C36 – Look up to Me

On that fateful day, Su Ming angrily slapped them both and stormed off.

In the aftermath, Wang Xue deeply regretted her actions, but upon careful reflection, she found the situation perplexing.

Having known Su Ming for quite some time, how could she remain oblivious to his family’s circumstances?

Furthermore, Wang Xue had engaged in conversations with Su Ming’s friends and learned about his family’s farming background.

Farming typically yielded a modest income, barely reaching tens of thousands of yuan annually.

The question loomed: How could he suddenly possess five million yuan?

Hence, Wang Xue harbored suspicions that the text message might be a fabrication. Perhaps Su Ming had discerned that the child she carried was not his, using this as a pretext to sever their ties.

Consequently, Wang Xue underwent an abortion that very day.

The following day, she received a job offer at a bank.

Wang Xue was elated.

She resolved to seize an opportunity in the future to taunt Su Ming.

However, during a dinner outing with her colleagues today, she unexpectedly crossed paths with Su Ming.

Initially, guilt gnawed at Wang Xue, given her past wrongdoings toward Su Ming.

Yet, upon observing Su Ming’s attire, her guilt swiftly dissipated.

Su Ming wore a vest, his body caked in mud.

He resembled a laborer, undeniably so.

Wang Xue, tall and striking in her professional attire, regarded Su Ming with a disdainful air.

She assumed Su Ming would rue not marrying her.

“Su Ming, what brings you here?”

Wang Xue quipped, “Didn’t you express a desire to return to farming?”

“Honestly, I should thank you. I’ve always felt you brought me good fortune. After our breakup, I promptly secured a position at the bank.”

“What’s your monthly income now? I’ve heard that laborers can earn seven or eight thousand a month.”

“Your job seems arduous, rising early and toiling under the scorching sun. Meanwhile, I spend my days in an office, earning a monthly salary of twenty thousand. Plus, I receive year-end dividends and enjoy housing discounts.”

“Do you have a girlfriend now? How much is the dowry she expects from you? Oh, my mistake, you probably can’t afford it. You should consider finding a local girl from your village to marry.”

Wang Xue finally seized the opportunity to humiliate Su Ming.

The slap Su Ming had delivered back then had left a lingering grudge.

“My social standing far surpasses yours, so you must look up to me.”

Wang Xue relished her superiority.

In truth, she hadn’t held Su Ming in high regard before, but her unborn child needed a father.

Now, she had secured a position at the area’s largest bank and served as the vice president’s assistant. She no longer had to attend to customer affairs and enjoyed her own office.

Consequently, her condescension toward Su Ming deepened.

Wang Xue also harbored disdain for her colleagues.

Hearing Wang Xue’s words, her colleagues fell into an uncomfortable silence.

They found Wang Xue’s behavior somewhat shameless.

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