C34 – Bank President Chen

Looking at President Chen wolfing down his food, Su Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“This tastes really good.”

As President Chen ate, he nodded his head and said, “In the future, I’ll let all my employees go there to eat.”

This was a fast food restaurant next to the business district.

The price was cheap and the taste was not bad. Su Ming used to eat there.

After eating his fill, President Chen was obviously not ready to leave yet.

He threw the two fast food boxes into the trash can.

Then President Chen looked at the ground.

Because of the System, President Chen could only see wheat shoots growing on the ground, and most of them were planted by Su Ming yesterday.

“You grow wheat?”

President Chen blinked. “I grew wheat with my parents when I was young. You haven’t watered it today, have you? This thing can’t be lacking water.”

After saying that, President Chen took off his leather shoes and coat. He picked up the bucket beside him and was about to water it.

Su Ming was stunned.

Su Ming had already watered this piece of land yesterday.

Because of the System, he only needed to water it once.

However, since President Chen was so enthusiastic, Su Ming didn’t want to disturb him.

Although President Chen lived a comfortable life all year round, he was very familiar with farming work.

It seemed that President Chen was not lying. When he was young, he often worked.

Since he had nothing to do, Su Ming started to chat with President Chen.

“My family is in the northwest. It’s windy and windy all year round, and there’s a shortage of water. I have a few acres of land at home, and all I grow are potatoes. There is a well in our yard, but my father never let us drink from it. We drink the rainwater in the cellar.”

As President Chen spoke, his voice choked with sobs. From time to time, he would wipe away his tears.

As they chatted, Su Ming learned more about President Chen’s past.

For a child from the mountains to have today’s achievements, his journey was indeed not easy.

If Su Ming had half of President Chen’s ability, he wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Of course, Su Ming was just sighing.

The two of them chatted enthusiastically, and President Chen was happy.

In the end, they sat beside the ground and smoked cheap cigarettes.

President Chen would never smoke such cheap cigarettes in the past.

However, the cigarettes Su Ming took out were very good.

But President Chen knew in his heart that even if his relationship with Su Ming was a little closer now, this was not the reason for him to slack off.

“Mr. Su, I’m almost done resting. I’ll go and water it now.”

After saying that, President Chen went to water it.

Su Ming couldn’t stop him, so he could only let him go.

After all, he couldn’t find a reason to refuse President Chen.

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