C87 – Throw Yourself on Him?

“Is Yan Chengyu there? There’s a call from your family outside. They said it’s an emergency.” At the entrance of the warehouse, a soldier suddenly ran over and shouted into the warehouse. After saying that, he saw Ann Yan, who was sitting next to the door.

Ann Yan didn’t have a big expression on his face, so he replied with a “En”. At this moment, his gaze shifted to Yan Chengyu, whose eyes were slightly raised.

What about Yan Chengyu? He was wondering what was going on at home, because he didn’t think anything was going to happen at home, but he stood up and saluted Ann Yan. “Report, Captain An Yan. I’ll go out and get a call.”

Ann Yan glanced at him again and said lightly, “Go on!” Then he withdrew his gaze.

Yan Chengyu saluted to Ann Yan like a soldier. However, when he walked towards Ann Yan, he raised a smile on his face.

At this moment, a soldier also reported to Ann Yan that he had already organized the ammunition and asked Ann Yan to go over to check.

Of course, Ann Yan had to go over to have a look, after all this was his job. However, when he stood up, Yan Chengyu coincidentally also walked to his side. He turned around, didn’t notice there was someone beside him, and suddenly ran into Yan Chengyu’s arms. Due to the fact that they were about the same height, their mouths were almost touching each other’s. Their breaths even landed on each other’s faces. The scorching heat made their bodies involuntarily tremble, and an inexplicable feeling spread to the bottom of their hearts.

Liu Tie’s pupils dilated and he immediately took half a step back. However, his brows tightened in the next second. Was this stinky kid not going to make any sound when he walked? He was obviously the one who didn’t see the road, but he started to complain about Yan Chengyu first.

Yan Chengyu also clearly received the unfriendly look in Ann Yan’s eyes, but he was not angry, nor did he have any intention of apologizing. He suddenly laughed and teased, “Is Captain An Yan throwing himself into a hug?” Since it was spoken in the usual decibels, the soldiers heard it and joined in the jeering.

“Hey, hey, hey! Do you want to take the Colonel’s road too?”

“Will there be a couple in our team as well?”

“However, Captain An Yan, you have to be careful of Yan Chengyu. He is a person that disguises himself as a pig to eat tigers, he is sinister to the extreme.”

“Exactly! Don’t just look at his amiable appearance. He might be planning on how to eat you, so be careful.”

“Fire, prevent theft, Yan Chengyu.”


The soldiers were getting more and more excited as they heard Yan Chengyu’s words. They weren’t mocking him, but were joking. However, they were right.

Yan Chengyu laughed, laughing in a way that he couldn’t understand and felt sharp, “Everyone’s intention is to support me in chasing Captain An Yan! Then should I not let down your hopes?” He joked along with them, but only he knew if it was true or not.

When the soldiers heard this, not only were they not shocked, they were even excited. However, they attacked Yan Chengyu:

“Captain An Yan definitely wouldn’t like this model of yours. Yan Chengyu, stop being so shameless.”

“Don’t put gold on your face! “If I’m rejected by Captain An Yan, then I’ll lose a lot of face.”

“Didn’t they say they reprimand each other? No matter how I look at it, you and Captain An Yan are the same type of person.


The soldiers continued to talk back and forth. They continued to attack Yan Chengyu. The warehouse was full of laughter, but Yan Chengyu only smiled and said in his heart: “Who knows?” No one could predict what would happen in the future.

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