C98 – Just Wait!!!

Mu Sifa, who heard knocking on the door again, was furious. What was this woman trying to do?

“What are you angry about! Didn’t she come to talk to you about work?” Shang Xiaojie comforted him.

At this moment, Mu Sifa didn’t want to move at all, nor did he care about work. He just wanted to be alone with Shang Xiaojie for a while.

However, he was not allowed to do that now, so after kissing Shang Xiaojie, he was finally willing to let him go.

“Alright, I’ll be going now. You take your time.” Ye Zichen rubbed Shang Xiaojie’s hair again, then walked towards the office door.

Shang Xiaojie’s face was red again as he cutely watched Mu Sifa.

As for Mu Sifa, when he opened the door and saw Elina’s face, his expression instantly turned cold.

ElinaBen was very happy to see Mu Sifa come out personally. Seeing how cold he was, her heart couldn’t help but thump.

She blamed all of this on Shang Xiaojie and glared viciously at Shang Xiaojie who was eating breakfast inside.

Shang Xiaojie suddenly felt chills. However, when he looked towards the door, Elina had a sweet smile on her face. She changed her expression faster than flipping a book.

Shang Xiaojie nodded politely and smiled back, but he looked at her blankly.

He ignored her and continued to eat his breakfast.

Jia Tianxia happened to see Elina’s expression just now. He couldn’t help but sigh. All the women these days were ‘masquerades’.

So it turned out that she liked the boss. No wonder she kept circling around the boss, she really hid her abilities well.

“Didn’t I already say that? Don’t disturb me when anyone comes.”

Mu Sifa looked at Jia Tianxia with a serious expression.

Jia Tianxia knew he would be killed by Elina, “Sorry, I will pay attention next time.”

Damn it, this damnable 3 or 8 year old woman, telling her not to knock anymore, it’s fine even if she wants to die, but she’s even dragging me down with her.

Jia Tianxia was angry, but he couldn’t do anything to Elina.

Where’s Elina? Mu Sifa didn’t say anything about her, but she was still showing off towards Jia Tianxia, as if saying who the one being scolded was that nearly pissed Jia Tianxia off to death.

However, just as Elina was showing off, Mu Sifa’s cold gaze suddenly swept over her and the atmosphere became very clear.

Elina immediately put away the pride on her face and put on an apologetic expression. “This is really not good. Sorry to disturb your meal with Madam.”

She thought that if she said it like that, Mu Sifa would not care about it anymore. Unexpectedly, Mu Sifa sent her a cold message, “If you know you’re sorry, then you should take a good look at the atmosphere next time.”

After she finished speaking, she coldly took the information from her hands, and she didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Elina, who was directly slapped on the face, was extremely embarrassed. Her face alternated between green and purple, but in order to maintain her good image, she forced herself to reveal a beautiful smile. “I’ll pay attention to it next time.”

Although she said that, she really wanted to beat Shang Xiaojie, who was sitting in the office and eating breakfast, to death. It was because Shang Xiaojie was so cold to her at Mu Sifa.

Shang Xiaojie noticed that piercing gaze again. This time, he quickly turned around, but what he saw was Elina’s smile.

Seeing this scene again, Shang Xiaojie was speechless. Just what was going on with that auntie!? Why are you always smiling at me? And it was so scary!

“Mu Sifa, I want to drink water.”

He suddenly called Mu Sifa and decided to ignore Elina.

Hearing Shang Xiaojie’s voice, Wu Junyi’s eyes immediately held a trace of tenderness, “I’ll ask Under Heaven to pour you a cup.”

After saying that, he was about to instruct Jia Tianxia, but Elina suddenly volunteered, “I’ll go! Think of it as an apology to the Madam.”

Mu Sifa looked at her as if he was thinking about what she was up to, but he didn’t refuse and only gave her a warm water.


Tiantian replied with a smile, but her heart was cold and ugly. Shang Xiaojie, just you wait.

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