C46 – Xiao Xiaoxun

Loong Chen rejected Zhang Qibing’s good intentions. After checking the location of the airport on the map, he used a few Teleportation to get there.

He took the plane ticket according to the procedure and got on the plane.

Airplanes nowadays were not comparable to planes from before the apocalypse. Because in the apocalypse, even the air was not safe.

There were some mutated flying mutated beast that could attack airplanes.

That was why airplanes had very strong attack and defense systems. As long as they didn’t encounter a Lord Class mutated beast, then there wouldn’t be much danger.

Of course, after hundreds of years of hard work, people had already opened up a relatively safe path in the sky.

As long as nothing unexpected happened, they probably wouldn’t encounter any powerful mutated beast.

Because Loong Chen came early, there was still some time before he took off, so he closed his eyes and meditated.

After an unknown amount of time, Loong Chen was awakened by a voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is about to take off. Please fasten your seatbelts.”

It turned out that the plane was about to take off.

Only then did Loong Chen realize there was actually a person sitting beside him.

It was a girl who looked about the same age as him. She wasn’t very beautiful, but she was very delicate and pretty.

She belonged to the type of girl that would make people have a favorable impression of her at first glance.

Loong Chen only cast a glance at her before withdrawing his gaze. He planned to continue meditating.

But at this moment, she suddenly spoke.

“Big Brother, my name is Xiao Xiaoxun. We were able to sit together because of fate. Let’s get to know each other.”

Loong Chen opened his eyes and saw the girl who called herself Xiao Xiaoxun reach out a hand.

Loong Chen was slightly stunned and shook hands with her.

“My name is Loong Chen.”

“Loong Chen? What a familiar name.”

Xiao Xiaoxun looked thoughtful. A few seconds later, her expression suddenly changed drastically, and her face was full of excitement.

“I remember now. You are the Loong Chen who killed the patriarch of Mo family in the video, right?”

Xiao Xiaoxun looked very excited, and she didn’t seem to be faking it at all. Obviously, she was really excited.

Loong Chen was stunned for a while. Could it be that he met a fan on the plane?

“That’s right, it’s me.”

Loong Chen nodded.

“I’m so lucky to be able to meet you here and sit with you.”

Xiao Xiaoxun was so excited that she could not control herself.

“Loong Chen, you are the idol of the young generation in Jinling City.”

Loong Chen didn’t know how to answer.

This was the first time he had met a fan. He was at a loss.

“Loong Chen, are you going to the Dragon God Temple in ancient city in Yandu?”

Xiao Xiaoxun looked like a very lively girl.

When she met her idol, she naturally had endless words to say.

“Yes, why are you going to ancient city in Yandu?”

Loong Chen nodded and asked.

Usually, not many people went to ancient city in Yandu. Most of them went to do business, but Xiao Xiaoxun did not seem to be a businessman.

“I am also going to Dragon God Temple.”

Xiao Xiaoxun replied.

Loong Chen was shocked. Anyone who could join the Dragon God Temple was a genius with one in a million.

Could it be that she was a super genius?

But she was from the Jinling City. When did the Jinling City have such a genius?

Xiao Xiaoxun seemed to have noticed Loong Chen’s surprise and quickly explained.

“Loong Chen, I went to the Dragon God Temple to look for my brother. With my talent, I am not qualified to join the Dragon God Temple.”

“My brother is a member of the Dragon God Temple.”

“Can the family members of the Dragon God Temple join the Dragon God Temple?”

Loong Chen asked hastily. If possible, he could bring Loong Kui to the Dragon God Temple.

If Loong Kui followed him, he would feel more at ease.

“Yes, but I think I need some conditions. I’m not sure what the conditions are, but when I reach the Dragon God Temple, I can ask my brother.”

Xiao Xiaoxun said.

Loong Chen could only calm down for the time being.

As long as there was a chance to bring Loong Kui along, Loong Chen would try his best to fulfill any conditions.

Time passed bit by bit. With Xiao Xiaoxun by his side, Loong Chen was no longer bored.

Very soon, sounds came from the plane.

“Attention, passengers. We are about to arrive at ancient city in Yandu. Please prepare to get off the plane.”

After the plane landed, Loong Chen and Xiao Xiaoxun got off the plane. The airport in ancient city in Yandu was much better than Jinling City.

There were many fully armed soldiers patrolling the area. From the aura they released, it could be seen that they were all Evolvers.

Moreover, the grade of these Evolvers wasn’t low.

Ancient city in Yandu was one of the most prosperous and powerful human cities. Before the apocalypse, this was the capital of Longting Empire.

Before the end of the world, Longting Empire was the most powerful empire in this world. It had billions of territories and billions of people.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of the end of the world, Longting Empire had fallen apart, but ancient city in Yandu was still the most prosperous city.

All of this had to be attributed to the Dragon God Temple. With the Dragon God Temple, the number one power in the human world, guarding the ancient city in Yandu, it would be an impregnable fortress.

If even the ancient city in Yandu could be invaded, there would only be one outcome – the human race would face the threat of extinction.

“The ancient city in Yandu is really prosperous.”

Xiao Xiaoxun kept looking left and right in the city, which reminded Loong Chen of a sentence from his previous life.

Xiao Xiaoxun looked like a typical country bumpkin entering the city.

“Beauty, where do you want to go? I can give you a ride.”

A luxury car appeared beside Loong Chen and Xiao Xiaoxun. The window opened and a young man looked at Xiao Xiaoxun with lustful eyes.

Loong Chen felt Xiao Xiaoxun’s appearance wasn’t considered stunning but this was because he was used to seeing beauties. Whether it was Loong Kui or Dugu Lengyue, they were both much more beautiful than Xiao Xiaoxun.

In reality, Xiao Xiaoxun was still very good looking, so it was very normal for her to be liked by other men.

“Alright, Loong Chen, we are not familiar with ancient city in Yandu either. Shall we take his car and leave?”

Xiao Xiaoxun seemed to be unable to see the lustful look in the eyes of the young man in the luxury car. She asked Loong Chen.


Loong Chen nodded his head, indicating that he had no objections.

“Beauty, I only invited you, but I didn’t invite him.”

The young man in the luxury car quickly said. He was here to flirt with girls. How could he let a man get in the car and ruin his plan?

“But we are together. Forget it, I’m not going to sit either.”

Xiao Xiaoxun pretended to sigh in pity.

“Then you guys can get on the car together.”

The young man in the luxury car quickly said.

He could only think of a way to drive Loong Chen out of the car halfway.

Xiao Xiaoxun laughed and decisively got into the car. Loong Chen also did not hesitate to get in the car.

“Beauty, where are you going?”

The young man in the luxury car asked as he drove.

“Dragon God Temple.”

When the young man in the luxury car heard this name, his face immediately changed and he quickly stepped on the brakes.

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