C44 – The Trial of Thunder

“It’s not that he’s fast! This is the Teleportation!”

“This is a spatial extraordinary talent!”

Elder Hei was shocked, because he could clearly feel that Loong Chen had disappeared into thin air.

Then, Loong Chen appeared behind him out of thin air.

If it wasn’t for his decades of combat experience, he might have died under Loong Chen’s blade.

Elder Hei pulled out a short sword from his waist and blocked Loong Chen’s attack.

The material of this short sword was not ordinary. After withstanding the attack of the indestructible Tyrannical Saber, it actually did not break.

“What a powerful strength!”

Elder Hei’s body retreated a few steps, the hand that held the short sword was trembling.

The power of Loong Chen’s attack had reached at least fifty thousand kilograms.

This was already at the Level 4 Evolver level.

“Your reaction speed is not bad, you actually blocked my attack.”

Loong Chen was slightly startled, but his expression immediately became calm.

“How is this possible? Elder Hei is a Level 4 Evolver!”

Chen Tianming’s facial expression changed. In his point of view, no matter how powerful Loong Chen was, he was only a Level 3 Evolver. How could he possibly force Elder Hei back with a single punch?

“Elder Hei, don’t show any mercy. Quickly kill him!”

When Elder Hei heard Chen Tianming’s words, he revealed a bitter smile.

He had tried his best, but there was no way he could kill Loong Chen.

“With my current strength, if I use the World Dominating, I can reach a strength of 60,000 kilograms, which is comparable to a Level 4 Beginner Level Evolver.”

“But if that’s all, I might not be able to kill this old man.”

Loong Chen thought in his heart.

As a veteran Level 4 Evolver, unless he could suppress Elder Hei with his strength, it would be very difficult to kill him.

Since he had already attacked, he had to kill all of them.

“System, upgrade my Lightning Superpower.”

If he wanted to kill Elder Hei forcefully, he could only try using the powerful Lightning Superpower.

“Consume 4000 empirical value, upgrade your Lightning Superpower to level 3.”

“Consuming 8,000 empirical value. Your Lightning Superpower will level up to level 4.”

“Consume 16000 empirical value. Your Lightning Superpower has broken through to level 5.”

“Your empirical value is insufficient, I can’t upgrade your Lightning Superpower.”

The Lightning Superpower had broken through to the Level 5. Loong Chen’s eyes flashed with lightning.

He had obtained a lightning skill.

The trial of thunder!

“I’ve played enough, then I’ll end this.”

A cold voice came out from Loong Chen’s mouth. For some reason, Elder Hei felt an inexplicable fear from the bottom of his heart.

He felt that the air between heaven and earth had frozen.

All of a sudden, a thunderous sound was heard.

The originally silent sky had now become dark clouds rolling, and purple lightning was condensing in the dark clouds.

The people in Jinling City who were doing their own things couldn’t help but stop what they were doing.

They raised their heads and looked at the sky.

“Wasn’t the weather sunny just now? Why was there suddenly thunder?”

“I’m going back to collect my clothes!”

The sound of thunder kept echoing in the sky. The residents of Jinling City were shocked by this phenomenon.

However, everyone thought that this was only a natural phenomenon. No one thought that this was caused by a single person.

“You have to bear my attack on you.”

There was no emotion in Loong Chen’s eyes. He pointed at Elder Hei from afar. Almost at the same time, a thunderclap sounded in the sky once again.

At this moment, one could see that the lightning that had been gathering in the dark clouds for a long time had begun to reveal its true form.

With an explosive sound, thick lightning struck down. The dazzling lightning almost lit up the sky.

Finally, the lightning struck a tall building.

“There’s someone bragging in this building. Look, that building is struck by lightning.”

Someone began to discuss.

At this time, in a room in the building, Elder Hei, Chen Tianming and Mo Fann all looked up at the roof in horror.

The lightning struck a big hole in the roof. This big hole allowed them to see the sky filled with lightning.

At this moment, another lightning bolt was about to form.

“You have actually awakened the Lightning Superpower!”

Elder Hei’s face was full of shock. No matter from the video or the information provided by Mo Fann, he did not know that Loong Chen actually had the Lightning Superpower.

Elder Hei was an Awakened of the Lightning Superpower, so he knew very well how powerful the Lightning Superpower was.

He was no longer a match for Loong Chen before he used the Lightning Superpower.

Furthermore, Loong Chen’s Lightning Superpower could already affect the weather fluctuation in the world.

This indicated that Loong Chen’s Lightning Superpower was countless times stronger than his.

“I admit defeat! I surrender!”

Elder Hei shouted. At this moment, he no longer cared about his so-called dignity.

Was dignity comparable to his life?

It was more important to stay alive.

“I accept your surrender.”

Loong Chen nodded and said. Only then did Elder Hei show a relaxed expression.

However, Loong Chen’s next sentence sounded again.

“But you still have to die.”

As soon as his voice faded, the lightning in the sky condensed into lightning once again and struck towards Elder Hei.

Elder Hei’s eyes instantly widened. At this moment, he could feel the pressure of the lightning, and he couldn’t even dodge it.

The lightning struck down, piercing through the layers of large holes and directly striking Elder Hei’s body.

The stone bricks on the ground were sent flying.

When the air returned to normal, Elder Hei’s entire body was charred black.

There were even electric currents flowing on his body.

He stood straight, but his body no longer had any signs of life.

He, a Level 4 Evolver, was actually killed!

“Elder Hei, what are you still standing there for? Kill him!”

Chen Tianming didn’t know that Elder Hei was dead. He shouted.

However, the response was a sound.

Elder Hei’s corpse fell to the ground.

Chen Tianming saw that Elder Hei had yet to close his eyes and immediately fell to the ground in despair.

“How is this possible? How can you kill Elder Hei? He is a Level 4 Evolver.”

Chen Tianming kept shaking his head. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

“Next, it’s your turn.”

Loong Chen slowly walked towards Chen Tianming and Mo Fann who were lying on the ground.

“Young Master Chen, I don’t want to die.”

Mo Fann’s face was full of fear. It wasn’t easy for him to live until now. He thought that he could get revenge, but now, he couldn’t even protect his own life.

Chen Tianming looked at Mo Fann as if he was looking at an idiot.

He didn’t want to die either.

“Loong Chen, you can’t kill me. I am a disciple of the Green Cloud Temple. I am a descendant of the Chen family. If you kill me, the Green Cloud Temple won’t let you go!”

Chen Tianming had no choice but to bite the bullet and say.

Now, he could only try to use the reputation of the Green Cloud Temple to threaten him.

“If you let me go now, I can pretend that nothing happened. The conflict between us will be written off, and we can still be friends.”

Loong Chen sneered.

Let him go? Pretend nothing happened?

They continued to be friends?

He was afraid that if he let Chen Tianming go this time, he would send even more powerful people to deal with him tomorrow.

Loong Chen would not do such a foolish thing.

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