C25 – Everyone Loves Beauty

Seated beside the brazier, Zuo Shaoqing’s gaze remained fixed on Lu Zheng’s figure. He found himself increasingly captivated by Lu Zheng’s continuous hand gestures, each aimed at mending his injuries.

Zuo Shaoqing wasn’t certain of the depth of Lu Zheng’s martial cultivation, but even from ten paces away, he could sense the aura of power emanating from him. This was undoubtedly a feat beyond the reach of an ordinary martial artist.

Perhaps he could consider requesting a comprehensive set of inner force cultivation techniques from Lu Zheng as compensation. After all, for a martial-centric family like the Duke Zhen Manor, there would be an abundance of martial manuals.

As sweat trickled down his neck and seeped into his attire, the thin fabric clung to his form, accentuating his well-built physique.

Zuo Shaoqing’s gaze remained forward, pondering, “Desire fills the heavens, and lust fills the air.” Simultaneously, he mused, “Everyone appreciates beauty. It’s just a glance, no harm done.”

“Ugh…” Suddenly, Lu Zheng furrowed his brow, his face contorting in discomfort. His body’s meridians seemed to surge with life, exhibiting signs akin to Qi deviation.

Disregarding his own allure, Zuo Shaoqing hurried to the bedside, deeply concerned. He understood that martial artists dreaded nothing more than losing control.

Nevertheless, at this critical juncture, Zuo Shaoqing found himself powerless, standing by helplessly. This feeling of helplessness had plagued him countless times in his past life.

“Pfft!” Lu Zheng expelled a mouthful of darkened blood. Gradually, his facial expression normalized, and he opened his eyes, which radiated a brilliant golden light, almost blinding in its intensity.

Zuo Shaoqing gazed in bewilderment as his consciousness was gradually drawn into the golden light.

Lu Zheng blinked, returning to his usual complexion. Zuo Shaoqing snapped back to reality and inquired anxiously, “Are you okay?”

Lu Zheng shook his head, his disgust evident as he glanced at his garments stained with darkened blood. He raised his chin and instructed Zuo Shaoqing, “Fetch some water!”

Zuo Shaoqing’s concerns were allayed. Though reluctant, he ventured out to procure water despite the adverse weather. This time, he didn’t bother to heat the water, instead presenting it to Lu Zheng in its cold state.

Lu Zheng didn’t mind and began dabbing himself with a handkerchief. Since his youth, apart from the injuries, he couldn’t move due to the presence of a traitor. He had always taken care of himself and lacked any servants or attendants to assist him.

This might be beyond the comprehension of ordinary folks, but Lu Zheng understood that self-reliance was key to minimizing risk. Much like the recent ambush, had a turncoat not infiltrated their group, he wouldn’t have fallen into the trap, almost costing him his life.

Initially, he had been struck in the chest by the traitor’s palm, then besieged by over forty archers. The external injuries occurred when he broke free from the encirclement. Though they may appear severe to ordinary individuals, they were merely minor to the traitor. The external injuries would require only a few additional days of treatment to heal his internal injuries, and they posed no genuine threat.

Given the uncertain situation outside, residing in this humble hut for a few days offered a respite from danger.

Zuo Shaoqing paid a visit to a few academy instructors before returning home with Luo Xiaoliu.

Luo Xiaoliu had just become a hero. His whole body was radiant, and he even walked while floating.

“Master, do you know how many beggars there are in the south of the city? Usually, we only see a few people on the streets, but we never would have thought that there were more than twenty people living in that dilapidated temple.”

Zuo Shaoqing knew that the majority of these people were refugees who had escaped to somewhere else in Youuxi Town last year. Those who were able to do so would all be self-reliant, the rest would be either old, weak, women, children, or lazy, rogue hoodlums.

“Then you’re lucky you didn’t come back naked.”

“Ah… Do you think they don’t want to? If not for the fact that this servant said that he would bring them more food tomorrow, it would be a wonder that they weren’t stripped naked!” Luo Xiaoliu didn’t understand why Zuo Shaoqing suddenly wanted to help those beggars. He felt that it couldn’t be because he was soft-hearted.

Zuo Shaoqing held an umbrella as he walked down the street, observing the crowd of people of all kinds. Surprisingly, he had a desolate feeling of “nowhere for a home”.

When he had to live his second life, he had only thought about revenge, and had only thought about becoming an official. However, he had never thought about where his home would be.

“Master… Grandpa…” Luo Xiaoliu called Zuo Shaoqing anxiously a few times, pointed to the front and asked, “Isn’t that Second Master? Shall we make a detour?”

Zuo Shaoqing came back to his senses and looked at where his finger was pointing. Wasn’t that his good second brother? He was waving a paper fan in the middle of the cold weather, but he couldn’t put on a refined air. On the contrary, he looked like a bully in the market.

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