C90 – Jealous? So Fun!

“So, are you implying that someone has already taken action?”

Ann Yichen, while stirring his coffee, addressed Wu Tie seated across from him with a grave expression.

“Indeed, Brother Ximen also wishes for your assistance in monitoring any suspicious activities or individuals,” Wu Tie responded. “Currently, the Sect Leader is not present in Hua Xia, and we’re uncertain about future developments. Young Lord An, please consider this carefully, as you have a close connection with us, much like Mr. Mu.”

It appeared that the transfer of Han Shaolin to H City had become common knowledge, leading to the attack on his bar and injuries to his men.

The individual’s motive likely involved taking advantage of Han Shaolin’s absence from China to seize control of its territory.

That being said, it would be unwise for us to venture too far from Xi Men Xie Jia and the others, making us vulnerable targets.

“Naturally, you have the option to decline helping us monitor our adversaries,” Xie Jia acknowledged Ann Yichen’s predicament. “Considering the current circumstances, it may not be advantageous to be closely associated with us.”

Recognizing Ann Yichen’s delicate position, Xie Jia refrained from pressuring him into assisting.

Ann Yichen smiled and replied, “My father will likely remain uninvolved in this matter. If he has no objections, I can instruct my people to keep watch.”

Xie Jia expressed his gratitude, saying, “Your willingness to assist us is already an esteemed privilege, Young Master An.” He nodded in appreciation.

“Don’t be so courteous. After all, Ximen Family and I are still considered half friends. If a friend is in trouble, then we will naturally have to lend a helping hand.”

Ann Yichen was an ordinary teacher and also the young master of the An clan who had some authority in China. His family had been around for generations, so he had some status in China.

In the distance, Loong Xiaoyi saw Ann Yichen smile at Xie Jia and the displeasure on his face intensified. He strode to their table and asked, “Who is this kid?”

He didn’t look at Ann Yichen. Instead, he looked at Xie Jia with a cold gaze and a fierce look in his eyes.

Xie Jia, the guys on the street, couldn’t help but be shocked. They awkwardly greeted Ann Yichen and asked who he was.

On the contrary, Ann Yichen was very calm, but he sighed, “Who is this brat? Can’t you tell that the other person is older than you? Speak properly, brat.”

Ye Zichen pulled down Loong Xiaoyi’s school tie and slapped his head.

Loong Xiaoyi was very annoyed, he immediately shook off Ann Yichen’s hand and said angrily, “I’m fucking asking you, who is he?” The anger he felt wasn’t ordinary, but the coldness in his eyes when he looked at Ann Yichen was extremely dangerous.

Xie Jia suddenly twitched his mouth. Damn! It can’t be, this is also a pair!?

Thinking about how unfriendly Shang Xiaojie was towards him last night and Loong Xiaoyi appearing now, Xie Jia had a lingering fear.

“What’s the matter? Can’t teachers have friends of their own?” Ann Yichen responded with a smile. Then, noticing that Loong Xiaoyi was still in his school uniform, he furrowed his brow. “Don’t tell me you’ve just finished your classes?”

“I’m simply asking you to mind your own business.” It was evident this wasn’t an ordinary encounter.

Worried that the two might escalate into a brawl over him, Xie Jia quickly clarified, “He’s just an unrelated acquaintance, don’t…”

However, before he could finish explaining, Loong Xiaoyi had already grabbed Ann Yichen and exited, leaving Xie Jia behind.

He was starting to question the nature of existence once more. Had Young Master An also crossed over to the other side?

“Loong Xiaoyi, could you please be a little more polite?”

Meanwhile, Ann Yichen remained unruffled. He was merely giving a lecture. Nevertheless, it was worth noting that Loong Xiaoyi had dashed out in a fit of jealousy, adding an intriguing twist to the situation.

This young man was genuinely endearing! The corners of Ann Yichen’s mouth curled upwards.

“Quiet down. I was just saying I’m not in the best mood.”

Ann Yichen chuckled heartily. “Alright, alright. I’ll keep quiet.” He allowed Loong Xiaoyi to lead him away.

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