C92 – Brutal

Puff! This kid’s brain circuit was indeed quite different from what it was before! There was a temptation that made people want to play with him.

“Great! You must be serious! Do you listen to me from now on?”

I’ll think about it when I get back to the plan. Anyway, this kid doesn’t want to go to school, so I’m a bit interested in him. One stone, two birds with one bird.

Ann Yichen looked down at the current high school students. This time, Loong Xiaoyi suddenly laughed very loudly. He hugged him and leaned on his waist as he said, “Then, am I listening to you? Your person, your body, everything about you, is it all mine now?”

The sound was deep and his breath was hot on Ann Yichen’s face. He was so close to Ann Yichen that it felt like he could kiss him with a single move of his lips.

Aiyo! You even know to fight against us! The little brat’s brain was working really fast.

Ann Yichen didn’t reveal any surprise. On the contrary, he was attracted by Loong Xiaoyi’s possessive desire.

Because all his girlfriends used to say that he was a man who lacked possessiveness and would not be considerate. The fiercest ex-girlfriend had even said that he was the kind of girl who was suitable to be pampered.

He didn’t think Loong Xiaoyi would pamper him, but he liked the nakedness when Loong Xiaoyi looked at him, and the serious expression when Loong Xiaoyi looked at him.

“If classmate Loong Xiaoyi actually likes teacher so much, then the teacher will reluctantly accept it. Otherwise, what will you do if you cry? Right!”

As expected of an adult, he wasn’t flustered and didn’t give Loong Xiaoyi an advantage.

What Loong Xiaoyi hated the most was also the feeling of age difference between them. Ann Yichen was too adept at handling things and appeared to be childish.

“Who the fuck knows how to cry?” He immediately showed some annoyance and left Ann Yichen.

Ann Yichen smelled very good. He was afraid that if he held him for too long, he would uncontrollably want to touch him.

Loong Xiaoyi probably didn’t realize that he had fallen for Ann Yichen! He might have mistaken it for ordinary possessiveness and hated talking to men he didn’t know.

“Let’s go! I’ll take you home.” He walked first with his hands in his pockets, then turned his head to look at Ann Yichen. At this moment, the morning light was coming from the opposite building and coincidentally fell on him. It added a touch of vitality to his sunny and handsome appearance, giving him an indescribable sense of youth.

Ann Yichen was stunned for a moment. This was the first time he saw Loong Xiaoyi like this.

“What is it? Do you suddenly feel your man is very handsome?”

Seeing Ann Yichen staring at him like that, Loong Xiaoyi teased him with a bit of anger, but it did not diminish his charm in the slightest.

“My man?”

At first, hearing the title made Ann Yichen nearly burst into laughter. But, as moments passed, his intrigue grew. He was keen to evaluate Loong Xiaoyi to see if he could qualify as a good man.

“Quickly return!” I don’t need an escort; I’m not a damsel,” Ye Zichen remarked, turning down Loong Xiaoyi’s offer with amusement.

Ann Yichen responded, visibly displeased, “I’m your partner. It’s my responsibility to ensure you’re safe.”

“Seriously?” This is your first time dating someone!”

Ann Yichen laughed unabashedly, not minding the tease.

Loong Xiaoyi, looking earnest, said, “What’s so odd about that? Everyone has their first.”

Taken aback, Ann Yichen asked, “Are you serious?”

It was hard to believe. With such a playful demeanor, how could he seem so naïve?

Nevertheless, this realization only heightened Ann Yichen’s interest. Indeed, the lad was an intriguing one.

“Just to clarify, it’s a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.”

“Regardless, pursuing you or not, what’s the difference?” He said nonchalantly, grabbing Ann Yichen’s hand and walking away, paying no mind to their public surroundings.

“Fine, fine! If you’re fond of me, think of me as your girlfriend. But release my hand. Aren’t you in your school attire? Do you wish to be the talk of the town?”

Loong Xiaoyi, stopping her abruptly, let go, and continued walking, his hands tucked away, exuding confidence akin to a leader.

This was it; his untamed side was about to be unveiled by this youngster.

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