C37 – Wang Xue

“Ladies, exercise caution when choosing your partners.”

Wang Xue retrieved a tissue from her bag and, feigning disgust, covered her mouth and nose.

“Have you said everything you wanted to?”

Observing Wang Xue’s silence, Su Ming rose and gently clapped his hands.

“Maintain your distance from me.”

Wang Xue put on an air of repulsion and took a step back. “You’re utterly uncouth. My attire is tailored, worth thousands each. Can you even afford that?”

Su Ming sneered and retrieved a cigarette from his pocket, igniting it.

“I’m genuinely puzzled by the wellspring of your courage and self-assuredness.”

“To you, marriage is devoid of love; it’s merely a business transaction. Why the urge to marry at all? Why not wed your brother instead?”

“Furthermore, you engaged in a one-night stand at a bar, unintentionally becoming pregnant with another man’s child. You expect me to take responsibility? Shameless, truly.”

Su Ming exhaled a smoke ring.

“Su Ming! You’re crossing a line!”

Su Ming’s words sent Wang Xue into a furious trembling.

Wang Xue’s past indiscretions were laid bare before everyone.

Originally, Wang Xue had sought to assert dominance over Su Ming.

Ever since acquiring the System, Su Ming’s approach had evolved.

He dared to undertake actions that others wouldn’t.

“Have I gone too far?”

Su Ming offered a faint smile. “You’re fully aware of how you passed the bank’s exam. Did you genuinely think I wouldn’t find out about that text message you sent to someone the other night? Did you believe I was oblivious to your rendezvous with the bank examiner at the hotel?”

Wang Xue grew nervous upon hearing this.

This matter was particularly discreet. How had Su Ming learned of it?

“Regardless of what you say, it won’t alter the fact that you’re financially challenged!”

“You’re merely envious that I’ll be working in an office in the future. Even if you toil your whole life, you won’t earn much.”

Wang Xue sneered and taunted.

“Who are you? Which bank accepted your application?”

At that moment, a voice emanated from behind Su Ming. President Chen emerged, holding an empty plastic bucket in his right hand.

President Chen had been working within.

He considered it a great honor to serve under Su Ming.

When he noticed Su Ming conversing with a group of people, he hesitated to interrupt.

However, as he listened, he sensed something amiss.

Wang Xue’s harsh words, especially, caught President Chen’s attention.

President Chen grew displeased.

He held the position of bank president, and he dared not be arrogant in front of Mr. Su.

Moreover, President Chen considered the fact that, to his knowledge, only their bank had been recruiting new personnel during this period.

Hence, Wang Xue was employed at his bank.

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