C45 – Killing Chen Tianming

“Chen Tianming, if my guess is correct, no one in Green Cloud Temple should know that you are here to deal with me, right?”

Loong Chen asked.

Actually, this was only his guess. However, when he saw Chen Tianming’s expression getting worse and worse, Loong Chen became even more certain of his guess.

“It seems like my guess is correct. Since that’s the case, no one will know I did it even if you die. What do I have to worry about?”

Loong Chen revealed a cold smile.

Chen Tianming had completely lost all hope.

What Loong Chen said was right. No one knew that he had come here because he was the one who made the decision.

Although Chen Tianming was a disciple of Chen family, he wasn’t a direct descendant of Chen family. He didn’t have any status in Green Cloud Temple.

The reason Elder Hei helped him was because the reward he gave was very generous.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have only asked a Level 4 Evolver to help him.

It was all because of his ability that he could only hire one Level 4 Evolver.

If he died, Chen family might investigate him, but they wouldn’t spend a lot of manpower and resources to investigate him. The final result could only be left unresolved.

“So, you should just die.”

As he spoke, Loong Chen had already walked to Chen Tianming’s side and grabbed his neck with one hand.


Chen Tianming shouted loudly, but his voice stopped after a moment.

As Loong Chen’s strength increased, a clear cracking sound was heard.

Chen Tianming’s neck was instantly broken.

His eyes were bloodshot, and he died with everlasting regret. At the moment of his death, he regretted it.

He could have enjoyed a lifetime of wealth and glory, but he had died here because of a small conflict.

“You really killed Young Master Chen.”

Mo Fann’s eyes were wide open. Looking at Chen Tianming’s corpse beside him, he was in despair.

If Loong Chen dared to kill Chen Tianming, wouldn’t he be dead as well?

“What you said to me before, I will return it to you now. You were supposed to be able to struggle on your last breath, but now you have come to provoke me.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll fulfill your wish.”

With a flash of the blade, Mo Fann’s head was separated from his body. He was already dead.

Loong Chen looked at the three corpses in the room. There was no emotion in his eyes. He would eliminate any threat that posed to him.

It was also good that Chen Tianming was dead. This way, Loong Chen wouldn’t have to worry about Chen Tianming finding trouble with Loong Kui.

Even if the Chen family could find out that he was the one who killed her, they would only target him instead of Loong Kui.

After all, these major powers and families were very concerned about their reputation.

“It’s time for me to leave.”

Loong Chen looked outside.

In this room, he could see the whole Jinling City.

He had stayed in Jinling City for more than ten years, but he had never left.

Now that he was going to the Dragon God Temple thousands of miles away, to be honest, Loong Chen couldn’t bear to part with it.

However, if he wanted to become stronger, he couldn’t stay in this small place. A place like the Dragon God Temple was where he should go.

The human city where the Dragon God Temple was located was still some distance away from the Jinling City.

If he drove or walked, even if he travelled at full speed, it would take him at least ten days to half a month. After all, there were many dangers on land.

Therefore, Loong Chen decided to fly over.

Of course, it was not him who flew over, but a special plane.

Although it was the end of the world, planes still existed. However, compared to before the end of the world, planes had become super luxury goods.

Even if ordinary people had money, they might not be able to take a plane.

Loong Chen found Zhang Qibing for this reason. With his status in Jinling City, getting a plane ticket was definitely an easy task.

Loong Chen packed his luggage and put it into his Dimensional Pocket. Then, he went to the Registration Hall of Evolver Alliance.

It was indeed much more convenient for him to have the spatial extraordinary talent.

The people of Registration Hall knew Loong Chen, so someone immediately went to report to Zhang Qibing the moment he arrived.

“Are you here to find Chief Zhang Qibing?”

The middle-aged man who tested Loong Chen walked forward and looked at Loong Chen with respect.

This was a man who was many times stronger than their Chief, and it was said that he had been recruited by the Dragon God Temple.

The Dragon God Temple was the number one existence amongst all the major powers.

Only those one in a million geniuses could join the Dragon God Temple. Loong Chen entered the Dragon God Temple.

This was the recognition of his talent.

In Registration Hall, he welcomed Loong Chen. Because of this, his status in the Evolver Alliance had increased a lot.

Zhang Qibing had praised him more than once in public.

And all of this was brought to him by Loong Chen.

Loong Chen looked at the middle-aged man. He had an impression of this man. This man seemed to be called Liu Shan.

He was a Level 2 Evolver. In a small city like Jinling City, he could be considered a powerful warrior.

“En, Zhang Qibing shouldn’t be too busy right now, right?”

Loong Chen nodded and said.

“I have sent someone to inform Alliance Lord. He should be here soon.”

Liu Shan said hastily.

“Thank you.”

Loong Chen smiled and expressed his gratitude.

Liu Shan was so excited that he almost cried.

This master actually said thank you to him. Was this recognition of him?

It was a great honor to be recognized by an expert.

Of course, Loong Chen didn’t know what Liu Shan was thinking at all.

He expressed his gratitude out of sheer habit, unaware that Liu Shan would read so much into it.

Liu Shan’s assessment was accurate. Upon learning of Loong Chen’s arrival, Zhang Qibing didn’t even bother with a meeting; he headed straight for the Registration Hall.

Loong Chen patiently waited for several minutes before Zhang Qibing made his appearance.

“Hahaha, my apologies for keeping you waiting.”

Zhang Qibing greeted with a cheerful smile.

“Chief Zhang, there’s a small favor I’d like to ask of you.”

“Just say the word, I’m ready to assist in any way.”

Zhang Qibing assured, patting his chest.

He was eager to lend a hand to Loong Chen and establish a positive rapport.

“I simply need you to arrange a plane ticket to the ancient city of Yandu for me.”

“That shouldn’t pose any issue, right?”

Loong Chen stated his intention.

“Certainly, not a problem. I’ll dispatch someone right away to handle it.”

Following that, Zhang Qibing picked up the communicator and issued some instructions before ending the call.

“Sir, the ticket has been secured. You’ll just need to present your ID at the airport to collect it. Shall I arrange transportation to the airport for you?”

Loong Chen found Zhang Qibing’s words somewhat surprising.

He had managed to complete the task remarkably swiftly.

It was indeed advantageous to wield influence, as he had suspected.

“No need, I’ll manage on my own. Chief Zhang, I’ll take my leave then.”

Loong Chen nodded respectfully to Zhang Qibing.

Zhang Qibing returned the gesture promptly, aware that Loong Chen was heading to the Dragon God Temple.

While he harbored a deep longing for those extraordinary powers, he also recognized his own limitations. Given his aptitude, gaining recognition from the Dragon God Temple remained an unattainable dream.

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