C595 – Cannot Make a Judgement

City Lord’s Mansion.

“Could you please release me and come down?”

Zhang Xuan felt incredibly awkward as Bai Weiwei clung to him like a koala.

His face turned crimson, especially under the teasing gazes of the onlookers, leaving him feeling utterly embarrassed.

“I refuse to let go!”

Bai Weiwei inhaled Zhang Xuan’s scent greedily, holding him even tighter.

Xia Meng and Chen Qianrou exchanged amused glances, sharing a helpless look with Zhang Xuan.

“Alright, that’s enough. Don’t you have other matters to attend to?”

Bai Jingtian couldn’t bear to watch any longer. Observing that the old butler was rather intrigued and hadn’t shooed them away, he personally intervened to usher them away.

The household staff departed with smiles on their faces, leaving Bai Weiwei with encouraging glances before leaving.

Encouraged, Bai Weiwei clung even more tightly.

Today’s spectacle resembled a comedy.

The Myriad Ghost Sect had arrived with great grandeur and reputation, but their visit had turned into an embarrassing farce.

The residents of B City couldn’t help but feel a sense of dissatisfaction, and the incident remained a topic of discussion for some time.

It was truly an extraordinary occurrence!

It marked the first time they realized that the Monarch Master was just like any ordinary person, even capable of needing to relieve himself. If not careful, they might trip over their own feet.

Today’s event would be etched in the annals of history.

“This is truly remarkable. I’m certain the teahouses will buzz with chatter about this tomorrow!”

“The Myriad Ghost Sect Master’s restroom adventures?”

“No, it’s the left and right leg’s awkward moments!”


As soon as he said that, the crowd burst into laughter.

However, there were also some people who were staring at the City Lord’s Mansion in a daze. When they thought of the person they had inadvertently caught a glimpse of just now, their hearts were filled with doubt.

That person was so familiar. It was as if they had seen him somewhere before. It was just that they couldn’t recall where he was at the moment.

Suddenly, a person’s eyes lit up and he immediately walked towards his home.

“No need to pack your luggage, no need to pack. We’re not leaving!”

The person looked at his wife who was packing and shouted.

His wife looked at her husband in shock. “Didn’t you say that this place is not safe? We’re leaving?”

“We’re not leaving, we’re not leaving!”

The man laughed loudly.

With Mr. Zhang around, this was the safest place in the world. Where were they going?

Seeing her husband’s expression, the woman shook her head helplessly and heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. It was good that they didn’t leave.

Back then, they had heard that this place was the safest place in the world near Mr. Zhang’s courtyard. That was why they had gone through so many hardships to come here. It wasn’t easy for them to live peacefully for more than a hundred years. She didn’t want to leave this place and live a homeless life.

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes lit up. She ran to her husband’s side and asked in a low voice with a hint of urgency, “Did you meet Mr. Zhang?”

Otherwise, it would not be able to explain why her husband suddenly changed his mind.

The man looked at his wife and nodded proudly. He took a sip of wine in satisfaction.

The woman also became excited. She knew that Mr. Zhang was so powerful. How could something happen to him?

Those people outside loved to spread rumors!

When Muzi and the woman came here, they heard the story that had been spread into dozens of versions. Their expressions changed rapidly.

Myriad Ghost Sect Master was fighting, and he was performing shit in the Void?

His left foot tripped on his right foot, and he even fell down, smashing a hole in it?

The two of them looked at the human-shaped hole that was thousands of feet deep in the city. Was this the result of Old Man Wan?

But… Did they really hear this?

Listening to the people around them, they have nose and eyes. Although there are many versions of the story, they can confirm one thing. I, Old Man Wan, did not lie to them.

The people of Ci Hang Jing Mosque had arrived, and they were in the City Lord’s Mansion, the young miss of the City Lord’s Mansion.

The two of them looked at each other. Muzi said, “Senior brother, we…”

Their understanding was telling them not to trust these people. However, since everyone in B City had said so, even if they didn’t believe it, they couldn’t.

A person might lie, but in a town, especially a big town like B City, there were still a hundred million people, and they were all Martial Cultivator warriors. It was impossible for so many people to lie at the same time.

The other person, Dao Sheng Seventeen, was also a little dumbfounded. He didn’t know how to make the judgment.

What the fuck? If this matter was spread out, who the fuck would believe them?

“Lord Qihuang asked us to find out about the situation in the courtyard. I didn’t expect the people from the Myriad Ghost Sect would be so useless. They didn’t even splash any water at all!”

“It seems like we still have to do this ourselves!”

Dao Sheng Seventeen thought for a moment and said, “Go to City Lord’s Mansion to find out more information. Be careful, don’t alert the enemy. I’ll go to the courtyard to take a look.”

Muzi heard him and said, “Senior brother, over there…”

“I know it’s dangerous, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Lord Qihuang feels that his opportunity is about to arrive. However, if he doesn’t kill that dog, he won’t feel at ease. That’s why he sent us here to gather information.

If we can’t even do such a small thing, how can we be qualified to worship Senior Tianji Zi as our Ancestral Master?”

Muzi nodded and carefully walked towards City Lord’s Mansion.

Seeing Muzi leave, Dao Sheng Seventeen turned around and walked towards the direction of the courtyard.

Dao Sheng Seventeen was walking in the Misty Forest. Every step he took was ten thousand miles away, leaving behind afterimages behind him. His speed was extremely fast.


Pan Gu was riding on the back of the bull as he slowly walked forward.

He suddenly realized that in the past, he envied Nannan for going out to play, but now that his master really agreed to let him out, he had nowhere to go.

“Second Bull, where are we going?”


Second Bull cast a sidelong glance at Pan Gu. This plump youngster was the one responsible for bringing Father Niu along, yet here he was, inquiring about Father Niu’s whereabouts.

“Ah, you silly cow. Big brother went off with Subhuti, and Third Brother ventured out with Chen Ming. If you don’t stick with me, you’ll end up with nothing to do in the courtyard all day.”

It’s almost as if I rescued him for nothing. He may not know how to show gratitude, but he’s still giving me those side-eye glances.’

Pan Gu, being cautious not to bump into Second Bull’s horns, hesitated briefly before nodding in agreement. It was becoming increasingly evident that this fatty possessed a thick skin.

“Huh? I hear footsteps. Someone, go check it out!”

In response to this, Second Bull hurriedly moved to investigate, joined by Pan Gu, who couldn’t even find a moment’s rest. The chatter of this plump youngster never seemed to cease.

A man and a cow hastened through the forest. They noticed a person clad in a black Daoist robe rapidly approaching them. Clearly, he had also detected the commotion originating from this direction.

Dao Sheng Seventeen wore an impatient expression. He had been wandering through Misty Forest for quite some time without locating the small courtyard.

Finally, he stumbled upon signs of human activity. In Misty Forest, the courtyard was the sole inhabited place.

However, he had not anticipated encountering a chubby youth. Given his apparent youthfulness, he should be relatively easy to deceive.

“Younger brother, greetings, my name is…”

“Creak, creak, creak…”

At that moment, a little monkey perched on a nearby tree pointed at him indignantly and cried out.

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