C95 – Late at Night

Look at this kind of glowing eyes, I’m afraid it’s a plush control.

This kind of guess flashed through Guo Fan’s heart, but since the other party had chosen not to say it, he could not directly go up and say whether you were a Velvet Control or not.

In any case, since the other party was hesitating, and his gaze seemed to be reluctant to part with the hammer, he would definitely find it. He just had to wait.

Guo Fan had always been very accurate when it came to this kind of emotional changes. Anyway, he definitely could not develop this fifth junior sister, otherwise Song Na…

Eh, that’s not right. His family’s Song Na was generous and not jealous. Why did he subconsciously choose to avoid her?

Guo Fan fell into deep thought. He paused when he was tidying up the bed.

After thinking about it, perhaps he was a little traumatized by Li Xieren’s wave of attacks.

Other than the fact that he had transmigrated because he had stayed up all night and suddenly died, that was the closest death he had ever experienced in his life. The knife had already been inserted into his heart. The pain was very real. He had almost thought that he was going to be one of the fastest transmigrators to die.

Speaking of the knife, the knife was still in his heart. Suddenly, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Guo Fan paused for a moment and sighed. He instructed Gu Chao to continue cultivating. He wanted to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage within a month. This child was truly talented. As expected of the final boss in the future. Just relying on talent alone was enough to catch up to Guo Fan, who used double the amount of Experience Scroll he used to cheat.

He also split a place for Hammer to sleep.

Although Hammer had always been taught and tried to resist many times, this fellow had turned into a cat. It could not refuse to act cute and act cute.

Speaking of which, he did not know if Song Ru would return to the Soaring Wisdom Sect after the general assembly. If she went back, it would be on the way…

At this moment, it was close to dusk. From the window on the second floor of the inn, one could see that the streets were still bustling with activity.

Guo Fan looked at the dark silhouette of the Night’s Fall Sword City under the sunset. He sighed at the scenery that was a hundred times more spectacular than in the game. He hated that he didn’t bring his phone with him, otherwise it would have been so good to take a picture.

Then Guo Fan remembered that he still had the Shadow Stone. In the game, it was the internal filming and recording function of the system. He took it out and cast a spell while thinking of a way to record it. There seemed to be another function that could be used.

The few people behind him began to chat idly, the main content was about the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference.

Xia Cai looked out the window and sighed. “There are a lot more people coming to the gathering this time…”

“You participated in the last Gathering?” Meng Jin raised his eyebrows. “The Chao and the Sword Listening Ceremony only happens once every ten years. Since you participated in the Gathering, you should be less than twenty now. You came to the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference when you were seven or eight years old?”

Xia Cai rubbed his bald head. “I came with my senior brothers and sisters at that time. Can’t I? I want to broaden my horizons. I don’t need a threshold. I didn’t say that I came to participate on my own.”

Meng Jin said,… “Sure, but please make it clear next time.”

He gritted his teeth.

“Oh.” Xia Cai nodded in confusion.

Guo Fan wanted to laugh when he heard that. Meng Jin was more suitable to be addressed as Mr. than Luo Shun, and he had a sense of superiority. The most important thing was that he had been rebutted twice so far.

Yuan Jiang suddenly said, “It’s because the direct disciple of the Sword Pavilion’s master has made a move. In other words, the winner of this Singing Sword Competition will have a chance to obtain the new sword he made.”

His voice was also neutral. His tone was gentle and gentle, giving people a feeling of swallowing.

What he said was right. The final reward of this instance dungeon was a purple sword. In the previous version, this level of reward was enough to make players flock to it.

At that time, it had caused a storm.

For the players, this was the case, let alone these NPCs.

“Sigh, I heard that many disciples from big sects will come this time. Even a Core Forming Stage like Daoist Priest Song Ru will participate. I’m afraid it will be difficult to get into the top 20.” Xia Cai frowned.

Song Ru said, “Yin Xiuying of Green Mountain and Fu Guiying of Energy Palace. So far, only these two are at the Core Formation realm. It’s not difficult for you to get into the top 20.”

Her opponent was not anyone present. Although she spoke in a condescending tone, she did have the ability to guide them. Therefore, the few of them silently accepted it.

Meng Jin snorted and said, “The top 20 is nothing. If I don’t get into the top 5, my trip this time will be in vain!”

Liang Xiulan frowned and said, “I heard the judges this time have the Honed Reaver Sword Sect’s Luo Shun and the Blistook Pavilion’s Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator?”

Guo Fan’s heart skipped a beat.

“Cui Zhenren seems to have given a clear response that he will come, but the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator doesn’t seem to have agreed, right?”

“Yes, but I heard that after the battle between the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator and Luo Shun, it seems like it has returned to Night’s Fall Sword City in order to find someone.”

“Speaking of which, why is the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator so aggressive? Why did it travel so far to the southeast?”

“Who knows… But I heard that it was for one person.” Xia Cai said mysteriously and in a low voice, “And a man.”

It was hard to tell that this man had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was quite gossipy.

Meng Jin was skeptical. “Really? Shouldn’t the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator in Blistook Pavilion be a lone star that only knows how to do things? The one over there, aren’t you a member of an aristocratic family? You have connections and connections. Is that true?”

Yuan Jiang hesitated for a moment and said, “As far as I know, it is indeed because of a man… but this is his private matter after all. It’s better not to comment on it.”

Liang Xiulan did not smile and said coldly, “It is not related to yourself. There is no point in talking about it. It is better to take care of Sword Singing Conference.”

This also mentioned the Poison Desert Sect. This sect used to come from the evil path and was called the Fire Sect.

Later on, the sect changed its name. In the beginning, this sect focused on killing couples and thought that all love in the world was evil. The people in the sect wore black robes and held sickles. Every time they reached a fixed date, they would kill couples and worship the heavens.

Later on, although they were purified by the righteous path and changed to the righteous path, they still retained the tradition of being hostile towards love and love.

Among the players, there was a branch of the FFF Obsidian Tribes Division. The guild only recruited the Poison Desert Sect. After that, they used fire spells to punish players and couples. After that, there was even a large-scale conflict and war of words between them and the players from the Strategists. The reason was also related to Guo Fan. It was because of the sunburn card.

The mastermind, Guo Fan, quietly turned his gaze away.

He didn’t expect that the rumors had already spread to this extent. But fortunately, he didn’t have that man’s name or anything. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be able to use his identity in the future.

Guo Fan didn’t participate in the conversation. He was considering whether he should find Fang Xiang or not.

Xun Yimu came this time because she had an appointment with City Lord Mansion. So, she must still be in City Lord Mansion. If he went, there would inevitably be risks, but if he didn’t go… It was not safe to let Xun Yimu do things. There was also Sun Fen eyeing him covetously. If he went, he would still have Fang Xiang’s protection…

Just like that, they waited until midnight. Guo Fan, who was thinking with his eyes closed on the bed, was about to get up to see Tan Ling when he suddenly noticed that Hammer had turned back into human form.

The Demonic Dragon who had turned into human form snorted twice and suppressed Guo Fan. Sitting on his body, the red-haired girl laughed maniacally. “You lowly mount, I finally got the chance! Right now, your cultivation base is only at the Foundation Establishing Stage. I must have eaten those human Medicine Pill, hmph hmph, I’ve already seen through it!”

“…” What does this cat want to do?

Also, what does a mount mean?

Guo Fan silently brought the cards with him, and then reached out his hand to grab the slender but flexible waist of the Demonic Dragon girl.

“Today you are dead for sure, hahaha… Huh?”

When the Demonic Dragon lowered his head and saw Guo Fan’s helpless smile, it suddenly felt like the world was spinning. Then, it felt a pain on the back of its head, and it smashed onto the bed, “Wuuu…”

Guo Fan took advantage of the situation and sat on her body. He grabbed the two wrists of the red-haired woman with one hand and pressed them on top of her head.

“If I remember correctly, this is the 23rd time… I’ll just forget about the first few times. Tell me, who is the mount?”

Guo Fan was so angry that he laughed instead, but it was a fake smile.

The Demonic Dragon was stunned and stopped struggling. She looked a little guilty and said, “This… that…” Her voice became smaller and smaller. She looked up at Guo Fan. She said dejectedly, “I am… I am a mount, okay?”

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