C90 – Begin of Second Round

Inside the training chamber, Mo Fei clutched the bloodstone, striving to absorb the ambient astral energy.

The fiery design on the bloodstone in Mo Fei’s grasp gradually faded away, simultaneously igniting stars within Mo Fei’s Sea of Consciousness.

The final ember on the bloodstone vanished, leaving behind a residue that descended as fine powder.

A faint smile graced the corner of Mo Fei’s lips as he mused to himself, calculating that he now possessed over thirty bloodstones, sufficient to propel him to the Fourth Star Division. Achieving this rank would establish him as an exceptional talent among the younger generation.

Mo Fei stretched his back and exited the room.

Observing Mo Fei’s jubilant expression, Lou Yu playfully inquired, “What’s got you in such high spirits? Something good happened, I presume?”

Without hesitation, Mo Fei replied, “I happened to meet quite a few lovely ladies today.”

Lou Yu gazed at Mo Fei for a moment before handing him a bag and gruffly remarked, “This is for you.”

Mo Fei widened his eyes, puzzlement evident on his face as he pointed at himself and queried, “For me?”

Lou Yu nodded, “Yes!”

Mo Fei cautiously accepted the bloodstone, and after inspecting it, he was taken aback. “Is all of this bloodstone for me?”

Lou Yu regarded Mo Fei irritably and replied, “Whether you want it or not.”

Mo Fei swiftly deposited the bloodstone into a cluster of space rings, stating, “Of course I want it, no matter how much you give or how much I desire.”

“I’m glad you find it useful,” Lou Yu remarked in a plain tone.

Mo Fei stroked his chin, appraised Lou Yu, and mused, “There’s no need for you to be so attentive, unless you’re up to something deceitful or thieving. Did you do something improper? Let me think, perhaps you… peeked at me while I was bathing yesterday.”

Lou Yu shot a vexed look at Mo Fei and retorted, “With your physique, what’s there to see?”

Mo Fei disapprovingly stated, “What nonsense are you spouting? I have a great physique, and I can’t bear to look at myself. Don’t change the subject! Why did you give me this bloodstone?”

Lou Yu averted his gaze and, with a faint blush, confessed, “It’s a token of my affection for you.”

Mo Fei blinked in confusion and questioned, “An affectionate gift? For me? Are you serious?”

Lou Yu, overcome with embarrassment, snapped, “It’s fake. I was just mocking you.”

Mo Fei sighed and looked at Lou Yu, saying, “Your mockery isn’t even funny.”

“Oh, you think you’re a master of mockery? Then tell me one,” Lou Yu retorted angrily.

Mo Fei glanced at Lou Yu and shared, “I encountered the Second Princess today and cracked a joke for her.”

Lou Yu inquired, “What did you say?” with a sidelong glance at Mo Fei.

Mo Fei grinned proudly and disclosed, “I told her, ‘You’d sacrifice your head for me. If I ever leave, you’d live a life worse than death, with nothing to live for. You’d run into walls! Drink poison.'”

Lou Yu fumed at Mo Fei and exclaimed, “Who in their right mind would run into walls or drink poison?”

Mo Fei shrugged and quipped, “So, what I said was a joke, too bad! Your sister didn’t find it funny. She lacks a sense of humor!”

Lou Yu glared resentfully at Mo Fei, who blinked sheepishly while Lou Yu continued to gaze at him with wide eyes.

The Top 100 Contest extended for over ten days before entering the intense final phase. Out of more than a thousand participants, only a hundred remained.

Lou Yu, Su Rong, and Mo Yi were all part of the top one hundred.

Once the Top 100 Contest participants were selected, they were granted a five-day break.

Simultaneously, the second round of semifinals for the Talent competition was on the horizon.

Mo Yi gently tuned his violin, testing its sound.

Su Rong cast a troubled look at Mo Yi and said, “Yiyi, the academy’s instructors will be providing us with pre-battle guidance in the coming days.”

Mo Yi, with a lazy demeanor, raised his head to face Su Rong, replying, “I won’t be attending. Help me request leave from the teacher, explaining that I need to prepare for tomorrow’s Talent competition. I have prior commitments.”

Su Rong “…”

“Aren’t you concerned that we’re about to enter the top hundred? Shouldn’t you be dedicating yourself to training?” Su Rong asked, puzzled.

Mo Yi retorted, “It doesn’t matter. I’m not among the top three in the Top 100 Contest rankings, and apart from the top three prizes, I’m not particularly interested.”

Su Rong scratched his head. Mo Yi certainly had a way with words! [He’s got the means for it. He’s worth over 10 billion! 10 billion!] Su Rong clenched his teeth. Everyone around him was wealthy, leaving him as the only pauper. It was a rather bitter feeling.

“It’d be better if you made an appearance. If you don’t, the teacher will give me a hard time,” Su Rong said with a wry smile.

Mo Yi gazed at Su Rong and sighed in resignation, putting on a bright smile as he acquiesced, “I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Mo Fei emerged from the practice room, having made significant progress in his cultivation, thanks to an ample supply of bloodstones. He had successfully reached the Third Star Division.

“Yiyi, have you completed your adjustments? Let’s give it a shot,” Mo Fei suggested as he stepped out.

Mo Yi nodded and replied, “I’ve made most of the necessary adjustments. Let’s begin.”

Su Rong stared at Mo Fei, astonished, and asked, “Your Highness Mo Fei, you’ve advanced to the Third Star Division?”

Mo Fei flashed a smile at Su Rong and said casually, “Indeed! But please keep this information to yourself.”

Su Rong nodded, saying, “I understand.” He was initially taken aback but quickly composed himself. If Mo Fei could help him break through to the fourth level, he could certainly think of a way to reciprocate.

Mo Fei opened the piano rack, and beautiful piano music flowed from his fingertips.

Su Rong felt the astral force around him come alive. The music played by Mo Fei this time seemed even more beneficial to Star Masters than before.

Su Rong gazed at Mo Fei with reverence and exclaimed, “Your Highness Mo Fei, your power is growing by leaps and bounds. Those famous entertainment circle geniuses are nothing compared to you. Lin Feiyu is just trash in comparison.”

Mo Fei waved his hand and said humbly, “No, no.”

Su Rong widened his eyes as he gazed at Mo Fei. “Third Prince’s Consort, your Qi.” Just moments ago, he had unmistakably sensed that Mo Fei was a Third Star Division, but now, he couldn’t detect anything.

Mo Fei placed a finger to his lips, signaling silence.

Su Rong, filled with fear, obediently held his tongue.

A Spirit Master could effortlessly conceal their true level. Mo Fei had allowed Su Rong to perceive it earlier because his aura had been unsettled due to a recent breakthrough.

Within Marshal Zheng Mansion.

“Where are you headed?” Zheng Hong halted Zheng Xuan, who was about to depart.

“The teacher instructed me to attend training,” Zheng Xuan replied, his head bowed.

“Training?” Zheng Hong chuckled coldly. “Your teacher informed me that you requested leave from him to partake in my special training. Since when did you acquire the skill of deception? Are you planning to meet Xu Zihan?”

Zheng Xuan remained silent, keeping his head down.

Zheng Hong’s countenance darkened as he exclaimed angrily, “What’s gotten into you? While others are earnestly preparing for the final battle, you’re simply idling away your time.”

Zheng Xuan raised his head and argued, “Today marks the first day of the Talent competition. Zi Han didn’t make it to the second round and isn’t in high spirits.”

Zheng Hong sneered, “Upset about not making it to the semifinals? Even if he made a fuss over such a trivial matter, he’s still a man, and he should possess more resilience than a girl. Given his level, failing to advance to the semifinals shouldn’t affect him this way.”

Zheng Xuan’s expression darkened, and he gazed at Zheng Hong with dissatisfaction. “Grandfather, how can you say that? Zi Han hasn’t offended you.”

Zheng Hong looked at Zheng Xuan with disappointment. “You’re growing up; it’s time to prioritize more important matters. Why do you devote so much attention to Xu Zihan?”

“I’m leaving,” Zheng Xuan muttered impatiently.

“You!” Zheng Hong glared at Zheng Xuan’s retreating figure, fuming from every pore.

Zheng Xuan went to the Xu Family residence to pick up Xu Zihan and they took a walk together.

Xu Zihan trailed behind Zheng Xuan on the street, his demeanor still somewhat gloomy. Zheng Xuan walked alongside Xu Zihan, silent.

Xu Zihan glanced at Zheng Xuan and felt a sense of injustice. Zheng Xuan excelled in many aspects but seemed clueless about offering comforting words. He was feeling down, yet Zheng Xuan remained as helpless as ever.

Zheng Xuan noticed Xu Zihan’s dissatisfaction and wanted to console him but struggled to find the right words.

The large screens along the street broadcasted the live Talent competition, showcasing handsome men and beautiful women performing, captivating numerous passersby.

Xu Zihan’s face burned as he watched the live broadcast on the space television. If it weren’t for Mo Fei, he could have made it to the semifinals as well. His gaze shifted to the competitors on the field, and he clenched his teeth in frustration.

Zheng Xuan fixed his gaze on the contestants on the space television screen, as if searching for something.

“Look, Flying Rain is about to perform,” Xu Zihan exclaimed excitedly. Xu Zihan and Lin Feiyu shared a close bond, always being on good terms with each other.

Zheng Xuan remained silent. Xu Zihan turned to him and noticed his distracted demeanor, realizing that Zheng Xuan hadn’t registered what he had just said.

Feeling ignored, Xu Zihan furrowed his brow and asked irritably, “Who are you searching for?”

Zheng Xuan glanced at Xu Zihan and shook his head. “I’m not looking for anyone.”

Disapprovingly, Xu Zihan inquired, “Are you looking for Mo Yi, then? Do you have some kind of connection with him?”

Zheng Xuan frowned, “No, why would you think that?”

Xu Zihan regarded Zheng Xuan with suspicion. “Are you sure? I always found your relationship with Mo Yi a bit peculiar. You seemed close to him and warned me to keep my distance.”

Zheng Xuan sighed, “I advised you to stay away from him because he’s a dangerous person, but there’s no connection between us.”

Xu Zihan couldn’t help but ask, “Really?”

Zheng Xuan nodded and emphasized, “Yes, he’s genuinely dangerous.”

“Let’s go to the Talent competition and see for ourselves,” Zheng Xuan suggested.

Xu Zihan raised an eyebrow at Zheng Xuan. “Are you planning to watch Mo Yi’s performance up close?”

Zheng Xuan shook his head and clarified, “No, I just want to observe.”

Xu Zihan expressed certainty, “I don’t believe Mo Fei is a legitimate Phonologist. He must have pulled off some trickery in the previous competition, perhaps a staged performance.”

Mo Fei hailed from a small city and had undergone numerous failed marriages. Mastering an instrument like the zither demanded both talent and diligent effort, along with the guidance of a skilled mentor.

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