C91 – Natural Combination

The audience seating in the Royal College Plaza was full of people. Each and every exciting program was constantly stirring up the emotions of the audience.

Thunderous applause rang out from time to time.

The program Lin Feiyu chose was still singing. He originally wanted to play the piano, but when he received the news that Mo Fei was going to play the piano this time, Lin Feiyu had to bear with the pain and give up on his beloved piano.

Lou Yu frowned and said with some confusion, “How is it that Feiyu is still singing? I remember that he used to like playing the piano!”

Lou Feng lightly said, “You must have changed your personality recently. I heard Mo Fei’s singing is very unique and unforgettable.”

Lou Yu gave a helpless smile and said, “Mo Fei’s singing is lingering around for three days and will never stop. He is truly an awe-inspiring person!”

Lou Yu thought to himself: Mo Fei playing the zither once, but that voice of his really makes people not flatter him. To say that Mo Fei’s throat is the voice of a crow is to belittle a crow.

Lou Feng glanced at Lou Yu and said: “Third Brother seems to like Mo Fei a lot!”

Lou Yu said matter-of-factly, “Mo Fei is my wife, so of course I should like him. Is there something wrong with that?”

Lou Feng shrugged and said, “No.”

Lou Yu looked towards the contestant seating area.

Lou Feng saw the look in Lou Yu’s eyes as he looked at Mo Fei, and involuntarily clenched his fingers, thinking, Lin Feiyu’s influence on Lou Yu is getting smaller and smaller, which isn’t surprising, Mo Fei’s radiance is unstoppable, with such a person by his side, it is normal for him to be indifferent to others.

Mo Fei was wearing a gothic suit with layers of cuffs and lots of lace, looking noble and elegant.

The contestants were all handsome men and beautiful women. Each contestant was very beautiful, but Lou Yu felt Mo Fei was still the best among all the beauties.

Mo Yi’s eyes were adorned with a few black diamonds and a black velvet feather was floating at the corner of his eyes. He looked mysterious and cold.

Mo Fei chatted with the people around him from time to time with a warm smile on his face.

Lou Yu felt depressed in his heart as he looked at Mo Fei’s happy smile. Mo Fei was always talking and laughing with others while ridiculing Lou Yu without any good words.

By the time Zheng Xuan and Xu Zihan arrived, the match was already halfway through and the seats were all filled.

Zheng Xuan looked towards the contestant seating area and saw Mo Yi there.

Mo Yi accidentally glanced over and coincidentally bumped into Zheng Xuan’s gaze.

Their gazes intersected in the air for a moment, then moved away from each other.

“It’s Classmate Mo Fei’s turn.” The student in charge of nagging the stage looked at Mo Fei with a flushed face.

Mo Fei won the first round of the preliminaries and won a large number of fans. Currently, a large portion of the audience members were aiming for Mo Fei. Mo Yi’s performance in the first round was also very outstanding, so a lot of people were aiming for Mo Yi.

The moment Mo Fei walked onto the stage, an intense uproar broke out from the audience.

“Young master Tianyin, young master Tianyin.”

“Jade flute gongzi, jade flute gongzi.”


Mo Fei casually waved his hand towards the audience, causing a series of screams.

Xu Zihan, who was waiting to get hold of Mo Fei and Mo Yi’s weakness, couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of jealousy when he saw the two of them being so popular.

Within the Linglong class, one could be considered either rich or noble. The family background of the Xu Family was the lowest among all. Although they were liked by Zheng Xuan and admired by everyone, Xu Zihan still felt a sense of inferiority deep within his heart.

When Mo Fei entered the Linglong class, Xu Zihan found a strange sense of balance. He finally found someone in the Linglong class whose family background was worse than his, someone with a worse aptitude than him.

However, very soon, Xu Zihan wasn’t satisfied. This person that could not compare to him married better than him, lived more comfortably than him, and was opposing him everywhere. Even the servants beside him dared to point fingers at him.

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Yi, who was beside Mo Fei, and a few traces of disgust appeared in his eyes. Xu Zihan looked at Mo Yi, who was beside Mo Fei, and a few wisps of disgust appeared in his eyes, compared to Mo Fei, he hated Mo Yi even more.

In the stands, Su Rong and a middle-aged man stood together. Beside the two of them was a female competitor from Royal College.

“Su Rong, what did you tell me? You said Mo Yi caught a cold, was vomiting and diarrhea, was dizzy, was twitching all over his body, was deathly pale, and couldn’t get up anymore. Who’s the person on the stage now?” The middle-aged instructor stared at Su Rong and said.

Su Rong was a bit embarrassed and said, “Teacher, he probably recovered from the cold. I didn’t know he recovered so quickly. He’s a young man after all, he’s in good health!”

Nangong Qianxue, who was beside Su Rong, couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Su Rongman scratched his head awkwardly and thought to himself, “Like he said, he is always honest, honest and trustworthy. He is not good at lying, but His Highness Mo Fei insisted on forcing others to do what was difficult for him. Life!” It was too difficult.

The middle-aged instructor grinded his teeth. Most of the students of the Royal College had extraordinary origins and outstanding aptitudes.

This time, the Royal Family had a total of five competitors: First Prince, Third Prince, Mo Yi, Su Rong, Nangong Qianxue, and the middle-aged instructor originally wanted to take advantage of a few days of time to give them a special training.

However, First Prince and Third Prince directly indicated that they were not interested. Mo Yi was even more excessive, he was lazy all day, he did not even care about Top 100 Contest at all.

Xu Zihan stared at Mo Fei and Mo Yi without blinking, as if he wanted to make a hole in them.

Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi and suddenly felt a sense of déjà vu.

The song that Mo Fei was playing this time was the heroic soul.

The spirited piano music suddenly brought people into the battlefield. Amidst the thrilling music, there seemed to be the unyielding shouts of warriors, the unresigned roars of heroes, the murmurs of soldiers before they died, and the earnest warnings of comrades…

The deep violin notes gave off an exceptionally depressing atmosphere, complementing the sound of the piano.

Along with the music, the audience was suddenly able to see the brave soldiers charging forward with their lives on the line and the looks of anticipation on the faces of the relatives of the warriors outside the battlefield…

As the music echoed in the plaza, the astral force became extremely lively.

Zheng Xuan looked at Xu Zihan and said solemnly: “Zi Han, Mo Fei is indeed Phonologist, that’s right.”

Xu Zihan clenched his hands in dissatisfaction, “Yeah, I know.”

Why? The reason why all the good things happened to Mo Fei, why he accidentally married the Third Prince, and even became the Phonologist in one shot. According to Lin Feiyu, Mo Fei had fed some kind of bewitching medicine to Lou Yu, and actually tricked Lou Yu into digging his lungs out for him, and gave him countless Star Coin s. Mo Fei was very generous when it came to Star Coin s, and the Star Armor he bought for Mo Yi was worth a few hundred million, and a few days ago he even bought a stone for nearly two billion.

Xu Zihan could not help but glance at Zheng Xuan. Zheng Xuan was good to him, but Zheng Xuan was also short on money, the Zheng Family was a military family with a large number of people to raise, no matter how nice Zheng Xuan was to him, it was impossible to give him too many Star Coin s, so Xu Zihan was too embarrassed to ask Zheng Xuan for Star Coin s.

Thinking about Third Prince and then looking at Zheng Xuan, Xu Zihan couldn’t help but feel resentment towards Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi in the field. The more he looked, the more familiar he felt. However, he couldn’t tell where it was familiar.

Lin Feiyu looked at Lou Yu in the audience and gritted his teeth.

At this moment, Lou Yu’s eyes were all on Mo Fei. Seeing the figure of someone else appearing in Lin Feiyu’s eyes, who was always looking at himself, Lin Feiyu’s heart was filled with endless bitterness.

When the song ended, the entire square erupted in a wave of thunderous applause that lasted for a long time.

“A match made in heaven!”

“A match made in heaven…”

It was unknown who took the lead, but a bunch of “Heaven is perfect” praises sounded in the plaza.

Lou Yu’s face was dark. Mo Fei and Mo Yi were a match made in heaven, so what did he, Lou Yu, count as?

Lou Yu’s heart was sore. He wanted to glare at those who spouted nonsense, but he found that the crowd was already boiling and almost everyone was screaming. For a moment, he didn’t know who to glare at.

Lou Feng looked at Lou Yu’s expression and teased: “Third Brother, are you jealous?!”

Lou Yu’s face darkened as he said in a disapproving manner, “Who would be jealous?! It’s really boring.”

Lou Feng looked at Lou Yu’s expression and shrugged his shoulders.

Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi, who was shining brilliantly on the stage, and his heart couldn’t help but jump. Zheng Xuan frowned and hid his heartbeat and shook his head fiercely.

Xu Zihan looked at Zheng Xuan and said as if he had noticed something, “There’s nothing to see here. Let’s go.”

Zheng Xuan nodded and said, “Ok.”

Zheng Xuan grabbed Xu Zihan’s hand and thought to himself, “The only person I like is Xu Zihan. I promised myself many years ago that no one else has anything to do with me.”

In the audience stands, Nangong Qianxue lightly exhaled, “I’ve heard Lin Feiyu play the piano before and felt that it was like hearing the music of heaven. Only now do I know what it means to be immortal.”

“Su Rong!” What was Mo Yi’s background!? “I heard the flute was playing well, but I didn’t expect his violin to be played so well. Such a person doesn’t seem like a servant,” a middle-aged instructor at the side couldn’t help but ask.

Su Rong shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“I heard the Third Prince’s Consort was chosen by the Princess Nalan. I thought that the Princess Nalan was just randomly picking one, but what I didn’t know was that the Princess’s eyes were bright like torches!” Nangong Qianxue said.

Su Rong laughed, Princess Nalan’s eyes were sharp as a torch? If that man had sharp eyes, then Mo Fei wouldn’t be the Consort of Third Prince now.

Mo Fei and Mo Yi walked down from the stage. Under the leadership of the academy, they left the stage.

Lin Feiyu watched Mo Fei and Mo Yi walk off the stage and slowly closed his eyes.

Previously, he was known as the Prince of Piano. Lin Feiyu knew that from today onwards, this title would no longer be related to him.

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