C97 – Always Be Disturbed

Outside, a knock on the door interrupted Mu Sifa’s quiet moment with Shang Xiaojie. Jia Tianxia spoke, “Boss, Miss Elina is here to see you.”

Mu Sifa, who had been gently ruffling Shang Xiaojie’s hair, furrowed his brows. What day was it today? Every time he wanted some peaceful time alone with this mischievous youngster, something or someone disrupted it.

“Please let her in.”

Shang Xiaojie didn’t pay much heed to it. After all, Mu Sifa was currently on duty, and Shang Xiaojie had temporarily taken his place.

Shang Xiaojie’s consideration didn’t sit well with Mu Sifa. He teasingly pinched Shang Xiaojie’s cheek and remarked, “Already tired of me? I’ve only had you to myself for a little while.”

Shang Xiaojie blushed slightly, “I’m not tired of you. You have work to do, and I don’t want to distract you.”

“I don’t mind.” Mu Sifa lowered his head to give Shang Xiaojie a gentle peck on the lips, his mouth curling into a subtle smile.

Mu Sifa’s affectionate gesture deepened Shang Xiaojie’s blush. He bashfully pushed Mu Sifa’s face away and suggested, “No, you have to work. We can spend time together when you finish your shift tonight.”

Her voice was soothing and melodic, making it a delight to listen to. However, Mu Sifa was puzzled, “Wife, are you inviting me to work at night?”

Shang Xiaojie hesitated for a moment before hurriedly clarifying, “That’s not what I meant. I just wanted to talk with you. Why do you always think about that?”

Seriously, he seemed to have this on his mind all the time, which was a bit much.

“I’m a normal man, you know. A husband and wife can’t just cuddle and kiss all the time. Or do you think it’s enough for me to hold you when we’re intimate? Don’t you want me to touch you otherwise?”

Shang Xiaojie hadn’t really considered this issue before because Mu Sifa was usually the one taking the lead, and Shang Xiaojie was typically more passive.

“I don’t know, but you’re always the one leading the way!” “I was led astray by you before I even realized it.” It appeared that Mu Sifa was the one responsible for their adventurous endeavors.

Regardless of Shang Xiaojie’s actions or words, Mu Sifa couldn’t help but find Shang Xiaojie incredibly endearing. He acted as if he deliberately avoided looking directly at Shang Xiaojie’s face, resembling someone cautious around a shy pet.

“Isn’t it obvious that you share the same intentions as your spouse? Can the blame be placed solely on me?” Mu Sifa chuckled.

“That’s true, but, but it’s your fault!” She felt unfairly treated.

Mu Sifa wanted to playfully tease Shang Xiaojie further, but Elina, who was outside the door, grew impatient and knocked on the door. “Sifa, I’ve brought you the patient data from this afternoon. This is the client who had an appointment several days ago.”

Her voice sounded gentle, but there was an underlying fire in her heart.

Her impatience stemmed from her knowledge that Shang Xiaojie was currently in Mu Sifa’s office, which fueled her frustration.

This youngster was quite formidable! The man who had charmed her sister had even secured a position; she had clearly underestimated him.

“Didn’t I tell you not to knock? Are you trying to get me killed?” Mu Sifa joked.

Jia Tianxia was left speechless and soon grew annoyed as well. He understood that Mu Sifa preferred not to be disturbed when he was alone with Shang Xiaojie, so he stationed himself as a guard outside.

Elina’s smile remained charming, but her words were less so. “Quiet down.” Afterward, she chuckled, causing Jia Tianxia’s mouth to twitch.

Modern women can be quite complex! He sighed internally. Suddenly, he found Shang Minjie’s preference for that type of woman more appealing.

“Alright, if you enjoy knocking, then go ahead and knock! After all, it’s not me being scolded.”

Jia Tianxia stepped aside, disinterested in the situation.

“No need for you to worry,” Elina dismissed him with equal nonchalance.

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