C35 – Meeting Wang Xue Again

The crops wouldn’t ripen for a moment. Su Ming had nothing to do, so he sat by the ground and watched the traffic.

As the sun slowly set in the west, Su Ming slightly narrowed his eyes.

Su Ming didn’t notice a group of people walking over from afar.

These people were dressed in work clothes and were chatting.

When they walked in front of Su Ming, one of them was stunned.

Why did this person squatting by the side of the road look so familiar?

Wasn’t this Su Ming?

“Su Ming?”

The person was stunned for a while, then said tentatively.

“Who is it?”

Su Ming opened his eyes.

Who was it?

Wasn’t this his ex-girlfriend, Wang Xue’s colleague?

Previously, Su Ming brought food to Wang Xue every day, and slowly got to know her colleagues.

“It really is you.”

“I heard you and Xue broke up. What’s going on?”

“Su Ming, I have to say, your braised pork ribs are really delicious.”

“Wang Xue got into the bank. Did you know?”

This group of people were all Wang Xue’s colleagues.

Su Ming had dealt with them before. They were all warm-hearted.

Su Ming’s cooking was indeed delicious.

Usually, Su Ming would occasionally do something for them.

They had become friends.

“She got into the bank?”

Su Ming couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

The treatment at the bank was very good.

“She’s showing off everywhere.”

“After an entire morning, everyone on the floor knew about this.”

“She also said we should look for her if we need anything in the future,” Wang Yao said.

“The most exaggerated thing was that Wang Xue’s mother had pulled up a large banner downstairs. Our manager went to persuade her for a long time before she finally put away the banner.”

A few employees gathered together and discussed in low voices.

Su Ming blinked his eyes.

Wang Xue did not change.

“Su Ming, we feel sorry for you after you got together with Wang Xue. Previously, when the two of you were about to get married, we were too embarrassed to say anything. Now that you two have broken up, we are quite happy for you.”

One of the girls said.

Su Ming nodded.

In fact, Su Ming knew that Wang Xue’s character was indeed bad.

He could tell from the fact that they wanted the betrothal gift that their family’s character was indeed bad.

At that time, he had to compromise because of the child in her womb.

“Didn’t your company get off work at seven o’clock at night? It’s only five o’clock. Why did you come out?”

Su Ming looked at the time and asked curiously.

“The company is holding an event today.”

One of the girls said, “The company invited us to the hotpot restaurant for a meal.”

“That’s right.”

Su Ming nodded.

Although Su Ming and Wang Xue had broken up, he had to admit that the atmosphere in Wang Xue’s company had always been good and the employees were good.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Su Ming’s major didn’t match the company, he would have definitely gone there to work.

“Why are you guys leaving so quickly? Can you guys wait for me? Although I’m going to work at the bank in a few days, we’re still colleagues now.”

At this moment, a voice came from behind the crowd.

Wang Xue walked over.

Wang Xue saw Su Ming’s expression change.

The situation instantly became awkward.

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