C96 – The So-called Dragon Knight


Deep down, he couldn’t help but feel a rush of impatience with this hammer.

Its quality was truly subpar.

Guo Fan’s initial anger dissipated to a great extent upon realizing that not only did the hammer fail to charm his heart, but it also struggled to draw the attention of the wrongdoers. In the dead of night, Guo Fan’s irritation didn’t cloud his judgment, but rather, it sharpened his mind.

It was slightly above his comprehension.

Guo Fan mused to himself that this unyielding arrogance of the dragon needed some serious correction. With that thought, he produced the Shadow Stone.

“Do you recognize this?” Guo Fan brandished the stone in his hand.

“Don’t patronize me! Despite being a demon, I’m familiar with the Shadow Stone. Don’t treat me like an ignorant bumpkin!”

The Hammer’s eyes widened, feeling slighted.

“It’s good that you’re aware.” Guo Fan smiled, then deliberately adopted a frigid tone, saying, “Now, kneel before me.”

The Hammer was momentarily stunned, gazing at Guo Fan’s icy expression and eyes. Suddenly, an inexplicable sorrow welled up in its chest.

In the past, it had always been held in Guo Fan’s hands or perched on his shoulder. Every day, he would stroke its hair and pinch its tail. Whenever he acquired treasures from the Wide Ocean Sect, he would think of it. Life during the past month had been far superior to when it languished at the bottom of Water Moon Lake. Yet now, it was being ordered in such a stern manner without a hint of mercy.

It had acted impulsively for a moment. In the past, things had unfolded this way twenty-three times, and it had always been forgiven. Why was it so severe this time…

“Can’t you comprehend human language?” Guo Fan sneered, casting a spell to seal the Hammer. He then stepped away from it, standing by the bedside and raising the Shadow Stone. “Since you’re a mount, do you understand the duties of a mount? Now, immediately lie down and practice how to be ridden.”

He erected a barrier around the bed to ensure no one else noticed.

The Hammer endured the pain, convincing itself that Guo Fan must have momentarily lost his temper. It just needed to plead for mercy. It sat up pitifully and looked at Guo Fan. “I am a Constructing Fracture of a Scaled Dragon with the soul of a True Dragon. I… I am highly noble. I’m the only one of my kind in the entire world, and I can even transform into a cat. You can’t treat me like this… Look! I’ll prove it now…”

Guo Fan waved his hand, and the power of the divine soul contract prevented the Hammer from transforming into a cat.

The Hammer had just raised its paws, ready to curl up and act adorable, when it realized that it still had hands. It let out a perplexed meow, appearing utterly crestfallen.


The hammer was a noble Constructing Fracture of Scaled Dragon, bearing the soul of a True Dragon. It felt deeply wronged, and its lament echoed through the air.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and her nose reddened from the pain. Nevertheless, the hammer urged her not to shed tears. She represented the pride of the Flood Dragons, and even when ordered to endure hardships, she had to exhibit strength.

Guo Fan observed the dragon’s evident change in demeanor, a sense of satisfaction mingled with an unusual tinge of guilt for subjecting another being to such treatment. However, he recognized that it was necessary to discipline the dragon, or it might attempt such defiance again in the future.

“Hurry up,” the unyielding Guo Fan pressed on. If he had a whip in his hand, he could have instantly transformed into a Dragon Knight.

The hammer turned away, feigning submission as it lay on the ground, its sense of injustice palpable. The Shadow Stone dutifully recorded every detail.

The Demonic Dragon, robbed of its dreams, watched the playback of the scene in the Shadow Stone. The word “mount” inscribed on its leg left it feeling as though it had relinquished the pride and dignity of the dragon race. It reverted to its feline form, cocooned in a blanket, curled into a ball, and paid no attention to anyone.

“Now that we have this video, the creature will surely remember this lesson for the future. If it ever dares to court death again, we’ll have to take serious action.”

Guo Fan reached out, patting the hammer’s head beneath the blanket. He placed the Shadow Stone back into his Sleeve Dimension, then recollected that Tan Ling was still waiting for him.


Guo Fan counted with his fingers. It had been more than fifteen minutes.

It was not like that even when you stood up.

“Ahem, it’s entirely the hammer’s fault. Blame it all on the hammer,” Liu – Gugugu – Yuan promptly shifted the blame onto the mischievous Demonic Dragon.

He conjured a mystical seal and instantly teleported to Tan Ling’s quarters.

Inside, Tan Ling was engrossed in play with a toddler, approximately two or three years old. The little one, sporting a diaper and still finding her balance, cooed and gurgled while gazing at the Lady Boss, bursting into laughter.

Guo Fan was taken aback, and Tan Ling noticed his arrival. She put on a show of sighing dramatically and said with a hint of bitterness, “I thought Deputy Chief Liu had forgotten all about me and had no desire to see me. Sigh, once upon a time, I asked him to kiss Jiu Er, but now it’s called Ling. He even thought about being fashionably late for our meeting.”

The seductress was certainly a master of her craft. She pursed her lips slightly, her expression a mix of bitterness and sorrow that evoked sympathy, especially with that enticing mole at the corner of her mouth.

Guo Fan approached and quipped, “I can’t fathom your character. If I really asked you to kiss Jiu Er, I fear you’d have to regurgitate last night’s dinner.”

“…” Tan Ling whispered, “You’ve already called her.”

Guo Fan shrugged helplessly. “You can’t put the blame on me for this.”

Tan Ling gave him an appraising look and playfully remarked, “Indeed, I can’t blame you. After all, a midnight snack is worth its weight in gold. It’s far more valuable than an old fox like me.”

Guo Fan grumbled, “Where did ‘midnight snack’ come from? It was simply to tend to an unruly kitten.”

Tan Ling rolled her eyes at him and teased, “I suspected you were hiding some impressive skills. That kitten is probably more formidable than me.”

Why are you competing with her?

Initially, Guo Fan had a question on his mind, but upon careful consideration, he realized it wasn’t quite appropriate. Tan Ling had just brought up the Spring Festival, yet now she was drawing a comparison to Hammer. If he probed further, their relationship might truly change. Swiftly changing the subject, he inquired, “This isn’t important. Speaking of which, why did you seek me out?”

He cast a gaze downward at the young girl. “Is it because of her?”

The original storyline had no such element… Originally, the initial task at this point should have revolved around the inn’s closure and the search for a jar of the elusive Thousand Miles Spring wine to mend the bed. Along the way, they’d encounter a young man named Lang Qing, who had been robbed.

Subsequently, they’d eagerly unsheathe their swords to assist. They’d discover that despite being a mortal, Lang Qing possessed an extraordinary blade. He hadn’t come for the New Immortal Cultivators’ Sword Singing Conference but rather for the Sword Forging at the Tide-Watching Sword-Listening Conference.

It turned out that Lang Qing was the disciple of the ill-fated swordsmith who crafted the Sky Cloud Sword and fell in love with a member of the Profound Yin Family. Due to subsequent unfair treatment, the inherited belief was to surpass other swordsmiths of the Sword Pavilion through the genuine love of a swordsmith.

However, this time, the personal disciple of the Sword Pavilion’s master had joined the Sword Forging Competition. Thus, a battle between mortals and cultivators ensued.

This marked the storyline of Night’s Fall Sword City.

This narrative thread linked to the subsequent storyline involving the Profound Yin Family. It was also through this story that players gained access to the secluded Profound Yin Family.

Nevertheless, Guo Fan had moved in a different direction, showing no inclination toward the primary plot.

But now, Tan Ling appeared to have her own strategies in mind.

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