C94 – Life Is Lonely!

The two of them ran to the back and searched through the prison wagons before they saw the dead fat man in the last one.

Zhao Sanlang rolled up his sleeves and wanted to rush up and beat him up. Tang Yue quickly pulled him back and carefully observed the person who was playing peacefully with each other. He found that it was actually a child who was half grown up.

He did not know who this child was, but he was sitting alone in a prison car. He was around ten years old. He looked very smart. Compared to him, his smooth face was much more honest and honest.

“Who is he?” Tang Yue pulled the guard beside him and asked.

“Young master, he is the city lord of Qinyang City.”

Tang Yue was shocked, “Why did you catch him?”

“I don’t know.” The guard apologized and continued to walk forward.

Tang Yue and Zhao Sanlang looked at each other. Zhao Sanlang was born and raised in this era. They instantly understood.

“The deputy city lord of Qinyang City is colluding with bandits and harming civilians. The city lord should be punished for not being strict.”

“He is still a child.” Tang Yue couldn’t help but mourn for this kid. Although he was destined to have an extraordinary status as soon as he was born, he didn’t have enough time to grow. He was only ten years old, so how could he manage a city well?

“I won again. Where’s the food? Hurry up and take it out!” The kid reached his hand in front of Ping Shun. When he took out a piece of cake, he immediately took it and stuffed it into his mouth. It was as if he had been hungry for ten days and half a month.

“Don’t prisoners give food?” Tang Yue thought to himself. With Wang Zizhao’s personality, he shouldn’t torture the prisoners, right?

However, it was Zhao Sanlang who was in charge of the food. It was hard to say. Therefore, he cast a reproachful gaze at Zhao Sanlang.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Zhao Sanlang was confused. He blinked a few times before he understood what Tang Yue meant. He said, “Tang Yue, how dare you look at me like that? Am I that kind of person?”

Tang Yue shook his head. “No. I am just worried that there is not enough food, so…”

If there was really not enough food, the first person to starve would definitely be the captives. This was an undisputed fact.

Zhao Sanlang ignored him and ran over to knock on the prison wagon. He asked, “Hey, kid, you lied to the food and lied to me. Could it be that you fed the dog breakfast?”

Ping Shun threw away the stone and scratched his hair. He looked at Tang Yue and Zhao Sanlang awkwardly.

He had been caught by this kid by accident. He found he was quite fun and was willing to play with him. It was just to relieve boredom.

“It’s true that I haven’t eaten my fill. That lascivious bowl of porridge. It’s not enough to fill my teeth. Don’t you know that children eat a lot?” After quickly finishing a piece of cake, the young city lord glanced at them and asked Ping Shun, “Do you still want to continue playing?”

Ping Shun shook his head and handed the empty cloth bag to him. “There’s no more food.”

The young city lord immediately pushed him away and faced the other two. He smiled and asked, “Do you want to play? Whoever loses will be given a piece of cake.”

Tang Yue blinked. He felt this little devil was kind to him.

In other words, this little devil’s tone and way of speaking made him feel familiar.

Without batting an eyelid, he asked, “What are you playing? Throwing stones? How do you want to play?”

The little city lord taught him enthusiastically, “It’s very simple. Each of us will divide ten small stones and place them in a certain location. Then, we will throw our own stones out. If you can hit the original stone, you will eat it. Whoever loses ten stones first will lose.”

“Good, it’s just a simple version of the marbles. Tang Yue looked the little devil up and down a few times, trying to find the temperament of a fellow villager.”

“How about we change it? Let’s play with guessing stones. As long as we can guess whether the stone is in my left or right hand, we’ll win. What do you think?”

Tang Yue shook his head. The other party frowned for a while. He rubbed his chin and thought for a moment. “Then the four of us can actually play a more fun game. Unfortunately, we don’t have any props.”

“What is it?”

“You don’t know,” the man said. The city lord shrugged his shoulders, his expression carrying a sense of loneliness. “Sigh, life is as lonely as snow!”

Tang Yue opened the door of the prison wagon and went in. The guards saw him, but no one stopped him.

Probably because there was only one child in the prison wagon, there were guards around. So they were not afraid that he would run away.

“What’s the point of playing all this, let’s change to another one.” Tang Yue pushed Ping Shun aside and sat opposite of the young city lord.

“Then what do you want to play?”

“The Landlord Association?”


“How about a bullfight?”


“Or do you like playing mahjong?

“…” Imp stared at Tang Yue in horror and retreated until he had nowhere to retreat. Then he pointed at Tang Yue. “You… You…” It cried for a long time.

Tang Yue reached out his hand and pulled the person in front of him. The prison wagon was only this big. Where could it hide?

He already knew the answer from the boy’s expression. An indescribable feeling rose in his heart. Tang Yue looked at him and asked, “Do we need to talk?”

The boy nodded fiercely. Suddenly, tears jumped out of his eyes. He rushed over and hugged Tang Yue, crying loudly.

This scene not only scared Zhao Sanlang and Ping Shun, but also the surrounding guards looked at the two people who were hugging each other in surprise.

Tang Yue patted his back gently. “Alright, what are you crying for? Are you really a child?”

The other party’s tears stopped abruptly. He raised his head and said with red eyes, “At least for now!”

Tang Yue drove Ping Shun off the car and told them to walk further away. Then, the two of them sat side by side in the prison wagon and chatted.

This kind of strange encounter was full of tears. Tang Yue couldn’t help but feel sad and shed two tears.

This kid was called Zhang Chun in his previous life. He was a small actor playing a minor role. He was the kind of person who pretended to be a corpse and acted as a passerby. His father was unknown. His mother was a sex worker. She died ten years ago. And he died in an explosion. When he woke up, he found himself a ten year old child.

Of course, this was the life Tang Yue had summed up for him. In Zhang Chun’s words, “I don’t have a father since I was young. I don’t know which man provided me with sperm, but judging from my looks, I’m sure I’m not handsome. Otherwise, I might have become famous a long time ago. My mother is a street worker. Occasionally, she would talk to one or two fixed boyfriends. Anyway, she won’t starve to death.”

My mom died of illness when I was thirteen years old. As soon as she died, I started to rely on myself. I was a dishwasher at the beginning, and I was also a waiter. Later on, when I wanted to become famous after watching too much television, I started to act as a side character. Every day, I would lie down and make tens of yuan. Isn’t it easier than carrying plates? “Moreover, if I were to be fancied by a big director, wouldn’t I become famous?”

“Then, when you came over, it was quite fun. City Lord, just thinking about it makes you look impressive. But why can’t you even fight against an ancient person? And you were dragged into the prison carriage.”

“Fuck! You think I like it? When I woke up, I saw a group of soldiers rush in and capture me. I thought they were putting on an act. Later on, I found out that this unlucky child was so scared that he swallowed poison and made me a scapegoat! Damn it!”

“Not bad, at least he managed to survive. He even conveniently came for an ancient tour. His status is also very high. He has a bright future!”

“Ah? There is still a future? Aren’t we going to pull him back and chop off his head?” Zhang Chun grabbed Tang Yue’s hand and asked anxiously. He thought he was dead for sure and wanted to be a dead man. That was why he had to eat the food that he wanted every day.

“No. At most, you are just a criminal who is not properly supervised. I think you will be stripped of your title of nobility or something like that. Your life is fine.”

“Brother, I am relieved with your words.” Zhang Chun felt relaxed. “I will follow you from now on. Tell me, what do you do?”

Tang Yue thought for a while and replied, “I used to be a surgeon. Of course I came here to continue being a doctor.”

“Oh, I understand. A military doctor. He’s so great!”

Tang Yue chuckled and temporarily let it go. He thought, If he really agreed to Wang Zizhao and became the prince’s wife, would he scare the kid to death?

“How about I learn medicine from you?” Zhang Chun said excitedly, “Although I have low academic qualifications, my brain is very good. If I start learning at this age, I will be able to graduate in eight to ten years, right?”

Tang Yue thought deeply for a moment. “That’s fine, but are you really interested in doing this? Actually, you can consider doing business. It’s just that the status of businessmen in this era is very low, and they may not look so good on the surface.”

“That’s right. My dead mother said that I was smart when I was young. When I grew up, I would definitely be a big boss. In my previous life, I didn’t manage to make a name for myself. I can continue to work hard in this life, haha…”

Seeing that he was already immersed in the dream of being a big boss, Tang Yue couldn’t bear to interrupt him. He could only look at him in a daze.

“Young dandy, His Highness invites you over.” A small soldier ran over and said while standing outside the prison wagon.

Tang Yue glanced at the sky and realized that they had been talking for a long time.

“Then I’ll go first. You continue to plan your beautiful plan.” Tang Yue patted Zhang Chun’s shoulder and got off the carriage.

He took two steps and turned back to bow to him. He said loudly, “Little city lord, take care of your health. Your heart disease has been there for a long time. You still need to take care of your heart disease. You need to relax.”

The people around him instantly felt relieved. So the City Lord was sick. No wonder he cried so miserably just now.

Thinking about it, it made sense. Such a young child did not have a father or mother. A person bearing such a huge responsibility and being overruled by others was one thing, but in the end, he still ended up being implicated. It was truly pitiful.

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