C95 – I Heard He’s a Prince!

“Come up!” Wang Zizhao pushed the door open and extended his hand to Tang Yue.

Tang Yue saw he was still feeling uncomfortable. He slowly got into the carriage and was immediately pulled to his side by Wang Zizhao.

“Are you very familiar with the city lord of Qinyang City?”

“How could that be? This is the first time we’ve met.” Tang Yue answered honestly. He was not lying at all. He was just hiding the fact that they were from the same hometown.

Wang Zizhao couldn’t think of any interaction between them. He only asked a few times where Tang Yue was. The answer he got was that Tang Yue was together with the small city lord. They hugged each other and cried. They chatted happily, which made him very unhappy.

“So it’s like seeing each other at first sight?”

Tang Yue shook his head. “No, it’s not like that. There is something wrong with the small city lord.” Tang Yue pointed at his head and said, “If you observe more, he will find that this person is too emotional. He is always shocked. He also has a tendency to torture himself. He is a typical case of mental illness.”

Zhang Chun sneezed and thought to himself, “Could it be that someone is still thinking about me? Maybe it is some little fan who has a crush on him.”

Zhang Chun, who still didn’t know he was labeled “sick” by Tang Yue, began to get closer to the guards beside him.

“Mental illness? What kind of illness is that?” This was the first time Wang Zizhao had heard that a person would have mental illness.

Tang Yue organized his words and gave him a simple explanation. “Psychological diseases are caused by a person’s improper thinking. His heart is full of darkness and is prone to extreme. To be more serious, he is mentally ill. Have you ever seen a person who is mentally ill?”

Wang Zizhao frowned. “Once at the border, some soldiers would go crazy for no reason. Some people maimed themselves, some people talked nonsense, and some people would do some inexplicable things. Is this a mental illness?”

“Correct solution!” Tang Yue snapped his fingers. He knew there was something wrong with his mind.

The soldiers at the border faced the pressure of death every day. If they did not receive guidance for a long time, it would cause mental illness. It was very normal.

In such an environment, if it were the children in the post-900s, they would have collapsed a long time ago.

“Then is there a way to treat it?”

“Has His Highness ever heard of the saying that heart disease requires heart medicine?” Tang Yue was not a psychiatrist. Even if he knew what the problem was, he could not give any good advice.

“Then there is no cure.” This was Wang Zizhao’s understanding of this sentence. What was the heart medicine? If he could treat it with heart medicine, how could it be a mental illness?

“If there is someone close to His Highness who is particularly good at communicating with others, he can build a good relationship with anyone. Then perhaps such people can try to guide those who are mentally ill. As long as they open their hearts and let them think less about repressing their fears, they may recover without medication.”



“Isn’t the person you’re talking about yourself? You’re especially good at communicating with people, so you can build a good relationship with everyone. This King has only seen you before.”

“…” Tang Yue didn’t know what to say. It turned out that he had such an image in Wang Zizhao’s mind.

He chuckled. As a doctor, it was compulsory for him to be good at communicating with others. Otherwise, how could he explain his condition to the patient and comfort the patient’s family?

He did not admit to the other two. It was easier for him to get along with them, but he could not build a friendship with anyone, much less get familiar with them.

The topic was successfully diverted by Tang Yue. The two of them gradually talked about the construction of the military doctor’s medical system from mental illness.

Tang Yue already had a preliminary idea about this, but it would still take time for these ideas to become reality.

“There are too few doctors in the army, and the number of people who can be saved is limited. Many soldiers can’t get treatment in time and slowly die, right?”

Wang Zizhao nodded. “In the entire border, there are only 15 doctor doctors and 35 apprentice alchemists. Even if one person had four hands, he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He can only take care of the patients with minor injuries first.”

On the battlefield, not all soldiers knew how to treat wounds and how to bandage wounds. Only some experienced veterans knew.

Tang Yue’s principle was to treat seriously injured patients first. Those with minor injuries could save themselves. Those who could not wait in line.

That was why he wanted to organize a team of nurses to treat the patients with minor injuries, as well as to take care of them after treatment.

In the medical team, nurses were indispensable talents.

This group of talents was also relatively easy to train. They only needed some basic knowledge and skilled bandaging techniques. If the centrifuge could be done later on, they could perform blood transfusion and require them to be able to perform acupuncture.

But it was much easier than training a doctor.

“Does His Highness have any idle people in his hands? Age is not a problem. Gender is also not a problem. All he needs to do is move his hands and feet.”

“How much do you want?”

“We’ll start a basic class for 100 people. These people can continue their work during the day. They can take two hours to learn basic knowledge from me during the night. I’ll teach them how to treat external injuries and how to treat them in the future.”

“You want to take these hundred people as your disciples?” Wang Zizhao felt Tang Yue’s idea was too generous.

In this era, the relationship between master and disciple was sacred. It was similar to the relationship between father and son. That was why there was the saying “One day I will be a father for the rest of my life.”

“It’s not about the relationship between master and disciple. It’s just simple teaching. If you think I’m at a disadvantage, just let them pay some tuition fees. However, the prerequisite is that these people must be used by me!”

Wang Zizhao thought more than he thought. It was easy to pick a hundred or eighty people, but these people must be loyal, obedient, and have the ability to act on their own.

“Do you accept the wounded soldiers who have retired?”

“As long as they can move their limbs normally, it is fine. Those who lack arms and legs can read or recognize medicine.”

“Just like the guard beside you who can’t even walk steadily?” It was Wang Zizhao’s first time seeing Tang Yue with a disabled person. He felt pity for Tang Yue. He thought Tang Yue had no choice but to accept such a guard.

It was only later that he learned that this person knew a lot of herbs, and was able to relieve Tang Yue’s worries and worries, and he felt relieved.

“Que knows herbs and can indeed help a lot. If his legs continue to apply medicine for another half a year, it might be able to alleviate some of the pain.”

“There aren’t many people like him. When we return to Ye City, you can go with This King to choose.” Wang Zizhao’s words solved Tang Yue’s problem.

A hundred people didn’t seem like a lot, but it wasn’t easy to select them carefully. If Tang Yue were to find them himself, he was afraid that he could only choose them from the Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion. This way, the quality of the selected people might not be high.

“Other than people, we also need to have sufficient medicinal herbs in reserve to cope with the needs of every battlefield. Those who lack medicine can’t save people no matter how good the medicinal doctors are.”

“This king has a private treasury. If you agree to marry into the Prince Zhao’s Mansion, then the private treasury will be under your control in the future.” Wang Zizhao suddenly said this sentence.

Tang Yue was getting excited when he stopped the conversation with the word “marry.” “Can you not mention this?”

“You don’t agree?” Wang Zizhao frowned. He could not accept his refusal.

“No… You have to give me enough time to think. Can we not talk about this for now?”

Wang Zizhao nodded reluctantly. “Continue. What else do you need besides people and herbs?”

“I didn’t think of it for now. I will tell you when I think of it.”

“That’s true. But remember to use some words that everyone can understand when you make the next list.”

Tang Yue smiled. When he wrote the list, it was easy for him to use the words he used in the past. Some of the words could not be replaced, and some of the words could not be used in this era, so he was confused.

At noon, the team stopped to have lunch. Tang Yue ate lunch with Wang Zizhao. He then took two pieces of cake and went to look for Zhang Chun.

Although the prisoners ate and drank as usual, the quality and quantity could not be compared.

Just like what Zhang Chun said, Children of his age were growing, and they had a large appetite. It would be strange if they could be full after eating so little food.

“Here, eat.” Tang Yue passed the biscuit to Zhang Chun.

“Why is it another biscuit?” Zhang Chun asked. Is there no normal food?” Zhang Chun took the cake and started to chew. He complained as he ate.

“Do you think we are going on a vacation? Do you have fish and meat to serve?”

“That’s true, but I think the biggest official should have one. That day, I was almost stunned at first glance. I’m really handsome. If I enter the entertainment industry, I’ll definitely become famous! I wonder how many young men and women will fall for him. I heard that he’s even a prince. He’s so awesome!”

Ahem… He eats the same thing. “Tang Yue stared at the cake in his mouth. He wanted to tell him that one of the two pieces of cake came from the prince.”

“How did you know?” Zhang Chun finished the cake in big gulps and drank two mouthfuls of water. He burped in satisfaction.

Tang Yue secretly replied, “Of course it was because they ate together. There was a rule in the army that they were treated equally, regardless of the rank of government officials. If you want to eat well, you can only cook for yourself. But you won’t be able to enjoy this kind of treatment along the way.”

“Alright, when I’m freed from my predicament and regain my freedom, I’ll first open a restaurant and bring over all the delicacies that I’ve eaten. I guarantee that these ancient people won’t forget and think about the next meal after eating it!”

“Haha…” Tang Yue gave him a cold smile, “You have to be able to make it first!”

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