C43 – A Miracle

At that moment, a crowd had gathered around, and their astonishment was palpable upon witnessing the outcome.

“Impressive, 681 points!”

“Incredible! Truly fitting for the title of the top scholar!”

“Hmm? Second place instead of first?”

“Sha Sha, you mean to say that even with 681 points, you’re not at the top? Since when did another outstanding student emerge at our Second Senior High School, capable of outscoring Goddess Wan’er on the test?”


The onlookers were taken aback, especially by the fact that someone had managed to seize the first place from Soong Wan’s grasp!

At this point, Jiang Hao overheard the conversation and calmly glanced at Soong Wan’s score before remarking.

“681 points, impressive!”

Jiang Hao’s comment instantly captured the attention of the surrounding crowd, rendering them momentarily speechless.

“Well, 681 points is actually quite commendable.”

“Sha Sha, this student Jiang Hao has quite the knack for maintaining an air of mystery. I wonder how many times he has taken the test to dismiss 681 points as merely ‘impressive’?”

“He seems to believe he’s the embodiment of coolness! If he doesn’t act suave, he might just wither away!”


Upon hearing Jiang Hao’s statement, the crowd responded with a touch of discontent.

Even Soong Wan, who stood nearby, couldn’t help but furrow her brow, finding Jiang Hao’s demeanor somewhat arrogant.

Seizing the moment, Qin Shou quickly addressed Jiang Hao, who stood beside him.

“It seems that Jiang Hao’s score surpasses Wan’er’s!”

Qin Shou wore a smile and directed his gaze at Jiang Hao.

The other students around him joined in with playful banter.

“Absolutely, show us your score!”

“If it’s not 681, don’t claim the top spot!”

“Indeed, how much did you score? Commenting on others without revealing your own score is rather audacious!”


The discussion in the crowd grew lively. Jiang Hao maintained a composed demeanor, seemingly unaffected by the commotion.

“I’ve found mine as well!”

With these words, he pointed at the first-place position on the leaderboard.

“Here it is!”

Qin Shou, Soong Wan, and the surrounding spectators followed his gesture.

“Gasp -“

Upon seeing the name and score, the entire gathering collectively inhaled sharply, and the surroundings fell into a hushed silence.

After a prolonged silence, a voice finally shattered the stillness, creating an explosion of reactions.

“Whoa… 747 points?”

“Unbelievable! Is he even human?”

“Sha Sha, Tianhe Second High School, Grade 12 Class 8, Jiang Hao. Total score: 747 points, ranking first in Tianhe Second High School and first among all four schools!”

“Is this really Jiang Hao? Could there have been a mix-up?”


Everyone found it difficult to fathom this result.

Soong Wan herself was deeply stunned.

At this moment, she finally comprehended Jiang Hao’s pre-exam statement.

She glanced at Jiang Hao, who still bore a placid expression despite his extraordinary score, her eyes reflecting an enigmatic curiosity.

Yet, the person struggling most to accept this reality was Qin Shou.

His eyes dulled, and his complexion grew pale as he muttered to himself.

“This… this can’t be true. It must be a mistake. It must be!”

“Right, there’s surely an error in the printed results! That’s it, I’ll go to the teacher!”

After uttering these words, he turned to make a hasty retreat.

Acting swiftly, Jiang Hao grabbed hold of Qin Shou, preventing him from escaping, and humorously quipped in front of the assembled crowd.

“Birdy. Is our little Beast trying to make a run for it?”

Jiang Hao’s remark instantly drew the collective gaze of everyone present toward Qin Shou.

Under the scrutiny of numerous curious eyes, Qin Shou’s body stiffened.

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