Yandu’s ancient city, he understood that he paled in comparison to the Dragon God Temple’s masters.

The ancient city’s streets were congested with pedestrians and vehicles, resulting in a severe traffic jam. The young man persistently honked his horn.

“No need to rush; we have ample time.”

Loong Chen reassured in hushed tones.

“Master, rest assured. I’ll promptly transport you there.”

The young man assured before producing a megaphone from an undisclosed location.

He rolled down the window and extended his head outside.

“Attention, vehicles ahead! I have an esteemed guest from the Dragon God Temple in my vehicle. Please make way!”

The megaphone amplified his voice dozens of times, causing an immediate halt to all surrounding cars. Within half a minute, the vehicles in front began clearing the path.

“Is the Dragon God Temple really that renowned?”

Xiao Xiaoxun gasped, her astonishment evident.

“Indeed, it is. The Dragon God Temple holds a prestigious status in the ancient city of Yandu. The city’s strength owes much to the Dragon God Temple.”

The young man in the luxurious car declared proudly.

With the traffic obstruction resolved, they soon reached their destination.

The Forbidden City, situated within the ancient city of Yandu, had once served as the royal palace of the Longting Empire before the apocalypse.

With the fall of the Longting Empire and the decline of the royal family, the Forbidden City found a new home within the Dragon God Temple.

As the most prominent human faction in the post-apocalyptic world, the Dragon God Temple rightfully claimed it as their own.

Loong Chen and Xiao Xiaoxun disembarked from their vehicle just outside the Forbidden City’s gates.

A proclamation echoed at the city gate, declaring that only members of the Dragon God Temple were permitted to enter the Forbidden City.

A contingent of armored soldiers stationed at the gate halted Loong Chen and Xiao Xiaoxun.

“I am a recent initiate of the Dragon God Temple,” Loong Chen stated.

Loong Chen produced the badge given to him by Dugu Lengyue and handed it over to the soldiers.

One of the soldiers accepted the badge and scrutinized it closely.

After a moment, he nodded.

“It’s authentic. You may proceed.”

The soldier respectfully bowed to Loong Chen as he spoke. These guards were part of the Dragon God Temple’s auxiliary force and held a lower status than the Temple’s official members.

As Loong Chen reclaimed his badge and prepared to enter the city, Xiao Xiaoxun encountered a hindrance.

“I’ve come in search of my brother, who is also a member of the Dragon God Temple.”

Xiao Xiaoxun said.

“Could you please contact your brother to come and collect you?”

The soldier’s demeanor remained firm. Admittance was strictly regulated, and no exceptions were made.

“Loong Chen, my brother is expected to arrive later. Would you mind going inside first?”

Xiao Xiaoxun suggested, looking towards Loong Chen.

“That’s alright. I’ll stay with you,” Loong Chen responded, shaking his head. He wasn’t in a hurry, and he held a favorable impression of Xiao Xiaoxun.

Ten minutes passed, and the city gate swung open. A young man, appearing to be in his twenties, emerged in a state of anxiety.

While not exceptionally handsome, he possessed an earnest countenance and bore a striking resemblance to Xiao Xiaoxun. It was evident that he was her elder brother.

It was, indeed, Xiao Xiaoxun’s older sibling.

Upon spotting Xiao Xiaoxun’s elated expression, the young man hurriedly approached her.


Seeing her brother, Xiao Xiaoxun was equally overjoyed.

“Big brother.”

Loong Chen couldn’t help but feel moved witnessing the touching reunion of the two siblings. Loong Kui’s arrival would likely evoke a similar scene.

“This is my sister. I applied to have her join me here, and here’s the documentation,” the young man presented proof to the soldier, who then allowed them to enter.

“Big brother, meet Loong Chen. He’s also a resident of Jinling City and quite formidable. He even defeated Mo Qitian, the patriarch of the Mo family.”

“And this is my older brother, Xiao Yan.”

Upon their entrance into the Forbidden City, Xiao Xiaoxun introduced the two of them to each other.

Xiao Yan gazed at Loong Chen in amazement. In a bustling city like Jinling City, who could gain entry into the Dragon God Temple?

While he was also a resident of Jinling City, he had encountered some strokes of luck. During his training in the wilderness, he had inadvertently rescued an elder from the Dragon God Temple.

It was this fortuitous encounter that had granted him early admission into the Dragon God Temple, thanks to the elder’s recommendation.

Despite having average talent, he had invested tremendous effort into his cultivation, leveraging the resources provided by the Dragon God Temple. As a result, he had attained a respectable standing within the temple.

“Loong Chen, in Jinling City, only the two of us have the privilege to join the Dragon God Temple. We must watch out for each other from now on. By the way, since you just arrived, you probably haven’t registered yet, have you?”

Xiao Yan inquired.

Both he and Xiao Xiaoxun shared similar personalities, making Loong Chen find their company quite agreeable.

“Then I’ll gladly accept your help.”

Loong Chen responded with a smile.

The group proceeded toward the registration area. Despite the Forbidden City’s status as a city within a city, its expansive grounds necessitated a considerable journey to reach the registration point.

During the walk, Loong Chen inquired about how Xiao Yan had managed to bring his family here.

Xiao Yan provided a detailed account in response.

To bring one’s family into the Dragon God Temple, it required contributing to the temple or, at the very least, achieving membership on the Earth List.

“Earth List? What is that?”

Loong Chen asked.

“Let me explain. The Dragon God Temple operates on three tiers: Sky Ranking, Earth List, and regular members. There are 36 spots in the Sky Ranking, 72 in the Earth List, and the remaining for regular members.”

“The rankings are determined by the overall combat prowess of the members. If you defeat a member with a higher ranking, you can claim their position.”

“Regular members don’t enjoy any special privileges, but once they reach the Earth List or Sky Ranking, they gain various benefits. For instance, they can receive specific resources every month and even bring their relatives to the Dragon God Temple.”

Xiao Yan patiently elaborated for Loong Chen.

“So, how do you rank?” Loong Chen inquired. He noticed the formidable aura emanating from Xiao Yan, indicating he was a Level 3 or higher Evolver.

“I currently hold the sixty-sixth position in the Earth List, but I’ve recently made significant progress in my strength, and I hope to climb a few ranks soon,” Xiao Yan replied. His presence in the Earth List granted him the authority to bring Xiao Xiaoxun to the Dragon God Temple.

“By the way, Xiao Yan, are you familiar with Dugu Lengyue?” Loong Chen suddenly asked.

It was a casual inquiry, but when Xiao Yan heard Dugu Lengyue’s name, he abruptly halted.

“Brother, you know Dugu Lengyue?” Xiao Yan expressed his astonishment. It was evident that Dugu Lengyue held a significant position within the Dragon God Temple.

“She’s the one who approached me in Jinling City and invited me to join the Dragon God Temple,” Loong Chen disclosed honestly. Xiao Yan’s anxiety eased upon hearing this.

“Of course, I know Dugu Lengyue. And I’m not the only one; there’s probably not a soul in the entire Dragon God Temple who isn’t acquainted with her,” Xiao Yan remarked with admiration when he mentioned Dugu Lengyue.

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