C98 – Not Even a Man!

King of South Jin didn’t show it on his face, but in his heart, he was already blaming King of South Jin. Blame Marquis Yi An for what he said.

County Princess Tangxi was the legal wife candidate he had chosen for Zhao’er back then. Although he did not officially issue an official decree to betroth, at that time, everyone knew that this was a matter that was set in stone.

Who knew that once his son’s leg was crippled, the family could not wait to withdraw their marriage. At that time, Old Prince came to the palace to cry, crying that the person that he doted on the most in his life was County Princess Tangxi. There was only such a direct daughter, and he really couldn’t bear to let her suffer.

And this so-called grievance naturally meant that he wanted County Princess Tangxi to marry a cripple.

King of South Jin didn’t force him to marry his daughter even if he was angry again. He and Old Prince were not only cousins, but also brothers who had fought together on the battlefield. They could give their backs to each other.

He had chosen County Princess Tangxi as the future Crown Princess because of this relationship. Old Prince’s family was his absolute supporter.

But no matter how hard it was to lose face, it would still cause trouble. Furthermore, King of South Jin was the ruler of a country. He valued face more than anything else.

“Royal Father, I have a candidate that I like. You don’t have to worry about choosing a concubine for me.” Wang Zizhao’s words caused another uproar.

Hu Jinpeng looked at him and thought to himself, “You haven’t decided yet. Do you have to say it in front of everyone?”

Wouldn’t that be forcing a marriage? What if the king goes down? The decree of marriage, What if Tang Xiaolang accepted it or not? Of course, the answer would only be the former.

“Oh? Which family’s wife does Zhao’er fancy? Which family’s daughter is so lucky?” King of South Jin’s heart skipped a beat. He cautiously scanned the people in the hall.

“She is not a wife of any family. This person has yet to agree to my son’s request for marriage. I cannot forgive him for the time being.”

Not a wife of any family? The meaning of this sentence was very profound.

The first thing that came to everyone’s mind was naturally, if it wasn’t a wife, then it would be young master. They didn’t expect Wang Zizhao to be so manly.

However, immediately after, some people secretly thought that perhaps Wang Zizhao had taken a fancy to a married woman.

Of course, those who had such thoughts were definitely up to no good.

Wang Zizhao left the palace and returned to his residence. Tang Yue had been waiting for him for a long time. When he saw him, he immediately came up to greet him.

“How is it? Did you pass successfully?” Tang Yue was excited and held Wang Zizhao’s hand.

The other party revealed a rare bright smile that made his entire face shine. He held Tang Yue’s hand and brought him to the study room to tell him what had happened.

Tang Yue listened to him while holding his hand. He felt that the heat and the touch on his skin had never disappeared.

“You are now the Crown Prince?” Tang Yue was surprised by the last message, but it was within his expectations. He bowed and smiled. “Then congratulations, Your Highness. Do you want to reward me?”

Wang Zizhao was probably in a good mood. He actually joked, “This kind of small matter, Crown Princess can decide.”

Tang Yue’s face turned red. He used to tease others, but now he was teased by a little kid. It was really embarrassing.

However, in front of Wang Zizhao, he would always subconsciously put himself in the position of the weak. As long as this young man was around, any light seemed to be concentrated on him.

“Ahem… Your Highness, don’t joke around. It’s not funny at all.”

“I never joke around. Have you thought about it?” Wang Zizhao asked.

Tang Yue shook his head. “It is tempting, but I prefer freedom.”

Whether it was Wang Zizhao or his identity, he undoubtedly had good conditions. Unfortunately, Tang Yue did not want his future to be too constrained.

Especially when he thought about those palace dramas, he would rather be a bachelor for the rest of his life than participate.

“Marrying to me does not restrict your freedom. On the contrary, you can do whatever you want. What’s wrong with that?”

“Do what you want? I’m afraid not.” Tang Yue stared at him and asked, “If I marry you, the benefits of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion will be tied to yours.”

Yueyang Marquis’s son can be a doctor, and Crown Princess can as well?

The son of Yueyang Marquis can drink and talk with men, hook his arms around each other’s shoulders, can Crown Princess do the same?

The son of Yueyang Marquis could inherit the family business and carry on the family line. Could Crown Princess do the same?

“Does Your Highness think that being the son of Yueyang Marquis is more free or Crown Princess is more free?”

This was a principle that everyone understood. Some people could give up many things if they wanted a high position and status. Some people could abandon everything just for their freedom.

Although Tang Yue could not be so extreme, he chose the two. He would rather be the young master of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion. In the future, he would inherit a large amount of family business and title, not Crown Princess.

However, if he and Wang Zizhao were lovers, it would be a different story.

Unfortunately, they did not love each other.

Wang Zizhao frowned and tried to see something from Tang Yue’s face. Unfortunately, Tang Yue’s face was full of helplessness and bitterness, as if marrying him was something that was hard to accept.

“As I said, the reason why I chose you is because you are suitable, and the reason why you are suitable is because of the knowledge and skills that you have mastered. All of these are useful in South Jin. Furthermore, I like the feeling of being with you.”

“If you only want to use me, there is no need for you to make such a big sacrifice. As long as you give me a sufficient price, all of these can be traded.”

“Then if This King wants to hire you as his wife, what price should I pay?” Wang Zizhao took revenge and continued to insist.

“Hire?” Tang Yue rubbed his chin and wondered if he could make a deal with his marriage.

If it was in the 21st century, he would have rejected it without even thinking about it. But here, the biggest problem he was going to face was marriage.

He was already 16 years old and could already start a family and a career. Even if he found an excuse to temporarily not be a family, he would definitely have a few children.

There were few sons and daughters in Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion. The entire family was staring at him, hoping that he could pass on the family line to the next generation.

If he married Wang Zizhao, then this problem would be solved. However, Yueyang Marquis and the old madam were probably going to be disappointed.

“Father only has one son,” the old madam said. “What are you going to use to persuade him to marry his only son? You can’t just rob him, can you?”

“In the future, our son can take over one of Yueyang Marquis’s sons, and his title will definitely be promoted. As an official of the nation, he will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits.” Wang Zizhao didn’t think that he couldn’t convince Yueyang Marquis, so he didn’t dare to object.

“Wait, our child…” Tang Yue looked at Wang Zizhao’s belly in horror. Did he make a mistake? Was he a woman?

Wang Zizhao frowned and looked at him. He asked in confusion, “My child is naturally your child. What’s wrong with that?”

Tang Yue took a deep breath and barely managed to control his urge to run.

It was a thousand years gap. The difference was more than just time. Even though Tang Yue had tried his best to adapt to this world, he still could not accept the system of polygamy.

Especially when polygamy was about to happen to him, it was even more intolerable!

“Haha…” Tang Yue chuckled. When he looked up again, he had changed into a calm face.

“Since we are hiring, we have to make things clear.” Tang Yue acted like he was doing business and sat opposite Wang Zizhao.

Wang Zizhao felt something was wrong, but he could not figure it out. He made a gesture and said, “Please go ahead.”

“First of all, I will definitely get food and accommodation. You have to pay me for work month after month.”

“Money to start work? You can take whatever you want from the entire Prince Zhao’s Mansion. Why do you still need to pay for work?”

Tang Yue shook his head. “I can help you take care of your family’s belongings for the time being, but they are not my assets.” It would not be good if they got a divorce in the future.

“Secondly, you can’t have concubines in my house. If you need something, you better not let me know. Oh, of course, you can’t flirt with women outside.” I can’t let him watch my nominal partner and woman kiss me.

“Of course, I’m not good with women.”

“Not even with men!” Tang Yue emphasized.

Wang Zizhao looked at him and smiled. “I’ll listen to you.”

Tang Yue felt a strange warmth in his ears. Why did these three words sound so pleasant to his ears?

He calmed down his unsteady heart and continued, “Do you need to be in the same room after marriage?”

“What do different rooms mean by husband and wife?” Wang Zizhao felt his questions were becoming more and more strange.

“Since we want to share a room, we need to use another standard of pay.” Tang Yue gave him a number, and the other party nodded in confusion.

“Do we need to share a bed? “Maybe you can sleep on the floor?” Tang Yue refuted, “Okay, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“What do you mean? Why do you want to share the bed? Not sharing beds?”

Tang Yue secretly rolled his eyes. Although her beauty was very attractive, he had a bottom line.

“Well, you can’t go to bed without washing your feet. You can’t kiss without brushing your teeth. This is the limit. If you still want other special services,” Tang Yue said. That is another concept. I’m afraid you won’t want to make this deal.”

Wang Zizhao realized that perhaps he and Tang Yue’s thoughts were different, but what did this have to do with it? Anyway, Tang Xiaolang would always say things that he didn’t understand.

As long as he could bring them home first, he would have plenty of time to communicate with them.

Wang Zizhao nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

Tang Yue choked. He was such a nice employer. It would be terrible if he didn’t want to leave in the future.

However, the key to solving the current problem was that he couldn’t wait for his elders to send the woman to his bed before thinking of countermeasures.

Although the two of them talked for a long time with the duck, it was fortunate that they came to an agreement in the end. Both of them were happy.

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