C39 – Have You Ever Regretted It?

President Chen heard.

Wang Xue didn’t want to compete with President Chen?

Wang Xue couldn’t compare to President Chen, but the key was that she couldn’t even compare to President Chen, so how could she compare to Mr. Su?

“Are you Mr. Su’s ex-girlfriend?”

President Chen touched his chin and said with a smile.

“That’s right. However, Su Ming isn’t worthy of the current me.”

Wang Xue proudly raised her head.

President Chen pondered for a while, “Is there anything you regret?”


Wang Xue was stunned for a while. This question was very sudden. However, she still subconsciously replied, “I never regret anything.”


President Chen nodded: “Alright then, I think you’ll regret it soon.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying that I will regret breaking up with Su Ming? That’s impossible!”

Wang Xue sneered, “I’m happy, how can I regret it?”


President Chen still nodded calmly: “I have something to tell you.”

President Chen turned around and looked at Su Ming. Su Ming’s expression was calm. He had no intention of stopping President Chen, and President Chen had enough confidence.

“This is the center of the city, and you should know the price of land there.”

“But unfortunately, the land you are looking at now belongs to Mr. Su.”

“And Mr. Su has a lot of money in his bank card. You can only earn a small part of his property in your entire life working in the bank.”

“You know what I mean, right?”

President Chen said with a sneer.

Mr. Su had actually dated Wang Xue before?

He felt that Mr. Su was not worth it.

Wang Xue’s appearance was ordinary, and her character was also not good.

However, President Chen was a smart person. Su Ming might have been more impulsive when he was young.

Many people’s feelings when they were young were born for no reason.

Fortunately, Su Ming and Wang Xue had already separated.

“Do you still think that being a bank employee is high and mighty?”

“Is a woman like you who emits a cheap aura worthy to be Su Ming’s girlfriend?”

President Chen emphasized his tone and sneered with a frown.

However, when Wang Xue heard this, she suddenly laughed out loud: “You guys continue acting. You actually said that this piece of land is yours. Why don’t you say that the entire earth is yours?”

Wang Xue crossed her arms and looked at Su Ming sarcastically. “I didn’t expect you to be so thoughtful in order to cover up your failure in front of me. You can even find such an actor.”

“You are wearing less than a hundred dollars’ worth of clothes, and you still dare to cheat.”

As Wang Xue spoke, she laughed, “You are just a farmer, you should honestly admit your identity. You might as well buy a few boxes of instant noodles to hoard the money for the actors. This way, at least you won’t starve to death.”

President Chen was immediately angry.

He was an actor?

He was the president of Tianhua Bank.

He was the God of Fortune that countless companies relied on.

He was a big shot that many chairmen could not find.

Wang Xue actually dared to say that he was an actor?

Most importantly, not only did Wang Xue look down on President Chen, but she also dared to look down on Mr. Su?

President Chen found it unbearable.

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