C93 – Got Angry

“Did you hear? The individual on duty was let go by the dean and Jia Tianxia escorted him out of the hospital.”

“Seriously?” “What’s the reason?”

“What else could it be? Wasn’t it due to last night’s incident with the principal? He came looking for the principal earlier and then everyone started talking about it.”

“Unbelievable!” Isn’t it an overreaction to terminate him just for gossiping about your indiscretions?”

“Did you know?” Was he a long-time employee? “He’s worked with the former headmaster for almost a decade and now he’s just been dismissed from the academy.”

“Why doesn’t the old principal intervene?” “Haven’t you heard the rumors?”

“Who can be certain? But it was bound to happen eventually. Especially since that Xiao San is a man – quite shocking.”

“I’ve always wondered, what’s the dynamic when it’s two men?”

“Can’t say for sure. But given how eagerly that attendant sought the dean, he might be after some compensation.” “How low.”

“Seems like he’s the type who’s always up for sale. Repulsive.”

“Your remarks are pretty bold.”

“Don’t you agree?”

“I do think the same. With him here, what options are left for the rest of us?”


The individual at the reception spoke freely and loudly, yet maintained a cheerful demeanor.

Unbeknownst to the imminent threat, Mu Xiaoxiao approached them, inquiring about Mu Sifa’s whereabouts.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s temper flared to the point of seething rage. She hurled the bowl of porridge she held at Shang Xiaojie and the girls at the reception, prompting shrieks of shock.

“Hey, what’s your problem!?” “Have you lost your mind?”

“If you’re looking for a psychiatric facility, you’re in the wrong place.”

Yet, before the staff could reprimand her further, they halted in their tracks. Recognizing her, the realization set in.

“Hello, Fourth… Fourth Miss.” The employee quivered, too intimidated to meet her gaze. Only then did the depth of his fear dawn on him.

Hearing the title “Fourth Miss”, the other two immediately ceased cleaning the spilled porridge and bowed, murmuring, “Greetings, Fourth Miss,” suppressing their ire.

“Good, you say?” She scoffed, thundering, “Are you even aware of the ownership of this hospital?! How dare you gossip about my third brother and his wife? Who branded Xiaojie as the ‘other woman’? My father recognizes her as the legitimate third wife of the Mu family. Think before you spread baseless rumors.”

Her outburst was formidable, making a powerful statement by slamming her leg onto the reception desk. The staff recoiled in alarm.

Yet, amidst their shock, they internalized her words with a pang of regret.

“If I ever catch wind of you maligning Xiaojie again, I’ll silence you permanently. Understood?” She said, exuding authority.

“Absolutely, we understand.”

How could they protest? They also feared losing their lucrative jobs.


Only then did Mu Xiaoxiao’s fury wane. However, as she moved away, a sharp pain almost drew tears.

“Xiao Ming, assist me.”

Possibly, her forceful kick strained her ligaments.

Xiao Ming shot her a bemused look, “Seriously?”

“Yes, yes, I concede. Just help me up now!”

Xiao Ming refrained from commenting, hoisting her gently. He then instructed, “Stay put. I’ll fetch some breakfast.”

“Alright, but grab me some ice cream too. The priciest one.” She cheekily requested.

“Always thinking about food.” He grumbled but seemed amused.

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