C94 – Embarrassing

Mu Xiaoxiao waited for around ten minutes. When Xiao Ming brought back the breakfast, the two of them went upstairs to look for Shang Xiaojie.

When he arrived at the door of Mu Sifa’s office, he saw Jia Tianxia waiting outside.

she asked. “Is my third brother and third wife here?”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s voice sounded behind him. Jia Tianxia immediately turned around, “Hello, Fourth Miss.”

Seeing that Xiao Ming had also followed over, he also lowered his head slightly before replying to Mu Xiaoxiao’s question, “It’s all inside, but …”

He suddenly hesitated, not knowing what to say.

Mu Xiaoxiao immediately frowned, “Did my third brother bully Xiaojie?” A hint of danger appeared in his eyes. He wanted to cut Mu Sifa’s face off with his hands.

“No, no. It’s not like that. The staff over here are just being nosy. Madam received a blow to her.” Jia Tianxia quickly explained.

“Damn, it’s them again.”

When she thought of what had just happened, Mu Xiaoxiao was infuriated.

She suddenly became curious and asked, “Why did someone say Xiaojie is a mistress? What’s going on?”

Jia Tianxia didn’t want to say this, but he was afraid that Mu Xiaoxiao wouldn’t let it go, so he could only answer honestly, “It was because Miss Shang Minjie made a ruckus at the hospital last night. The news spread like this.”

“Shang Minjie? Damn it! So it was her who did this. She’s courting death!” Flames of fury burned within him. At this moment, he wished he could beat up Shang Minjie.

“What about Xiaojie? Are you feeling better?” Lili had a pained expression on her face. She hated herself for not being by Shang Xiaojie’s side earlier.

“The boss is trying to comfort the lady. She should be fine by now! It’s been an hour and a half.”

“My third brother is comforting Xiaojie?” It was as if Mu Xiaoxiao had discovered a new continent.

Jia Tianxia knew Mu Xiaoxiao definitely wouldn’t believe him, because even now, he still felt that it wasn’t real.

“Although I can’t believe it, it is indeed true.”

“Aiyo! Could it be that the world is in red?” She looked out the window.

At that moment, the office was suddenly opened. What entered their eyes was Mu Sifa, who had an ice-cold expression.

“Can’t you restrain your voice? It was not easy for him to fall asleep.”

Mu Xiaoxiao ignored him and only asked the last line, “Is Xiaojie asleep?”

“It’s good that you’re not deaf. Go back, you’re so noisy.”

However, Mu Sifa, who urged Mu Xiaoxiao and co. to leave, deliberately grabbed the door. Furthermore, the door only opened a small crack. He looked as if he was afraid that Mu Xiaoxiao would charge in, but was also afraid that she would see something.

Mu Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows at him, “Xiaojie is really asleep?”

There was doubt in his tone, because Mu Sifa looked like he was in a hurry to get dressed, and he wasn’t wearing his usual white coat.

“I said I’d sleep, so I slept. Why are you asking me so many questions?” Mu Sifa was extremely annoyed.

Seeing he couldn’t call Mu Xiaoxiao away, he gave Xiao Ming a meaningful glance and told him to pull Mu Xiaoxiao away.

However, Xiao Ming looked at him with an interesting expression. He seemed to know what was going on inside.

Seeing Xiao Ming’s expression, Mu Sifa knew that Xiao Ming knew what was going on and the corner of his mouth twitched.

What an annoying little brat!

“Third brother, did you do something shameful in there?”

Mu Xiaoxiao was also very sharp.

“What do you mean shameful? Is it shameful for me to have sex with my wife?”

Mu Sifa directly opened his mouth and said, because concealing it was useless, he was indeed messing with Shang Xiaojie just now.

“I’ve already asked the questions, can we leave now?” Impatience in driving her away.

“If you want to leave, then go! Why are you being so fierce, it’s not like I’m going to disturb you guys.”

After handing the breakfast to Mu Sifa, he straightforwardly pulled Xiao Ming away.

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