C85 – Yan Chengyu’s Action

“Should we change the plan and use a normal method to take Xu Yangyi away? Plus, if the two of us add him up, we might not be his match. After all, he just won the battle at the training ground and the colonel is spoiling him like a dog, how are we going to deal with him?” In the ammunition depot, Wei Wey lowered his voice and pretended to organize the ammunition as he spoke to the man beside him. He occasionally glanced at his teammates, afraid that they would find out what he had said.

The man opposite Wei Wey did not reply immediately. Instead, he said after a while, “I’ll decide on my side. If there’s a change in the plan, I’ll inform you.” After saying this, the man immediately went to the side to busy himself.

Wei Wey looked at the man walking away with a heavy heart.

I don’t know what happened to 009. If he was just interrogated, he might still be able to live. I’m afraid that Warden Zuo Bo will torture him. That man is very cruel and merciless, even we are very famous.

The more Wei Wey thought about it, the more worried he became, his breathing also became heavier. He was just about to comb his chest when he was suddenly patted on the shoulder, he was startled and quickly turned around, but when he saw Yan Chengyu, Wei Wey let out a sigh of relief, touched his chest and laughed, “So it’s Yan Chengyu! You scared me.”

“Who do you think it was?” Yan Chengyu smiled amiably. “Don’t be afraid to knock on the door if you don’t do something shameful. Did you do something shameful?” Yan Chengyu suddenly joked and helped to organize the ammunition. However, his amiable face secretly observed Wei Wey’s every move out of the corner of his eyes.

Wei Wey was so scared that his heart almost jumped out when he heard Yan Chengyu’s words. In order to hide his panic, he quickly changed the topic, “Have you sorted it out?”

On the surface, he asked that, but Wei Wey was wary of Yan Chengyu, because in the training field, Yan Chengyu suddenly appeared behind him, and he didn’t notice it at all. If it wasn’t for Ann Yan’s sudden appearance, he might have reported it and revealed his identity.

“Could it be …” Did Yan Chengyu know something? You suspect me of being a spy?

The more he thought about it, the more scared Wei Wey became. Cold sweat unconsciously broke out on his forehead. A man not far away suddenly looked at Yan Chengyu and seemed to have the same idea as Wei Wey.

As for Yan Chengyu, he took Wei Wey’s fear into his eyes, but didn’t continue scaring Wei Wey. Instead, he answered him normally, “I’ve already arranged everything. Seeing that you haven’t finished helping, I came over to help.”

Hearing this, Wei Wey was stunned. He felt that it was true, how could he be exposed? He could only blame himself for being too worried. He quickly thanked Yan Chengyu and felt relieved.

The man not far away looked at Wei Wey and felt relieved.

So it was just Wei Wey being paranoid? However, that’s right, this man called Yan Chengyu is just a recruit. How could he pay attention to our movements?

The man shook his head and went back to his business.

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