C97 – Nobody on Your Bed

Guo Fan turned his eyes to the little girl in front of Tan Ling.

The little girl looked no older than two or three years old. Her hair was soft and black. She tied her hair into a bun with a thin red string. Her big black eyes were like pearls. Her face was round and pink as she grabbed Tan Ling’s skirt. She looked at Guo Fan timidly, looking very cute.

Although she was very young, it could be seen that she had beautiful features and was a beauty.

Guo Fan felt that this girl was at least not Tan Ling’s child, because she didn’t have any demonic aura on her. Instead, she gave people a very comfortable feeling. It wasn’t an illusion, but there was really a kind of power in her body. It made people feel refreshed and refreshed.

Simply summarized, he had a head-on buff.

“Special constitution? What kind of family bloodline did she have that was destroyed?”

Guo Fan made a reasonable guess. He squatted down and took out a Medicine Pill from his Sleeve Dimension and handed it to the child. He didn’t have any sugar on him. There were only various kinds of Medicine Pill. Some of them were as sweet as sugar. There were even some that could be used as malycin. The effect was to replenish spirit energy. Nourishing the foundation.

The little girl hesitated for a moment and looked up at Tan Ling. The latter patted her head and smiled as a sign of encouragement. She then reached out to take it and smiled at Guo Fan.

Guo Fan also smiled at her.

To be honest, he didn’t like children. He was most afraid of naughty children of Gu Chao’s age. He was the hardest to deal with, but Gu Chao was an exception. Guo Fan’s impression of him was that he would become an antagonist boss in the future. Therefore, his patience had increased by more than one level. Besides, Gu Chao’s words were more realistic. He was also quite obedient and knew how to dress up in women’s clothing.

The last one was definitely not the main point.

In short, Guo Fan wasn’t good at dealing with children. However, in front of him, this kind of two or three year old who didn’t know how to speak was quite good. If he didn’t speak and stayed quietly, he would be very cute.

“Her name is Tan Xinyue.” Tan Ling looked at Guo Fan and said, “I picked her up when I went back to the mountain a year ago. She should not be from an aristocratic family, because she is not a human. But I cannot tell what race she is from…”

The Lady Boss frowned, as if she was recalling her own memories.

“Not a human?”

Guo Fan looked at Tan Xinyue who was chewing on the Medicine Pill, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the game panel right now. He couldn’t tell what was going on either, because the little girl’s aura was calm and steady. He could only tell she wasn’t a demon and did not know anything else.

Tan Ling acknowledged and said, “When I picked her up, she was in a pond surrounded by woods. She was floating in the middle of the pond and didn’t borrow any strength. I knew that she wasn’t an ordinary existence. When I picked her up later, there were many other animals that came over and stood by the side of the pool as though they were on a pilgrimage, paying their respects…”

Guo Fan’s pupils contracted when he heard that. He said, “Mountain God? Only the mountain god did this kind of performance. You brought a mountain god back?”

Tan Ling shook her head. “A bit similar, but… No, a few years ago when I returned to the mountains, I returned to the great settlement of the demon race, Insect Mountain. The mountain god of this mountain had fallen asleep hundreds of years ago and didn’t show any signs of waking up. But he didn’t die and it is impossible for a new mountain god to appear.”

The Insect Mountain was the same as the Frightening Slopes. It was a part of the mechanism of fortuitous encounters. However, the Frightening Slopes is a place of fortuitous encounters and some treasures, while the Insect Mountain is a place of fortuitous encounters and pets. From time to time, they would encounter some lost fairy, which would trigger the plot or battle.

If they won, they would obtain pets or food, and if they lost, they would die.

It was just that it was so real.

It seemed that Tan Ling accidentally encountered the larva of some kind of creature. Moreover, it was an inborn kind. She just did not know what it was.

“According to the information, she was born in the lake, and there were animals worshipping her, and she naturally had a Buff. With such a race setting, it felt like there were quite a lot of similar pets in my memory, and it was very difficult to distinguish them.”

The most important thing was that Guo Fan didn’t have a very deep impression of Insect Mountain, so his impression of these pets came from browsing Tieba and forums. So, to put it simply, there was nothing he could do about the race recognition.

“So why did you call me here? She doesn’t need to be physically persuaded to commit crimes when it’s hard to tame a wild beast, right?” Guo Fan asked suspiciously.

Tan Ling pushed Tan Xinyue forward and said, “I want to give Xinyue to you.”

Guo Fan “…”

His expression changed from interesting to very interesting.

Nurturing? Young girl?

Do you know what kind of person you are saying these words to, the extremely dangerous type… And there is one other thing that isn’t too good, this person is currently being chased by many lovers… The situation is not good, and the Gu Chao beside her was already mistaken as Sun Fen’s biological daughter at the beginning. His anger had almost escalated.

There was also Yijun who was secretly observing. Perhaps she would understand that he had been abandoned. If he were to complain to Li Xieren instead, it would be an explosion.

Adding on a young girl, Guo Fan was afraid that he would not be able to wait until tomorrow’s sun.

Tan Ling saw that his expression was not good. She covered her mouth and smiled, “She can temporarily change into water or fog form and also know healing magic. You don’t have to worry about being cut by your lover… If you are not willing, then forget it.”

Guo Fan took a deep breath and said, “What a joke… I am not afraid of this. It is not good for you to take care of her yourself. You guys seem to have a good relationship. If she gets closer to me in the future, you will be sad to death.”

Tan Ling’s eyes looked a little sad as she looked at Xinyue and smiled, “I cannot adopt her. After my fox clan leader knew that I adopted Xinyue, tell me that she is not a monster that I can touch. She might be a spirit born in the Mountains and Seas, not a demon or a god. But a spirit. If she were to be with a demon for a long time, she would lose her spirit. I can’t escape the blame either.”

Guo Fan pointed at himself. “So you are looking for me?”

Tan Ling nodded. “It is my only request as a friend. My most trusted human friend is you.”

She winked at Guo Fan and reached out to grab his hand. Her nails gently scratched between her fingers and her palm. “I treat Xinyue as my daughter. I don’t want my demonic energy to touch her. Just help me.”

Guo Fan clearly felt a furry fluffy tail extending from Tan Ling to his back, scratching and scratching his waist. In the blink of an eye, even the ear between his hair also took shape. It shook, showing a charming posture.

Guo Fan felt that the atmosphere was not right. He coughed twice. “The child is still here. I am happy to adopt her, but there is one thing I must say…”

Tan Ling was stunned and asked, “What is it?”

“I remembered it the moment you said it…”


Someone knocked on the door. Guo Fan subconsciously shivered. He heard Song Ru’s voice. “Is the lady boss here? Also… Xia Shui, you are here too, right? There is clearly no one on your bed. There is only a Body Substitution Talisman.”

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