C86 – Too Deep

Ann Yan, who was stationed in front of the warehouse overseeing the soldiers, suddenly shifted his gaze towards Yan Chengyu. His eyes then darted over to Wei Wey, who appeared rather ordinary, and a subtle frown creased his brow.

Could it be that Yan Chengyu, that young rascal, hails from this place as well? But it didn’t seem likely! There was no trace of recognition in his demeanor.

Yet, Ann Yan observed that Yan Chengyu was engaging with Wei Wey in an affable manner. Wasn’t he pursuing Wei Wey? Nevertheless, Ann Yan couldn’t help but think that Yan Chengyu’s judgment was lacking. A man with an unremarkable appearance like Wei Wey didn’t seem like his ideal match. Such a squandered opportunity.

Wu Tie ruminated on this as he scrutinized Yan Chengyu. Eventually, he concluded that Yan Chengyu’s physique and appearance not only defied stereotypes but even his ordinary soldier’s attire exuded a sense of dominance. This left Wu Tie momentarily stupefied.

Subsequently, Ann Yan’s expression darkened. “Am I losing my mind? No matter how I look at it, that kind of man ranks number one!” What did he find appealing about him? He didn’t appeal to Ann Yan in the least.

Sensing his own disquiet, Ann Yan promptly averted his gaze. Yet, Yan Chengyu suddenly turned his attention toward him, a knowing glint in his eyes, as though he were a predator who had spotted his prey.

Ann Yan’s body quivered. He had not anticipated that this man, who usually sported a perpetual smile, would cast such an unsettling glance in his direction. However, he didn’t shy away in fear. Instead, his gaze narrowed, fueled by a deep aversion to Yan Chengyu’s predatory scrutiny.

Yan Chengyu seemed to have anticipated Ann Yan’s reaction and remained unperturbed. He regarded Ann Yan with interest before retracting his gaze.

When Yan Chengyu noticed the expression on Ann Yan’s face, he misunderstood it as contempt, and a flicker of annoyance crossed Ann Yan’s eyes. However, he couldn’t really confront Yan Chengyu, given his leadership position. Consequently, he had no choice but to suppress his emotions and resolve to limit his interactions with Yan Chengyu to essential training sessions in the future.

Yan Chengyu, though his gaze had shifted away, remained vigilant about Ann Yan’s reactions. Observing that Ann Yan seemed to hold some resentment, Yan Chengyu grinned. Perceiving this, Wei Wey, who stood nearby, was perplexed and inquired, “You appear to be in a cheerful mood.”

“Is that so?” Yan Chengyu merely responded with those words, but it was evident that he was indeed in high spirits.

Wei Wey refrained from probing further because prying into others’ private matters was best avoided. Just as he was starting to relax and breathe a sigh of relief, Yan Chengyu suddenly remarked, “I heard the captured traitor died in confinement.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Wey involuntarily dropped the ammunition he was holding, his eyes widening. 009… deceased?

Wei Wey’s countenance reflected sheer terror. Yan Chengyu observed his reaction with his usual calm and continued slowly, “I heard he succumbed to poisoning. His demise occurred before he could extract too much information from him.”

No… incomplete interrogation? Wei Wey was even more stunned. Did this mean that the individuals here didn’t carry out the killing? 009, killed by his own comrades? Wei Wey’s complexion grew even paler, and fear intensified in his eyes.

Yan Chengyu had foreseen this reaction and was not surprised. He had merely tested the waters, then his gaze shifted to the soldiers who were packing ammunition, ultimately settling on Nan Xiao, not far away, as a faint smile played on his lips.

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