C38 – Confused

If so, it would be fun.

President Chen’s sudden appearance stunned the group of people.

Who was he?

Was he also a migrant worker?

He didn’t look like a migrant worker.

He was in his fifties, and his face was fair and rosy. Moreover, the suit he was wearing was obviously expensive.

Only Su Ming had seen President Chen’s flattering look before.

In front of others, President Chen was still in a high position.

However, his hands and feet were covered in mud, and he was carrying a bucket. Obviously, he had just watered it.

Wang Xue was also stunned for a moment. Why did this person look so familiar?

Seeing Su Ming turn his head, President Chen immediately revealed a bright smile: “Mr. Su, I’ve almost watered this piece of land, and there are only a few empty spaces in the corner that haven’t been watered yet. I’ll go and water them later.”

“But don’t worry, I’m serious about my work, and there’s enough water, but not much.”

President Chen hurriedly added.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Su Ming smiled and patted President Chen’s shoulder.

President Chen was immediately flattered.

“It’s my honor.”

President Chen smiled happily.

This scene made his colleagues even more confused.

“Who are you? Why do I find you familiar?”

Wang Xue blinked her eyes and asked doubtfully.

“You don’t have the right to know me.”

President Chen’s gaze landed on Wang Xue. His gaze became cold and his tone became serious.

“Is it amazing that you became a bank employee? Do you think you can be so arrogant in front of others just because you’re a bank employee? I’ve worked in the bank for a few decades, lived in a villa worth tens of millions, and drove a luxury car. But even so, I still respect the migrant workers. How can you mock others like that?”

President Chen frowned and spoke as if he was lecturing his subordinate.

In fact, President Chen was very happy.

In the morning, he had a meal with Su Ming. In the afternoon, he talked about life with Su Ming, and in the evening, he helped Su Ming solve his problems.

When Wang Xue heard this, her face darkened.

Wang Xue was a vain person. She took a closer look at President Chen’s watch and tie. They were both very expensive things.

His background was not ordinary.

The surrounding colleagues were even more stunned.

From his tone, President Chen should be a big shot in a big bank.

But he was so polite to Su Ming.

Who exactly was Su Ming?

Everyone guessed.

They had watched a big show today.

“This is between me and Su Ming. It has nothing to do with you.”

Wang Xue gritted her teeth and said with a cold expression.

After all, she didn’t want to admit defeat in front of Su Ming!

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