C99 – Laxative

“I’ll follow and take a look.”

Jia Tianxia was the same as Mu Sifa. He felt that there must be something wrong with Elina’s sudden enthusiasm.


The voice sounded calm, but the expression was dangerous, and so was the look in her eyes.

When Jia Tianxia followed her to the tea room, Elina was initially chatting happily with the other staff members. However, once they left, hatred immediately appeared in her eyes as she carefully took out a bottle of medicine from her pocket.

When she was about to put it in the hot cocoa, she purposely looked around and felt nervous.

Jia Tianxia was afraid of being seen, so he quickly hid to the side. After a while, he slowly stretched his head out to take a look.

When he stretched out his head, he saw Elina pour the contents of the small bottle into the bottle. His brows immediately tightened.

At this moment, Elina carried the hot cocoa over with a smile on her face. Seeing that, Jia Tianxia immediately left.

However, just as he was walking away with big strides, Elina suddenly stopped and looked at the cup as she muttered, “Once he drinks it, he’ll have diarrhea, and when it’s just a cup of hot cocoa, what should I do?”

No way, I have to get more drinks. If Sifa is fine with me, then I can get rid of the charge!

She turned around in a hurry and made two more cups of hot cocoa.

Shang Xiaojie, I’ve made you unable to stand up straight today. Fighting with me, Elina, you’re still a bit too inexperienced.

While she was soaking in the water, she was laughing viciously. Her entire face had turned ferocious, and from time to time, sounds of giggling could be heard. It was extremely frightening.

Five minutes later, she returned with a cup of hot cocoa. When she saw Mu Sifa, she immediately beamed and passed him a cup of hot cocoa, saying, “My hot cocoa is the most authentic. Sifa, you have to try it.”

Ye Zichen directly stuffed it into Mu Sifa’s hand and quickly walked into the office. He didn’t even give him a chance to refuse, probably because he was afraid that Mu Sifa would refuse.

Mu Sifa immediately looked at Jia Tianxia and asked him what it meant to have three cups.

Jia Tianxia was also stunned, but he directly told him that Elina must have been trying to hide something by having two more cups.

“Madam, here.”

She quickly placed the hot cocoa in front of Shang Xiaojie and indicated for him to drink it.

Mu Sifa hurried to enter, but Shang Xiaojie looked over and said, “I want water, not this.”

The corner of Elina’s mouth immediately twitched. You’re trying to make cocoa for me out of good intentions, but you actually reject it? You’re courting death!

Of course, Elina would never say that, so she smiled and said, “Even Master and Fourth Miss are full of praise for the hot cocoa I made? You should also try it, just take it as me disturbing your apology just now.” Try to be apologetic.

Shang Xiaojie didn’t want to drink at first, but his ears were soft. “Alright!”

Thinking that he also wanted to drink, Shang Xiaojie didn’t refuse and didn’t want to touch Elina’s good intentions.

Mu Sifa’s heart was lifted just as it was about to drop.

He quickly rushed towards Shang Xiaojie, “Wife, drink my wine! This cup of mine has already cooled you down a bit.”

However, due to embarrassment, Shang Xiaojie refused quietly, “I’ll drink this.” He picked up the cup.

Mu Sifa’s eyes were wide open while Elina was thinking in her heart, let’s drink! Drink it quickly! He was laughing, eerie and terrifying.

However, at this moment, Shang Xiaojie suddenly looked towards the cup on Elina’s tray and said, “This cup is so cute, I’ll trade with you.”

Then, without waiting for Elina to react, Shang Xiaojie had already changed the dishes. He blew on it for a taste and praised, “It tastes really good. Thank you.” Ye Zichen revealed a very innocent smile towards Elina.

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