C596 – Ji Pingsheng

Seventeen Dao Sheng didn’t even take the little monkey’s cries to heart.

He only wanted to know the location of the courtyard. He didn’t want to complicate other matters.

However, the development of the matter had exceeded his expectations.

“Little brother, I want to ask you something. I…”

Dao Sheng Seventeen walked toward Pan Gu with a smile on his face and asked.


A dull sound echoed throughout the entire space.

Before he could finish his sentence, he was forcefully interrupted.

A tremendous force suddenly struck him. Dao Sheng Seventeen’s eyes were about to fall out of his eye sockets. His internal organs were violently stirred, and he was about to spit them out from his mouth.

He was sent flying, leaving a deep gully on the ground.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out, and his aura instantly became dispirited and dispirited.

The Second Bull was extremely angry. Now, both his eldest brother and his third brother weren’t here, and the Uncle Dog wasn’t here either. He was the king of the Misty Forest.

The little monkey was here to report that this bastard in front of him had actually killed a lot of Demonic Beast.

Those were his people!

How could he tolerate this?

Therefore, without waiting for Pan Gu to say anything, the Second Bull pressed its head against the chest of this bastard in front of it and knocked him away.

After doing all of this, the Second Bull still didn’t feel at ease. It took a step forward, and before Dao Sheng Seventeen landed on the ground, the Second Bull stamped down with its hoof and kicked at a certain part of Dao Sheng Seventeen.

First, break the root of your descendant!

Dao Sheng Seventeen’s eye really jumped out this time, and was directly swallowed into the Second Bull’s stomach.


Dao Sheng Seventeen was ruthlessly kicked into the ground.

The Second Bull was still unable to vent its anger. It raised its hooves and kicked a few hundred times. Only when there was only a lump of meat left in the pit did it stop.

It filled the pit with urine and then buried it with soil. Only then did it shake its tail to vent its anger.

The little monkey brought a stone over and used its finger to write the words “Tomb of the Idiot.”

The little guy looked at the stone proudly. It was obvious that he was very satisfied with his work.

Things had developed too quickly. By the time Pan Gu came back to his senses, Dao Sheng Seventeen had been completely destroyed in body and spirit.

Within the Void, the Great Dao shattered, the blood cloud condensed, and a shadow was slowly dissipating. All of this was a sign to the world that an emperor had died here.

“Aiya, Second Bull, you are too cruel. Besides, you want me to play with you for a while. I am the one who came out to train, not you. What’s wrong with you killing people?”

Pan Gu was depressed.

The Second Bull sneezed loudly, expressing its disdain for Pan Gu.


After Pan Gu left, Myriad Ghost Sect Master nervously walked out from the side.

His whole body was drenched in cold sweat. He looked in the direction where Pan Gu left in shock, as if he had just been fished out of the water.

It was too scary!

Too cruel!

Dao Sheng Seventeen was a late Imperial Emperor expert. His strength was above his. In the end, not to mention Mr. Zhang’s disciple, he did not even win the disciple’s pet and was directly KO.


Does he still want to go to the small courtyard?

I’m so scared!

Myriad Ghost Sect Master could not make up his mind.

He was afraid that after he left, the other party wouldn’t listen to any of his explanations and would be killed just like Dao Sheng Seventeen.

“No, I must go!”

Thinking of the things that happened to him, Myriad Ghost Sect Master felt that it was necessary for him to go there. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

“My Ji Family was once an ancient family, but now, we have fallen into such a miserable state!”

No one knew that the master of the Myriad Ghost Sect was a member of the Ji Family, an ancient family in Chaotic Battlefield. However, the ancestors of the Ji Family had disappeared for no reason, and the Ji Family had gradually declined. In his generation, there was no difference between him and an ordinary family.

In order to continue the Ji Family, he risked his life to come to this Mirror World and wanted to get a share of the pie. What was funny was that he didn’t expect the people in the Mirror World to be so powerful.

However, in order for the Ji Family to continue existing in this world, he had to apologize and get Mr. Zhang’s forgiveness.

“Creak… Creak…”

The sound of a monkey woke Ji Pingsheng up. He came back to his senses and his body trembled.

The monkey who was complaining!

“Hello, Monkey Bro. I am here to look for Mr. Zhang. May I ask…”

Ji Pingsheng only wanted to give it a try. The main reason was that he didn’t want to become enemies with this monkey.

He did not expect that this monkey would hear his words and actually put his hands behind his back, as if he was the big brother, indicating for him to follow.

Ji Pingsheng was stunned, and then he was overjoyed. This monkey really knew the location of the courtyard.

Following behind the little monkey, gradually, a village appeared before his eyes.

Before they even got close, a stream of water flowed out from the side of the village.

Ji Pingsheng smelled the smell and instantly stopped walking.

“This is… a Supreme Grade Holy Spring! There was no need to drink it. Just by smelling the smell, he could feel the Taoist Charm in his body being stirred up. The power of the Great Dao was incomparably active, as if it was growing.”

Ji Pingsheng was shocked.

Looking at the village, it seemed like it was the waste of their lives.

Was this the foundation of the small courtyard?

Even the waste water of their lives was a supreme-grade Holy Spring?

Ji Pingsheng’s mind went blank. He felt his life in the past was miserable!

“Creak, creak, creak…”

The little monkey looked at the man in front of him with a mocking expression. If it wasn’t for the fact that the bloodline aura on this guy was similar to Old Ji’s, it would have killed him straightaway.

What the hell?

It was neither human nor ghost.

It was disgusted by this aura.

After being awakened by the monkey, Ji Pingsheng became even more obedient.

Just the waste of daily life was already a top grade Holy Spring. Who knew how many shocking things were inside?

Ji Pingsheng discovered the world’s understanding of Mr. Zhang was still too little.

He couldn’t help but think, wasn’t Qihuang courting death by provoking Mr. Zhang?

Could Tianji Zi really be a match for Mr. Zhang?

After taking a few more steps forward, an extremely dense Taoist Charm spread out. Ji Pingsheng suddenly felt the Great Dao in his body shake, as if he had taken another step forward.

His eyes widened, and he became absent-minded once again.

He could feel the stronger one’s cultivation base was, the more they could feel the vastness of this place.

What was his strength? Monarch Stage. At his level, even if he wanted to improve, he would need to put in a lot of effort. The reason why he changed to the Ghost Dao was because he really had no other choice.

The world was in chaos. If he didn’t increase his strength, he would be buried in history.

If he had lived here back then, why would he need to change his path of cultivation?

The closer he got to the village, the calmer he felt. His Dao heart was clear, and he instantly understood many things.

“This is the place where the God of Creation lives!”

Ji Pingsheng was shocked, and his heart was filled with dread.

If Mr. Zhang didn’t forgive him, what should he do?

Could he be considered as walking into a trap?

“Hey, little guy, you went out to play again? Hurry up and scram back, or the Old Monkey will scold the monkey again!”

An old man said with a laugh.

“Creak, creak, creak…”

When the little monkey saw Ji Wuming, he immediately turned around and pointed his claw at Ji Pingsheng.

Ji Pingsheng also looked at Ji Wuming.


He swallowed his saliva crazily.

The old man in front of him…

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