C99 – It’s Your Honor!

When Tang Yue returned to Marquis’s Mansion, he was still feeling dizzy. He didn’t know if he had made the right decision.

It was easy to invite a god, but once he entered the Prince Zhao’s Mansion, it wouldn’t be easy for him to escape unscathed.

As soon as he entered, Tang Yue and Yueyang Marquis met face to face. He turned his head and met a pair of horse eyes.

He was shocked. He took a few steps back and asked, “Father wants to go out?”

Yueyang Marquis’s face was full of smiles. He pulled Tang Yue’s arm and said excitedly, “Yue’er, come and take a look. This is a piece of metal that is inlaid with horse hooves according to Wang Zizhao’s method. When the horse is running, it makes a strange sound.”

Tang Yue squatted down and checked the four hooves of the horse. He only got up after confirming that there were no wounds. “Are you going to walk the horse?”

“A few old things insisted on saying their horses were good. My father will bring the colts to them. Let them see what a good horse is!”

Tang Yue didn’t know much about beasts, but the horse led by Yueyang Marquis did look good. It had a strong body, uniform fur, and a pair of spirited eyes. He had been glared at just now. It was obvious that it was someone with a high heart.

“Wang Zizhao really is the reincarnation of the Emperor Star. He is smarter than others, and he dares to act. This is the fortune of South Jin!” Yueyang Marquis couldn’t help but praise Wang Zizhao.

Tang Yue secretly rolled his eyes. These were all patents that he had brought with him, and Wang Zizhao had taken advantage of them.

He thought that since Yueyang Marquis had such a high opinion of Wang Zizhao, he probably wouldn’t fly into a rage if he knew that he was going to marry him.

What kind of descendant would he have? He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to have such a descendant.

“Father…” Tang Yue called out to Yueyang Marquis.

“What is it?” Yueyang Marquis traced the hair on the horse’s neck with his hand.

“Nothing.” Tang Yue swallowed his words and changed the topic. “When the stallion from North Yue comes back, I will help you get a better horse.”

Yueyang Marquis shook his head. “No need. This old horse has been with me for many years and has developed feelings for me. No matter how good it is, it cannot compare.”

Father and son said goodbye. Tang Yue walked into his own yard. He felt like he had forgotten something, but he couldn’t remember it at the moment.

When he saw Ping Shun playing basketball with the guards, he suddenly remembered what he had forgotten. “Damn, I forgot about Zhang Chun!”

He had wanted to find out how this kid would be punished and ask Wang Zizhao to punish him. Anyway, it was all his fault.

He didn’t need such a good relationship. He was really sorry for his hometown.

“Tang Xiaolang, Zhao Sanlang just sent a letter. Ten days later, on the day of the winter, he asked everyone to go to Tengyun Villa to make soup and eat roasted deer meat.” Ping Shun took some time to shout.

Tang Yue was surprised. “It’s almost the winter?” He had lived in the north in his previous life. Winter gave him a dry and cold feeling. The current climate was only slightly cold, so he did not have any consciousness of winter.

“You don’t know?” Ping Shun threw away the basketball and ran over. He was sweating profusely. A thin layer of clothes was pasted on his body. Some parts of his body had muscles, making him look somewhat strong.

“Every winter day, everyone goes to the Tengyun Villa to soak in soup. There are 100 dancers who believe in Ling Jun’s upbringing there. It can be said to be a man’s paradise.”

Tang Yue saw his lecherous face and fiercely slapped his head. “Even if there are women, you don’t have a share. If you dare to mess around, I won’t let you out.”

Ping Shun screamed in pain. He held his head and glared at him. “I haven’t had a woman for months! What if I suffocate my body?”

Tang Yue wanted to say, “I haven’t had sex with a woman for decades. Aren’t I living well?”

He glanced at the smooth lower half of his body and sneered. “If your body gets any closer to women, you’ll be finished. It’s still light if you overuse it. Be careful not to die!”

Ping Shun subconsciously covered his crotch and looked at him with a bitter face. “Tang Xiaolang, you will threaten this Noble Heir!”

“You will know if I am threatening you to find a physician to take a look. But even if they know it in their hearts, they may not dare to say such words. Loyalty is against the ears!”

Tang Yue didn’t care what Ping Shun looked like after he finished speaking. He walked into the house with his head held high and chest puffed out.

The next morning, just as Tang Yue was still sleeping, the sound of the door being knocked was loud, as if it was going to break in the next moment.

Tang Yue was instantly woken up and shouted, “Who is it?”

“Young dandy, quickly get up, someone from Prince Zhao’s Mansion is coming!” Uncle Quan’s voice came from outside. When Tang Yue heard it was someone from Prince Zhao’s Mansion, he immediately jumped up from the bed. He rushed to the door and pulled it open. He asked, “Who’s here? What are you doing?”

“I don’t know either. The one who came is Deputy General Hu. He talked with Master Hou in the study room for a long time. Master Hou asked me to look for you. It seems that he is very anxious.”

Tang Yue went back to his room and put on his clothes. He splashed cold water on his face and went out. He didn’t know what Hu Jinpeng was up to. He had to come to his house early in the morning to stir up trouble.

Tang Yue knocked on the door of the study room and heard Yueyang Marquis’s dull voice inside. “Come in.”

“Father, why did you call your son here?” Tang Yue quickly scanned the study room but didn’t see Wang Zizhao. He felt a little more at ease.

Yueyang Marquis did not say anything. He looked at Tang Yue with a new look. He did not sigh until Tang Yue looked at him.

Tang Yue felt something and gave Hu Jinpeng a questioning look. Hu Jinpeng shrugged, indicating that it had nothing to do with him.

“Yue’er, come here and take a look at this gift.” Yueyang Marquis pushed a box out. The top quality sandalwood was carved with exquisite patterns. It looked expensive.

Tang Yue took it and opened it. Inside were sheepskin sheets. He was writing a neat list of materials with a brush. Tang Yue felt that he was ignorant again.

He didn’t dare to show off the night pearl Wang Zizhao gave him last time. He was afraid that it would affect Wang Zizhao’s reputation and the king’s mood.

He didn’t expect that Wang Zizhao would give him such a box of gifts in public this time. Moreover, it seemed that it was a betrothal gift.

“This is…” He braced himself and asked Yueyang Marquis, trying his best to show that he didn’t know anything.

“Wang Zizhao wants to marry you, what do you think?” Yueyang Marquis asked.

“This… the marriage is decided by the parents. The son will listen to Father.” Tang Yue acted like a good boy. He wanted to see what Yueyang Marquis thought of this matter.

“I am not afraid of you making a fool of yourself. You are the only son in Marquis’s Mansion. You are responsible for the continuation of the incense. If it were any other man, I would have broken his legs even if I had to risk my life,” Yueyang Marquis said. “I am not afraid of you making a fool of yourself,” Tang Yue said. “You are the only son in Marquis’s Mansion. You are responsible for the continuation of the incense. If it were any other man, I would have broken his legs.”

Tang Yue smiled awkwardly. He knew how the old man would feel when he found out that his son had been kidnapped.

“But it was Wang Zizhao who spoke. No, the Imperial Decree was passed down yesterday, and now it’s Crown Prince. I don’t have the right to refuse.”

He didn’t have the right to refuse because he wanted to, but he didn’t dare to. Tang Yue didn’t know what Hu Jinpeng had told him, which made his father feel helpless.

“What do you mean by that?” Yueyang Marquis asked his son, “If you don’t have such thoughts, I will tell the king. I can’t let you down.”

He couldn’t let a straight man marry a man. His heart and body definitely couldn’t accept it.

“This… my son isn’t wronged. He just feels ashamed of the Tang Family.”

One sentence was enough. Yueyang Marquis understood what his son was thinking. He sighed. “Forget it. Being able to marry Crown Prince is the dream of many families. Now, he has been taken over by a tiny Marquis’s Mansion. This is much more honorable than any horse.”

“It’s best that Lord Marquis thinks this way. When His Highness came, he told you that if you are dissatisfied, he will personally come and talk to you in detail.”

Yueyang Marquis hurriedly said, “How dare you not dare?” They thought that Marquis’s Mansion was giving them great face, so how could they dare to refuse?

“That’s good. His Highness said that the closer the wedding is, the better. If you have no objections, he will let people choose the date.”

“There is one thing that still has to be done by His Highness of the Prophet’s Association.” Yueyang Marquis pointed at Tang Yue and said, “When I was young, I met an eminent monk. He ordered that this child should not get married too early. Otherwise, the light could bring disaster to his life, and the heavy could bring disaster to his family. Why don’t we delay it for a few years?”

Hu Jinpeng looked at Tang Yue in surprise. Tang Yue was standing there calmly. He did not know if it was true or not.

“I will tell you the truth. Whether or not you want to delay it will depend on His Highness.”

“Thank you, Deputy General Hu.”

After sending Hu Jinpeng away, the father and son pair were locked up. They stared at each other in the study for a long time. Tang Yue’s entire body was covered in fur. He could only sigh helplessly as he listened.

“Being able to marry Crown Prince is a blessing and a curse.” Yueyang Marquis could not help but warn him, “Since His Highness has taken a liking to you, it is your honor. In the future, do not be arrogant. You must be careful and do as you please.”

“Why is it my honor?” Tang Yue cursed in his heart, “Other than status, he has everything he has. He may not have what he has, but he doesn’t have many connections.”

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