C95 – Soft Cute Aggressive

“Xiaoxiao, has Xiaoxiao left yet?”

Shang Xiaojie, who was curled up on the sofa under Wu Jingbai’s vest, asked anxiously with a flushed face.

“He’s gone, it’s really so noisy.”

Mu Sifa was extremely furious. After all, Shang Xiaojie had just taken off his clothes and was about to mess around when Mu Xiaoxiao arrived.

“She brought you breakfast.” He placed it on the tea table and said.

Hearing that it was breakfast, Shang Xiaojie’s stomach immediately rumbled.

He looked to the side embarrassedly, as he was afraid that Mu Sifa would laugh at him.

Mu Sifa also laughed.

“You, you’re still laughing? It’s all because you told me to come here, so I don’t have any breakfast!” He grumbled and revealed his loveliness.

“Fine, fine, fine. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have laughed at you.”

Ye Zichen carried Shang Xiaojie in his arms and sat him on his lap.

Shang Xiaojie immediately became alert, “You, you want to mess with me again?” He was a bit flustered.

At the beginning, when Mu Sifa carried Shang Xiaojie into the office, he tried to coax him, but no one came. Mu Sifa kissed him, saying that he wanted him to not cry.

At first, Mu Sifa didn’t want to make a move on Shang Xiaojie. After all, Shang Xiaojie was still crying so bitterly. However, after kissing Shang Xiaojie, there was nothing he could do.

Shang Xiaojie was still soft and cute, how could Mu Sifa control him? She was set on fire, but just as she was about to take her next step, Mu Xiaoxiao’s voice came from outside.

Of course, Mu Sifa ignored him, because he had already locked the door. However, Shang Xiaojie immediately woke up when he heard Mu Xiaoxiao’s voice. That was why Mu Sifa opened the door and went out.

“What can I do? You’re dressed.” Mu Sifa smiled bitterly. Although he wanted to do something, but Shang Xiaojie didn’t have that intention and he wouldn’t force him.

“Then why are you hugging me for? Also…”

As he spoke, his face turned red again because he was too close.

“What else? Hrm?”

Mu Sifa was very evil. He clearly knew Shang Xiaojie was embarrassed to say it, but he still forced him to say it.

“You’re bullying me again. If you continue like this, I won’t let you hug me.” It was incredibly cute and bashful.

However, Mu Sifa still did not let him go, “You’re not letting me hug you like this? Or something else?” Tough.

“Mu Sifa.” Shang Xiaojie was angry, but this Mu Sifa sound was very soft.

“Wife, if you want to reject me, you have to use a strict voice to reprimand me. You can’t use such a soft and cute voice.”

Soft and moe? I was clearly angry? He didn’t see it, did he?

No, he either couldn’t tell, or he did it on purpose.

Thinking about this, Shang Xiaojie got even angrier.

However, no matter how angry a person who looks adorable gets, it is useless for him to make others think that he is adorable.

“I’m going to have breakfast. Calm down.”

It was clearly Mu Sifa, who was drinking low, but his voice was still soft and cute.

“Then, when you’re full, can you do it?” Is my understanding wrong?”

He didn’t continue to attack, but he was trying to trick Shang Xiaojie.

Actually, Shang Xiaojie didn’t even need to follow the same pattern because he would always cooperate with Mu Sifa.

He lowered his head and shyly whispered, “If you just wait for me to eat my fill, I can think about it, but that’s just a consideration!”

The soft voice, coupled with his rosy face, was an alluring crime.

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