C91 – You’re My Man!

“They came out.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was thrilled when she spotted Loong Xiaoyi and Ann Yichen emerging, and she eagerly intended to follow them.

“Where are you headed?” Xiao Ming grabbed her by the collar.

“Obviously, we’re going to sneak a peek! Where else would we be going?”

She stated it openly and in public.

Xiao Ming’s lip twitched. Did she have no shame!? While he, too, was curious about the development between Loong Xiaoyi and Ann Yichen, he couldn’t fathom openly spying on them in broad daylight.

“Aren’t you supposed to bring breakfast for Xiaojie? What will you do with it?”

Ye Zichen forcefully tugged Mu Xiaoxiao in the opposite direction, toward the hospital.

In truth, Mu Xiaoxiao had no intention of going along since Shang Xiaojie was her top priority. She rushed to check on him, considering that he might not have eaten yet.

Xiao Ming felt a twinge of jealousy toward Shang Xiaojie, even though he denied it. Mu Xiaoxiao had never shown such concern for his affairs before.

Ugh, this is so vexing. What on earth is he up to?

He seethed with anger but couldn’t allow Mu Xiaoxiao to go alone.

And Ann Yichen, who was being pulled into the alley by Loong Xiaoyi and then pressed against the wall, was still laughing? Loong Xiaoyi clearly looked like he was about to eat someone.

“Speak, what the hell is your relationship with him?”

As he asked this, his fist still whistled past Ann Yichen’s ear and landed directly on the wall. It was clear how angry he was.

Ann Yichen still had a smile on his face as he leisurely asked, “I say, Student Loong Xiaoyi! I don’t need to report my teacher’s private matters to you!”

Actually, he knew, he just wanted to tease Loong Xiaoyi and see how he would respond.

“You don’t need to report to me? You’re already mine, and you’re still out there fooling around with other men? You’re looking to die!”

Ye Zichen pinched Ann Yichen’s chin and forced him to look at himself.

Ann Yichen was stunned, “When did I become your person?”

When? Why didn’t I know?

This time, Ann Yichen really stayed there. He thought for a long time and still couldn’t remember when he became Loong Xiaoyi’s man.

Suddenly, Ann Yichen thought of their last conversation, and said that they would play a game between men with Loong Xiaoyi.

“Loong Xiaoyi, don’t tell me you think I agreed to play with you and am now yours!”

He asked. Although he believed it, he still felt it was incredible, because Loong Xiaoyi didn’t look like the type of person who would take things seriously. Furthermore, the words he said that day felt like he just wanted to play with him.

However, Loong Xiaoyi had a serious look on his face right now, and it didn’t seem like he was playing around with him.

At this moment, Ann Yichen still didn’t know that he had gotten himself into trouble and was surrounded by the little devil.

“I’ll tell you this, Loong Xiaoyi. Teacher only agreed to let you obediently go to school. You should understand this as well!”

Are you serious? Although it is very interesting, but if the school finds out that I did something to the students, then it really isn’t a joke.

“So what if I know? This doesn’t have anything to do with you agreeing to play with me! “Since you’ve promised me, then you’re my, Loong Xiaoyi’s, people now. Don’t fucking try to stir up trouble for me outside.”

Ann Yichen didn’t know how to react, because Loong Xiaoyi’s logic was different from ordinary people.

“Classmate Loong Xiaoyi, you’re on the same level as me, so you can’t be confused.”

“Isn’t it fine if we don’t play then? You are mine now, and no matter what you say, you are still mine.”

Not only was he unreasonable and overbearing, he had also made Ann Yichen dizzy.

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