C89 – I’ve Made a Large Sum of Money

As soon as Lou Yu finished his match, he was sent away by Ji Anguo.

“Grandfather.” Lou Yu exclaimed intimately.

When Ji Anguo saw Lou Yu, his eyes were filled with gratification, “You did well in the gambling house.”

Lou Yu smiled and said, “I just saw that the odds were indeed high and that the odds were high, so I made a big deal out of it. I never thought that Su Rong would really win.”

Ji Anguo glanced at Su Qi and said, “Su Qi, it’s all thanks to Su Rong this time. This grandson of yours must have done a great service!”

Su Qi smiled and said, “No, no, Marshal is too kind. This grandson of mine is just lucky, and with Third Prince’s guidance, if it wasn’t for Third Prince’s help, with Su Rong’s ability, he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything.” Although Su Rong spoke humbly, his eyes could not conceal the pride in them.

Ji Anguo laughed coldly, “This time, Tianfeng Academy was mercilessly killed. I’m afraid that the lady in the palace will feel heartache.”

Lou Yu said calmly, “Of course.” Nalan Yue also has a stake in Lou Feng’s casino, so this time she lost a lot! It was said that Nalan Yue knew that Su Rong had won and was so angry that she smashed everything in the room.

Su Rong, who was sitting inside the Star Car, was finally able to calm down. Once his heart was at ease, Su Rong couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild.

Third Prince, Mo Fei, and Mo Yi all made a huge profit from his victory and became rich, but he was still a pauper. Why didn’t he remember to buy a bet for him before? His plan had failed! Bad policy.

The more Su Rong thought about it, the more he regretted it. The more he thought about it, the more he felt wronged.

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong and blinked his eyes. He asked in puzzlement, “Rong Rong, you’ve already won, why are you still looking so depressed?”

Su Rong revealed a fawning smile towards Mo Fei, “Your Highness Mo Fei, since I’ve won this match with so much effort, shouldn’t you reward me?”

Mo Fei laughed, and his face turned dark as he cursed, “You used my promotion drug and drank so many of my recovery potions, which made me worry for days. Now you actually want to ask me for compensation, what do you think is beautiful!”

Su Rong “…”

Mo Yi looked at Su Rong and said, “Young Master, Su Rong has no credit and he also has to work hard. Why don’t you just pay for it?”

Hearing Mo Yi’s words, Su Rong hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes! That’s right! Your Highness Mo Fei, just take it as a sign of pity!”

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong’s dog-leg appearance and helplessly took out a Cultivation Array Plate and said: “It’s for you.”

Su Rong was suddenly flattered. He held onto the formation plate, not letting go, afraid that Mo Fei would go back on his word, “Thank you, Your Highness Mo Fei, thank you, Your Highness Mo Fei.”

Mo Fei touched his chin and said, “I heard from Yan Chen that the major casinos had a large influx of funds yesterday to support your win. That’s a total of around five billion. Did you bet on it yourself?”

Su Rong shook his head and said, “It’s not me, it’s Third Prince.”

“Lou Yu? This guy really knows how to take advantage of things.” When he bet, the odds were 1: 10, but when Lou Yu bet, the odds were already increased to 1: 30. Counting the odds, he only earned Lou Yu a fraction of the bet.

Mo Fei gritted his teeth and thought with resentment: “That damned guy, his luck is really good.”

Mo Yi saw that Mo Fei’s expression was serious and comforted him: “Young Master, you are still young. You are extremely smart and have unparalleled intelligence. Sooner or later, you will become richer than Third Prince.”

Mo Fei nodded his head and said with a smile, “That’s right, that’s right. Yiyi, you’re always so knowledgeable.”

“Young Master, should we return to the Third Prince Palace now?” Mo Yi asked.

Mo Fei raised his eyebrows, “We’re not going back. We made a huge sum of money. Of course we have to go and corrupt.”

Mo Yi nodded and said, “You’re right.”

Su Rong frowned and said, “I won’t be going, I want to go back and rest.” Pity he hadn’t slept well in a few days.

“That won’t do.” Mo Fei said disapprovingly.

“Why?” Su Rong asked.

Mo Fei said matter-of-factly, “You went back. Who’s going to carry my bag!”

Su Rong looked towards Mo Yi. Mo Yi smiled coldly at Su Rong.

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong’s displeased expression and said, “Rong Rong, don’t look so bad. How about this, you accompany me shopping. I’ll buy you candied fruits to eat!”

Su Rong “…” He was no longer a child! It’s not something a candied fruit can do.

No matter how reluctant Su Rong was, he still went shopping with Mo Fei.

Mo Fei had plenty of money, so he went straight to the biggest Treasure Pavilion.

The Treasure Pavilion was built like a palace. Entering it was like stepping into an immortal palace; it was magnificent everywhere.

All sorts of precious Star Grass s, medicines, rare stones, weapons, and antiques were displayed in the window.

Mo Fei looked at a stone in the window and stopped. The stone in the window had lines on it that were like fire and looked really good.

Seeing Mo Fei staring at the stone in the shop, Su Rong immediately explained: “Third Prince Consort, this is a bloodstone. A bloodstone is a relatively rare stone, it has the ability to stabilize the mind.”

“Calm your mind?” Mo Fei asked in confusion.

Su Rong nodded and said, “Yes, when I advance, I will have a bloodstone by my side to calm my mind.”

Mo Fei nodded, “Is that so?”

Mo Fei squinted, and thought: bloodstone s are obviously just spirit stones, and spirit stones are one of the few stones that can raise a person’s spirit beast level. On his original planet, spirit stones would be immediately destroyed by the Spirit Master the moment they appear, this world doesn’t seem to be that precious.

The astral force had many different Attributes. The astral force had the most Awakened ones with both Strength and Agility, and after the Awakening of the Strength Attribute, one’s strength would become very large. After the Awakening of the Agility Attribute, one’s reaction speed would increase.

There were also people who would awaken attributes that were relatively useless such as smell, hearing, taste, sense of direction. There were also people who had awakened attributes that would cause their skin to change color and their hair to grow longer in an instant.

The more precious attributes were the metal, wood, water, fire and earth elements and the mutated element, the Wind, Thunder and Ice element.

Spirit Master was a Star Master who had awakened the spiritual force attribute. Normally, Spirit Master could challenge opponents beyond their cultivation realms, and on the original planets, s who were at the third rank could destroy the brain region of Fourth Star Division and turn Fourth Star Division into a brain handicap. There were countless examples of Spirit Master s learning medicine, with inscriptions having more advantages than others.

Of course, there was no such thing as absolute, the Spirit Master also had its own limitations. Star masters of two ranks higher than the Spirit Master were not affected by the Spirit Master at all.

“Young Master, this stone looks pretty pretty pretty. Buy it.” Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei and said.

Mo Fei nodded and said, “You’re right.”

A piece of bloodstone worth thirty million was not expensive at all. In the original world, this kind of stone was not something that could be bought with money.

“Su Rong, can you help me ask how many of these stones are there in the store? I’ll buy them all.” Mo Fei replied with a rich tone.

Su Rong asked in a daze, “Buy them all?”

Mo Fei nodded and said, “Yes!”

Su Rong said hesitantly: “Third Prince’s Consort, although the bloodstone has the ability to stabilize the mind, the actual effect is not too good.”

“Don’t worry, I just bought a collection of ornaments. This Crown Princess has plenty of money, I’ll go and take a look at some other stones later. If there are any that look good, I will buy them all too!” Isn’t it just for spending?” Mo Fei didn’t think much of it.

Su Rong’s mouth twitched when he heard that.

“Sister-in-law, you really are rich!” Lou Jing sneered as she walked in.

Mo Fei smiled at Lou Jing and said shyly, “It’s all thanks to Su Rong. My darling bet on Su Rong to make a small profit, so he gave me some pocket money.”

Su Rong helplessly lowered his head when he saw Mo Fei’s calm face and the Star Coin s falling on Third Prince’s head.

Lou Jing glanced at Su Rong coldly. The Tianfeng Casino was in Lou Feng’s eyes, Lou Jing had shares in it, and if Su Rong were to defeat Ming Feiya, the gambling house would have to pay more than three billion yuan. Thinking about the possibility of the casino losing money, Lou Jing couldn’t help but get angry.

Facing Lou Jing’s murderous gaze, Su Rong couldn’t help but feel scared.

“The money earned by my Third Brother is not for you to waste.” Lou Jing said coldly to Mo Fei.

Mo Fei said with a smile, “Second princess, from what you said, if I don’t waste the money my husband earned, could I let him waste the money for Little San?”

Lou Jing glared at Mo Fei, “Mo Fei, don’t be too complacent, my Third Brother doesn’t like you at all.”

Mo Fei blinked innocently. “Second Princess, you can’t speak nonsense!” Lou Yu said he would sacrifice his head and shed hot blood for me. He would never change his life, ever! If I leave him, he will live a life worse than death, he will live a life with nothing to live for, he will run into a wall!” Drink the poison. Say, how could Lou Yu not like me?

Su Rong “…”

Mo Yi pulled Mo Fei’s sleeves and looked towards the door, only to find that Lin Feiyu had arrived.

“Consort of Third Prince, our store has a total of 43 bloodstone, with different sizes and different prices, a total of 1.67 billion. If even Concubine Third Prince buys them, it would only need 1 billion.” The shop looked at Mo Fei enthusiastically.

“One billion! Cheap, wrap them up for me.” Mo Fei replied in a heroic manner.

When the manager saw Mo Fei’s bold response, he immediately looked at him in a new light.

Seeing Mo Fei actually took out the money to pay the bill, Lou Jing’s eyebrows twitched.

Lin Feiyu frowned and said: “Mo Fei, it’s not easy to earn money in Third Prince, you can’t be so wasteful!”

Mo Fei smiled and said to Lin Feiyu: “You don’t understand, men earn money, isn’t it to please their wives, the more I spend, the happier Third Prince will be. Is this money?” If you earn it, you will need to spend it. I see that these Blue Ice Rocks and Purple Star Thunder Stones are also very pretty. How many are there, wrap them up for me.

Hearing Mo Fei’s words, the owner’s face filled with joy: “Rest assured, Third Prince’s Consort, I will definitely give you a discount.”

Lou Jing looked at Mo Fei, her eyes filled with anger. Lin Feiyu looked at Mo Fei in surprise, unable to understand how Mo Fei could have so many Star Coin.

“Third Prince’s Consort, Blue Ice Rock and Purple Star Lightning Stones are worth a total of two hundred and sixty-eight million, so the discount is six hundred and seventy million.” The owner said.

Mo Fei nodded and said, “Oh, let’s do it.”

When Lou Jing saw that Mo Fei was even more generous than her, she suddenly felt upset.

Lin Feiyu lowered his head and couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Although he had a few Star Coin, he didn’t dare to use them like that.

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